Heads up! You can now score a pair of Pixel Buds Pro for just $119.99 with this Amazon Black Friday deal

Pixel Buds Pro with Framework Laptop Chromebook
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Lion King had the “Circle of Life” and you have the “Circle of Tech.” Be like Mufasa and rule everything the Google brand touches in your life this Black Friday when you check out the Pixel Buds Pro for $80 less than the regular retail price. With fast pairing, connect the Pixel Buds Pro to your Pixel phone, Pixel tablet, Pixel Watch, and your Chromebook! Then, take it one step further and use the built-in Multipoint connection to maintain a simultaneous connection to two of those devices at a time.

Tight Google Assistant and Android integration = A compelling purchase this Black Friday

Google Pixel Buds Pro - Active Noise Canceling Earbuds$199.99 $119.99 at Amazon

Google Pixel Buds Pro - Active Noise Canceling Earbuds: $199.99 $119.99 at Amazon

With their tight Android and Google Assistant integration, these earbuds are priced right to complete your Google ecosystem kit. You can even connect them to a Chromebook and use the native Chromebook web app to control their functions!

Price tracker: Target- $119.99 | Google Store - $119.99

Google Pixel Buds Pro

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Of course you also get tight integration with your Google products through the rest of the Pixel Bud Pro’s features like Live Translate, and the integration with Google Assistant. Then there’s also Spatial Audio with head tracking to consider. Think of it like Dolby 5.1 surround sound, but from a stereo pair of earbuds! Spatial audio works only with Pixel 6 and newer Pixel phones, except for any A-series devices. Sorry Pixel 7a owners! 

You get several color options to accessorize the rest of your Google products with: Lemongrass, Charcoal, Fog, Coral, Bay, and Porcelain.

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And, while the “Circle of Tech,” that ecosystem, is important and can be quite stress reducing it is also important how a pair of earbuds sound on both ends. For you, listening to music and callers, the Pros do a solid job of making everything sound good, with a bit of mixed reviews on how they handle wind noise. 

They support AAC and SBC, but don’t support aptX, and allow you to listen to your Weird Al .flac file playlist rain or shine during your commute with their IPX4 rating and a case that is also IPX2 rated. Speaking of which, the case supports fast, wireless, and USB-C charging. Thanks to the Super Wideband Chip and Google AI, the Pixel Buds Pro have more bandwidth for clearer calls and cancel background noise so Aunt Sally can hear you vent about how many people got it wrong because The Marvels was actually a really good Marvel flick. And with Buds running around 7 hours with ANC on, you’ll have plenty of juice to get that all out of your system.

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Rounding out the list of “Pro” features, you’ll also get proximity sensors so the buds will automatically play and pause when removed from your ears, and the ability to automatically activate transparency mode when you start speaking to someone. 

Jabra and some others make for solid competition, but at $119.99, the Pixel Buds Pro price is just right to help you feel the hakuna matata vibes if you decide to pick up a pair.

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