Best Google Pixel Tablet accessories 2024

The brand-new Pixel Tablet by Google is a feature-loaded product that gives you a lot of goodies at a fairly reasonable price. Featuring a 10.95-inch touchscreen, it sports a clean software experience paired with great-looking hardware. The fact that you get a charging speaker dock included in the package that transforms the Pixel Tablet into a smart home hub makes things even better. But as awesome as it is, the Pixel Tablet can help you do so much more, provided you get the right accessories for it.

From an extra Charging Speaker Dock to a USI 2.0 compatible stylus for jotting down notes to a magnetic folio case, we've curated some of the best Google Pixel Tablet accessories that'll help you take your experience with Google's newest tablet to the next level. Read all about them and take your pick(s).

These are the best Google Pixel Tablet accessories

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Enhance your Google Pixel Tablet experience with these accessories

Google has done a great job with the Pixel Tablet, and it won't be an exaggeration to say that it's one of the best Android tablets currently available. Powered by the Tensor G2 SoC, it features the clean software experience we've come to expect from Pixel devices, as well as tight integration with all of Google's apps and services. The fact that it comes with a bundled speaker dock and doubles up as a smart home hub makes it an even better overall package. However, with one of these best Google Pixel Tablet accessories, you can take up your experience with this thing to the next level.

It's easy to recommend Google's own Charging Speaker Dock as our top pick, even if you already get it bundled when you buy the Pixel tablet. That's because you can get one (or a few) more and keep them in different places around your home. There are three awesome colors that are identical to the shades of the tablet itself for you to pick from.

The 10.95-inch LCD display of your Pixel Tablet needs proper protection to keep its good looks, which is why we suggest getting the Supershieldz tempered glass combo pack. It comes with two screen protectors that have a 9H hardness rating, and they do a great job of shielding the tablet's display from damage. In addition to that, you might want to consider getting Speck's MagFolio case or Google's own case for your Pixel Tablet. The former is a better option if you intend on taking the tablet with you out of the house regularly, while the latter will work just fine if you plan on using the tablet mostly at home, primarily because it works great with the charging speaker dock. Do check out our collection of the best Pixel Tablet cases if you want even more variety.

Lastly, we suggest getting a USI 2.0 stylus so you can take notes and sketch on your Google Pixel Tablet whenever you want to, with the Penoval USI 2.0 Stylus Pen being an amazing option.

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