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Plenty of us use File Managers to keep track of all of the many files we have. While there are dozens of them available on the Google Play Store, many don't offer the features or ease of access that you want — or need—in a file manager. That being said, the quality of these applications has improved vastly over the years and we have the best you can download today for your Android device.

Simple File Manager App Icon

Simplicity at its finest: Simple File Manager Pro

Staff Pick

If you don't need all the extra frills that are offered by other apps, then Simple File Manager is perfect for you. The app offers a sleek design, with no ads and additional customization to make the app match your phone's theme.

$1 at Google Play
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More robust: X-plore File Manager

In addition to having a throwback theme installed, X-plore File Manager doubles as a media player and even an App Manager. Additionally, you can view thumbnails for your various photos and videos, while also making it easy to access cloud storage options.

Free (with in-app purchases) at Google Play
File Manager by Astro

The old friend: File Manager by Astro

ASTRO File Manager has been one of the best file managers on Google Play for years now and with good reason. It has an easy to use and intuitive UI, which is always a solid plus, but it also comes at the lovely price of free.

Free at Google Play
ASUS File Manager

Surprisingly good: ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager delivers a great experience with all of the features you didn't realize that you wanted. From managing files to storage, its features all work well together, delivering a simple and easy-to-use app.

Free at Google Play
File Manager Pro 2019 App Icon

A lot of extras: File Manager Pro

File Manager Pro is a lightweight and clean file manager app that makes it easy to manage all of your files while supporting cloud storage options. With utilities such as File Sharing and Storage Analysis, this is perfect for keeping all of your files organized.

$3.99 at Google Play
Files by Google App Icon

Smarter file management: Files by Google

Originally, Files by Google was launched as an experiment, but the app's popularity left it as a mainstay for many. The app makes it easier than ever to review your files and with Smart Recommendations, you can get rid of those stale memes for good.

Free at Google Play
MiXplorer Silver File Browser App Icon

All-in-one: MiXplorer Silver File Manager

MiXplorer is one of those apps that's been around forever, but with MiXplorer Silver, you get a few apps combined into one. The app includes archiving, metadata editing, file tagging, and so much more in a sleek package.

$4.49 at Google Play
Solid Explorer App Icon

Swiss Army Knife-like: Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer is similar to a Swiss Army Knife. It does a great job helping you locate and keep those files organized. Plus, there is root access available, making it a great option for those who still root their devices.

Free (with in-app purchases) at Google Play

There are more than enough good options

Google Files App HeroSource: Android Central

For years, file manager applications "flooded" the Google Play Store as different developers competed for your admiration. However, as Android has progressed over the years, the built-in file manager can handle just about everything that you need it to. This is especially true with the Files app included with Pixel devices, as it can keep track of files saved directly to your phone, but also files from other apps such as Drive.

If you don't own a Pixel device, or don't care for the design, we would have to pick Simple File Manager Pro due to its reliable updates and so much more. This file manager is sleek, lightweight, and makes it extremely easy to browse through your file system while including plenty of customization options.

Those looking for more of a robust file manager may want to look at X-plore File Manager with its plethora of methods to keep your files organized. Plus, you get the added benefit of managing your other cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others.

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