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Chrome Browser for Android

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Browse the web on your Android the same way you browse the web on your computer at home or the office — with Google Chrome. Chrome for Android takes all the great features you love, like cross-device sync and inline translation, and puts it all in a format designed for the smaller screens on our mobile devices.

The Android version of Chrome uses the same rendering engine and code base as the full desktop version, so your experience will be both familiar and consistent across the Internet. And while Chrome offers features that make it fast — like instant search results and your history right from your URL address bar — it also is designed to save you some bandwidth. Using the tools in Chrome you can use up to 50 percent less mobile data that you would with another browser. In a world where data caps are the norm, we love anything that saves us a few bits and bytes.

If Chrome didn't come pre-installed on your Android, you can download it for free from Google Play.


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