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Snapseed is a great all-around photo editor. A long time staple for Apple devices, Google purchased Nik Software and released the same feature-packed image editor that users know and love for Android. It's easy to use, and it makes taking and sharing pictures with your Android even more fun.

After you've taken a picture and shared it with Snapseed, you can use simple automatic tools that will make your picture better, or dig deep into all the options and make adjustments by hand. Just about anything is possible, from simple adjustment like cropping and zooming, to advanced features like precision selective adjustment of contrast or color balance. Fun tools like frames and filters — you have to give the Retrolux filter a try — round things out. No matter what you're looking to do with your pictures, chances are you can do it in Snapseed, and once you're finished sharing it on Google+ is just a button away.

Snapseed is completely free, and one of the apps all the editors here at AC use.


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How to edit and share an HEIC photo with Android

HEIC saves tons of storage space, but it's not widely supported yet. HEIC, otherwise known as HEIF, is the high-efficiency image format that Apple has been using on its newer iPhones to save on internal storage space. Because of the unique way the format compresses images, the MPEG group that...

Snapseed: Everything you need to know about Google's photo editing powerhouse

Snapseed's professional quality editing tools let you fix your photos on the go. We are in a time when taking photos at the spur of the moment is easier than ever. With a smartphone in your pocket, you can snap photos practically anywhere you are, so long as your phone has battery life. However...
Snapseed update makes it easy to copy recent edits between images

Snapseed update makes it easy to copy recent edits between images

A fresh update is rolling out to photo editing app Snapseed, bringing along an easier way to apply the same edits across multiple photos. Thanks to the latest update, users can now carry over edits made on the last saved photo to a new one. You can see a quick clip of the process in action below...
Snapseed adds RAW editing support

Snapseed adds RAW editing support

Photo-editing app Snapseed has snagged a pretty nifty update today that adds in the ability to edit photos captured in RAW format. This is great news for those who have been taking advantage of RAW photo capture on some newer phones, giving you another option to edit the full, uncompressed...
How to edit your pictures in Google Photos on Android and the web

How to edit your pictures in Google Photos on Android and the web

Google Photos has turned into a wonderful repository for every photo you take, and also works as a nice stand-in gallery replacement app on many phones. A gallery app isn't just about holding photos though, it's also about editing pictures before sharing them out anywhere you want. Astute Google...
Snapseed 2.0 adds new filters, tools, and non-destructive editing

Snapseed 2.0 adds new filters, tools, and non-destructive editing

Photo editing app Snapseed has hit version 2.0, adding a number of new editing tools to help you get the most out of your photos. Snapseed received its last major update in October 2013. Version 2.0 adds a number of new tools, including a non-destructive editing feature called Stacks. Stacks...

Snapseed update now available, adds HDR feature

Some of the rather major photo improvements announced at this morning's Google+ event are on the server side, but some are headed to our phones as well. And to that end, Google's Snapseed image editor has received its update, bringing following improvements: HDR SCAPE: Give your normal photos a...
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Google introduces Auto Awesome Movies and other new photo features

Automatic video highlights through Google+ and new photo enhancements  At the "Morning with Google+" event today, Google VP Vic Gundotra announced a range of new photo and video features for Google's social network. Google's "computer vision" now recognizes more objects, auto photo enhancements...
Google+ Photo Editing

Google+ web interface adds new photo editing tools powered by Snapseed

Edit your Google+ photos with everything from simple tweaks to complete transformations It seems that Google's acquisition of Snapseed is paying off again, as Google+ has just added a variety of photo editing tools based on its technology. The new tools can be found by viewing one of your photos...

Photo buffs - be sure to give Snapseed a good long look

Like that old dog who is reluctant to learn new tricks, I may have written off the new Android Snapseed app a bit too soon. In our last podcast, I was quick to dismiss it as yet another hipster filter app, with controls that are too difficult to use on a phone. We all agreed that it's better on a...
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Snapseed for Android now available

Snapseed developer Nik Software, now owned by Google, has released an Android version of its photo sharing app. The app has several filtering and tweaking options to allow photos to be improved, distorted or stylized. And of course there's a big Google+ button up top, so there's no doubt as to...

Snapseed photo editor coming to Android

During the NVIDIA presentation this evening at CES, Manuel Wille, developer of the popular iOS application Snapseed showed it off running on the ASUS Transformer Prime.  Powerful chips like the Tegra 3 means real-time photo editing works great on Android, and we're excited to see more of it...