Apps of the Week

Looking for some new applications to fill your long weekend? With so many applications in the Android market it becomes overwhelming to find something new or exactly what you are looking for, but we do our best to share with you some of our favorites. You have a favorite that you don't see on this list? Be sure to drop a note in the comments or head into the forums to let us know about your favorites, and why they are the best!

Sean Brunnet - Game of Thrones Companion ($3.99)

Game of Thrones

I’m a huge fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire series and of course the hit show Game of Thrones on HBO. They’ve really done an excellent job adapting a very difficult work to the screen. Even though I’ve read the books, I love to go back and review maps and character profiles. That’s where the Game of Thrones Companion app comes in. It serves as a reference app that allows you to quickly look up a character, place, or theme from the books to know a little bit more about them. It’s very handy while watching the show and I imagine even more so for those of you who haven’t read the books. Don’t worry about spoilers because when you open the app it asks you how far you’ve read or watched until. So if you’re just following along with the TV show, say you’ve read the first book and it will block content from future books. Inside the app, you can explore Characters, Houses, Maps, Places and Religions. It is a very nicely designed app and one that I highly recommend if you’re a Game of Thrones fan in any way. Well worth the $3.99! [Google Play Link]

Chris Parsons - Gun Man Clive ($0.99)

Gun Man Clive

As I'm sure I mentioned before, I'm a big fan of old school games or games that take on the old school look. One that has been getting a lot of love from me recently is Gun Man Clive. It's a retro styled platform action game with a 3D twist. It has 16 levels of awesomeness and is side-scrolling and really sticks to the old west gun shoot-out visuals. Plus, since it is part of the "Because we may" offering it's on sale right now for $.99. [Google Play Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Pocket (Free)


Ever wish you could keep all of the contents of your wallet or purse on your phone? I'm not talking the ability for Google Wallet-style payment, I'm talking information: credit card number, bank accounts, insurance IDs and passwords, just to name a few. Pocket is a handy little app that stores all of that juicy information in one spot. What's the advantage? With one click access to all of this information, you'll never race to find your credit card, run out to your car for your registration card, or forget your Facebook password again. Pocket is secured with a master password and AES-256 certification, and comes with the option for automatic Dropbox synchronization (with encryption, of course). If you're still carrying around a George Costanza wallet, you'll probably resist Pocket, but for the rest of us, its difficult to find a more useful and convenient (did I mention free?) app out there. [Google Play Link]

Alex Dobie - SwiftKey 3 Beta (Free)


I've been using the latest beta versions of SwiftKey for a while, and over the past few weeks it's earned its place as my keyboard of choice on just about every device I own. If you're unfamiliar with the app that earned the Android Central Editor's Choice award for keyboards (and some other thing called a Webby, I guess), SwiftKey scans your email, text messages and social network posts to build an idea of your own writing style. It then uses this to help predict and correct your typing. And the result is the fastest, most accurate Android keyboard I've used.

The latest beta version, available on SwiftKey's VIP forum area, is even clever enough to correct misspellings involving multiple words -- for example if you've missed the space bar entirely, or just typed a bunch of words without using spaces. If you're frustrated with your phone's stock keyboard, or another other third party offering, then the latest SwiftKey beta is definitely worth a look. [Sign up for the beta!]

Richard Devine - Enjoy England (Free)

Android Central

I'm a proud Englishman, and with the Olympics right around the corner I'm looking forward to my country being shown off to visitors around the world.

But, England's more than just London. The Enjoy England app contains information on just about anything that could be considered a tourist attraction. You get a bit of background information, along with directions via Google Maps, options to phone the attraction, search for anywhere or use or your location to find something nearby. It's really useful, and this past couple of weeks alone I've discovered all kinds of places near where I live that I never even knew existed.

Good for both Brits and visitors alike. If you're heading this way for the Olympics give it a whirl. See what we have to offer. [Google Play Link]