Best Smart Locks That Support Google Assistant Android Central 2019

If you want to go all-in with smart home gadgets, smart locks are absolutely worth investing in. Not only do they keep your home safe and secure, but they can be also be controlled remotely and allow you to easily give other family members or friends access to them. Here are the best ones that can be controlled using Google Assistant!

Google Assistant's best friend: Nest x Yale Smart Lock

Staff pick

This smart lock can be controlled from anywhere through Google Assistant, and ties in beautifully with other Nest products with automated features like disabling your Nest Secure alarm when you come home. It can unlock automatically with your phone, and has a backup number pad.

$280 at Amazon

Budget choice: August Smart Lock (3rd Gen)

August's third-generation smart lock is a real treat. It unlocks automatically with your phone, and has a deadbolt thumb turn on the front so you can still use it manually from inside. Just keep in mind you'll also need to pick up August Connect bridge in order for Assistant commands to work!

$105 at Amazon

Maximum security: August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

The Smart Lock Pro is an upgraded version of the regular August lock and comes bundled with the Connect bridge for Google Assistant integration. It comes in a stylish circular housing, and unlike its cheaper counterpart, the Pro supports HomeKit and Alexa as well, in case you live in a cross-platform household.

$213 at Amazon

Simple and affordable: Candy House Sesame (Gen 2)

The Sesame Smart Lock sits on top of your existing single-turn deadbolt lock, rather than replacing it. This means easy installation (and removal) without the need for any tools. Paired with a Wi-Fi Access Point, it can connect to Google Assistant for remote operation and voice control.

$150 at Amazon

So classy: Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage has been making security products since 1920, so you know you can trust its take on a smart lock. It's available in two distinct styles — Camelot and Century — and even comes with an optional door handle that pairs perfectly with it. Just make sure you get the Wi-Fi Adapter for Assistant functionality!

$189 at Amazon

Really sleek package: Igloohome Deadbolt 2S

The Igloohome lock definitely has one of the most striking designs on this list. Available in a sleek minimalistic black finish, this lock works off of Bluetooth, has multiple entry modes, and is easy to install. Plus, being able to control it using the Google Assistant is a trick that never gets old.

$200 at Amazon

Which ones work with Google Assistant out of the box?

While all of these smart locks support Google Assistant for voice controls like locking and unlocking remotely, only a few of them can do so as standalone products. The Nest x Yale Smart Lock works independently of any bridges or hubs, connecting directly to your Wi-Fi network. It's our favorite smart lock on the list, and it's made even better if you already use some of Nest's other products.

The Igloohome Deadbolt 2S operates strictly off of Bluetooth, meaning you won't be able to control it when you're away from the house, but you can still control it with Google Assistant when you're nearby. While this sounds like a negative at first, Igloohome stuck with Bluetooth to reduce the risk of Wi-Fi hacking or disruption. Of course, you can still grant access to friends or Airbnb guests with PIN codes or Bluetooth keys.

Using a bridge with your smart lock

For all other locks, you'll need to keep a specialized Wi-Fi bridge plugged into the wall somewhere near the lock for full remote operability. August's Smart Lock Pro comes bundled with the August Connect bridge, but you'll need to buy it separately if you get the standard 3rd-generation Smart Lock.

Similarly, you'll need to pair the Sesame Smart Lock with Candy House's Wi-Fi Access Point to enable Google Assistant controls, and the Sense Smart Deadbolt requires the Schlage Wi-Fi Adapter. Typically sitting in the $60-70 range, these bridges aren't cheap, and they're yet another thing for your shopping list, but they add such vital connectivity to their respective products that it's hard to recommend against them.

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