Sanitize the very air you breathe with Philips for nearly half off

Philips UV Light Sanitizer Air Cleaner
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Air purifiers are great tools for cleaning the air in our homes. Those who have compromised immune systems or live with pets especially can rely on these devices to make breathing easier and reduce the harmful effects of germs on family members.

While normal air cleaning devices need to have their filters changed regularly, Philips's UV-C Light Sanitizer Air Cleaner works a little differently. Since the built-in filter is reusable, the Philips Air Cleaner is a low-maintenance device that doesn't require much upkeep.

This air disinfecting purifier relies on UV-C Light technology to eradicate bacteria and other dangerous substances in the air. The Philips UV Light Sanitizer Air Cleaner is ETL listed and also EPA certified, so you know that it is a reliable and scientifically sound method of cleansing your home.

Philips UV-C Light Sanitizer Air Cleaner:$249.99$149.99 at Amazon

Philips UV-C Light Sanitizer Air Cleaner: $249.99 $149.99 at Amazon

The Philips UV-C Light Sanitizer Air Cleaner is an advanced air purifier that doesn't need to be maintained much. Simply place it in a room and power it on to disinfect the air indoors. This Black Friday deal takes a mighty chunk off its retail price, saving you $100.

It can clean 16 to 25 square meters within four hours, so you can easily place it in your dining room or bedroom. The Philips UV-C Light Sanitizer Air Cleaner has a touch interface on top to control the air sanitizer.

You can easily pick up and move the Philips Sanitizer and place it somewhere else. It carries out the task of cleaning the air very quietly and turns off automatically. That's really convenient if you decide to place it in the nursery or the children's bedroom.

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