Best smart ceiling fans 2024

Smart homes are becoming much more common these days by adding some of the more apparent options like light bulbs, speakers, vacuums, and more. But, something you may not have considered is adding a smart ceiling fan. Even a dumb ceiling fan can help your HVAC system run more efficiently and keep your home more comfortable by circulating the air inside. We've rounded up some of the best smart ceiling fans for you to automate and have more control over your home's airflow.

Keeping cool the smart way

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Leveling up your home's ceiling fan game is a great way to not only stay cool, but also help save you some money. These fans aren't cheap, but over time, the added efficiency they can provide in keeping you and your home cooler can pay off.

Being able to control your ceiling fan with your phone or voice using a smart speaker, like the Amazon Echo Dot, or a smart display like the Nest Hub Max — just like your other favorite smart home devices — is as easy as the cool breeze from your new smart ceiling fan.

Chris Wedel
Smart Home Writer
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