Best smart locks for Google Home 2023

The best smart locks for Google Home are a wise investment for any smart home setup using Google Assistant. Not only do they keep your home safe and secure, but they can also be controlled remotely and give you access to other family members or friends easily without having to swap over the usual keys. We've picked out a few for you across a range of budgets. 

While these smart locks are ideal for Google Assistant users, the best smart locks usually work with all the most popular smart home ecosystems including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

Note: As you may have already heard, Google is officially ending their support for Works with Nest on September 29th, 2023. Once that happens, you'll be able to continue automating your home by creating Routines in the Google Home and Google Assistant apps. 

What are the best smart locks for Google Home

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Which smart locks work with Google Assistant out of the box?

While all of these smart locks support Google Assistant for voice controls like locking and unlocking remotely, only a few of them can do so as standalone smart locks for Google Home. The Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock works independently of any bridges or hubs, connecting directly to your Wi-Fi network. It's our favorite smart lock on the list, and it's made even better if you already use some of Nest's other products.

Schlage Encode Plus is the best backup option and might even be preferable if you have Apple users in your home. While the Nest x Yale lock also works great with Apple products, Schlage Encode Plus can be unlocked with just a tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch when Apple Home Key is set up. Plus, this one connects directly to Wi-Fi and even has a physical key backup option, too.

The Igloohome Deadbolt 2S operates strictly off Bluetooth, meaning you won't be able to control it when you're away from the house, but you can still control it with Google Assistant when you're nearby. While this sounds negative at first, Igloohome stuck with Bluetooth to reduce the risk of Wi-Fi hacking or disruption. Of course, you can still grant access to friends or Airbnb guests with PIN codes or Bluetooth keys.

Using a bridge with your smart lock

August Smart Lock Pro on door

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For all other locks, you'll need to keep a specialized Wi-Fi bridge plugged into the wall somewhere near the lock for full remote operability. August's Smart Lock Pro comes bundled with the August Connect bridge, but you'll need to buy it separately if you get the standard 3rd-generation Smart Lock.

Similarly, you'll need to pair the Candy House Sesame Smart Lock with Candy House's Wi-Fi Access Point to enable Google Assistant controls, and the Sense Smart Deadbolt requires the Schlage Wi-Fi Adapter.

Typically sitting in the $60-$70 range, these bridges aren't cheap, and they're yet another thing for your shopping list. However, they add such vital connectivity to their respective products that it's hard to recommend against them.

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