One of my favorite mesh routers gets a $160 price drop this Black Friday and I'm here for it!

eero Pro 6E review
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I can hear Samuel Jackson in my head, “What’s in your wallet?” Oddly, I hear that when I think of routers because what’s in your walls is an important factor in how efficient a router is going to be when you hook it up. Signal strength, latency, can all be affected by what’s in your walls, like concrete or brick. And operational effectiveness degrades even further depending on how many walls are between your router and the device(s) you’re using. I’m weird. Jackson’s commercials and wifi routers connect for me for some reason. You know what also connects and with good reason? This three pack of Wi-Fi 6 tri-band mesh routers from eero. I’ve reviewed eero routers and I have to say they were among the best mesh style routers I’ve used. And with the price drop, they’re even better this Black Friday!

Thick walls and large spaces are no match for this great Black Friday mesh router deal!

eero - Pro 6 AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (3-pack)$399.99$239.99 at Best Buy

eero - Pro 6 AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (3-pack) $399.99 $239.99 at Best Buy

With Wi-Fi 6, a fairly simple plug-and-play set up, this mesh router 3-pack is an easy choice this Black Friday for families looking to blanket their homes in strong wireless signal that supports 75+ devices on its network. Add to that gigabit speeds, trio-band connectivity, and helpful parental controls in the well designed app, and the Pro 6 AX4200 should meet most people's needs for years to come.

Price tracker: Eero - $239.99 | B&H Photo Video - $239.99

eero Pro 6E and the eero app showing an eero Internet Backup connection

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This is the Eero Pro 6 AX4200 and it is a great bargain at $239.99 this Black Friday, which is $160 off the regular price of $400. You can easily pay upwards of $400 for really powerful single unit tri-band routers, so that’s what makes this such a deal. For that couple hundred bucks you’ll get the ability to support up to 75+ connected devices, which sounds like a lot until you actually look at all your connected devices. Those smart bulbs, smart TVs, Alexas or Nest Hubs, smart doorbells, phones, gaming devices… you get the point! But you’ll also get gigabit speeds with dual auto-sensing gigabit ports, a built-in Zigbee smart home hub so you can connect compatible home automation devices on your network with Alexa without needing a separate Zigbee hub. 

eero Pro 6E review

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What is a mesh router, and why should you consider buying this one? Not only is this one of the lowest prices you’ll find it for, but a mesh router is clutch for those of you in larger homes with older construction. Dense walls and multi-level homes can wreak havoc on your Wi-Fi signals and many times a stronger signal from a single router isn’t enough. And for many people, buying extenders can be filled with some setup headaches. 

Mesh routers remove the guesswork and configuration nightmares, and allow you to set up a system of routers that are pretty much plug-and-play. Eero’s mesh routers are so easy for the average user because they’re set up via a well designed app which walks through each step in the set up, pretty much “holding your hand” the entire way. That app also includes the set up of some pretty robust parental controls which is a plus for you moms and dads reading this!

The only issue I ever ran into using eero routers was that the app decides which band to put your connected devices on, and that presented problems at times for printing to my networked printer that was connected wirelessly.

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