How to use Photo Unblur on the Pixel 7

Taking a selfie with the Google Pixel 7
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Have you ever captured the perfect moment only to have the image ruined because it's a bit blurry? When Google launched the Pixel 7 devices, they arrived with a series of new AI-powered features to enhance pictures and videos. Powered by the new Tensor G2 chipset, the Pixel 7 is capable of some impressive tricks, one of which can help fix your blurry images.

The new Photo Unblur feature takes Face Unblur to another level by clearing up more than just a subject's face. And the best part is that it doesn't only work on photos taken with the Pixel 7; it can be used on images already in your gallery.

How to use Photo Unblur

1. In Google Photos, find an image that you think is sufficiently blurry. Open the image and select "Edit."

2. If the Pixel notices that the image is blurry, you may immediately find the "Unblur" option in the Suggestions carousel. Otherwise, swipe over to the "Tools" option and select "Unblur."

3. The tool will automatically set the effect up to 100, but you can toggle this to whatever level you prefer. Hit "Done" afterward and Save a copy of the image.

Using Photo Unblur on the Pixel 7

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

It's a pretty straightforward feature to use and can work reasonably well for some photos. In my experience, though, Photo Unblur can provide some mixed results. Sometimes it can make images appear very artificial and oversharpened. Some photos won't come out very well after using the feature, some get noticeably enhanced, and others show very little change.

Try the feature on several different images to see how they come out. Who knows, you might be able to give new life to some old photos.

For now, it appears the feature is only available on the Pixel 7 series, with no word on whether or not it will appear on the older Pixel 6 devices (and it's unlikely to arrive on other flagship Android phones via Google Photos). While last year's flagships are pretty impressive in their own right, it's not surprising Google would save some features for its latest phones.

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