Google Photos is one of the best ways to manage and store all of your pictures and videos. To make it easier than ever to create albums of loved ones, there's a new feature called "Live Albums" that automatically adds photos of the people and pets that you choose. Here's how to use it!

What you'll need

How to create a Live Album on Google Photos

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. Tap the Albums tab at the bottom.
  3. Tap New album.

  4. Tap the first option that reads "Automatically add photos of people & pets."
  5. Select the people and pets you want added.
  6. Tap Turn on at the top right.
  7. Your Live Album is now created!

With all that said and done, you now have a Live Album on Google Photos that'll regularly be updated with new pictures and videos of the people and pets you added. Have fun!

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