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Best Chromebook cases 2022

Chromebooks may not be very expensive, but they're still precious cargo. Laptops can get scratched up when stored inside backpacks in the nude, especially if you've got other gear like water bottles and cables stuffed in there. To keep your Chrome OS laptop safe and secure, you need a fantastic Chromebook case. You can either opt for a good ol' laptop sleeve or go the hard case route for robust protection.

Soft sleeves require lesser leg room and tend to be lighter. Hard shell cases, on the other hand, tend to be chunky and heavier. Sort your priorities and choose according to your needs. Since Chromebook accessories don't cost all that much, you can also grab one of each for versatility.

The best soft Chromebook cases 

Best Chromebook hard shell cases

Get solid protection and cushioning for your Chromebook

An outstanding Chromebook deserves an equally great protective cover to keep it intact. Whether you've got a 13.3-inch Pixelbook Go or the 15.6-inch Acer 715, you can find a great Chromebook case for your device.

Our top recommendation for a soft sleeve is the Voova Protective Sleeve with Handle. Not only does it comes in a stunning variety of colors that pop, but it also sports two pockets up front without sacrificing its slender form factor or water resistance. It has three size options that can accommodate Chromebooks that measure between 11 and 15 inches easily.

A flimsy and bendable soft Chromebook sleeve doesn't always cut it, so if you need more protection, you should consider grabbing a hard shell case. The UZBL Always-On Slim Chromebook Case has adjustable shoulder straps and handles for easier transportation. On the even more protective side of things, the Chromebook case has a hard EVA body that can withstand shocks and falls. UZBL even includes corner straps inside to hold your laptop in place. Another thoughtful touch is the huge external pocket that can store your USB-C cables, Type-C chargers, and other Chromebook accessories.

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