How to send high-quality videos from Google Messages

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Google Messages does not directly offer a method to share high-quality videos. However, there is a smart workaround built into the app that costs you nothing. All you need to ensure is that the sender and receiver both have a Google Photos account. 

If you can't see the in Messages feature just yet, hold your horses and be patient, because Google is still in the midst of rolling out the feature to all users. Here's how you can share high-quality video clips from Google Messages.

How to send high-quality videos from Google Messages

1. Open Google Messages on your phone.

2. Tap on your profile picture in the upper-right corner.

3. Select Messages settings.

4. Head into Google Photos under your Messages settings.

5. Enable the toggle next to Always send videos by link in text (SMS/MMS).

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6. Start a conversation with someone in Google messages.

7. Tap the photos and videos icon in the bottom-left corner of Messages.

8. Select a high-quality video that you want to send.

9. Tap Google Photos link instead of the usual low-quality video option.

10. Hit the send button.

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

Once you've sent the Google Photos link, the recipient will be able to open it and view the video clip in high quality. Naturally, both the sender and the receiver need to have a Photos account. There's one more important step to follow. Make sure that the video you share is uploaded to your Google Photos cloud storage, otherwise the link will not show up.

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Google has been working hard to improve its Messages app. We've been seeing regular updates that add functionality to the app, such as the ability to preview YouTube videos without leaving Google Messages, reminders for friends' birthdays, and high-quality video sharing via Photos.

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