Your Chromebook is a productivity machine, and to keep productive, sometimes you need more than just the laptop itself. These accessories will help you maximize the experience and get the most out of your Chromebook, through work and play!

Plug it in: Aukey 60W USB-C Hub

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If your Chromebook doesn't have enough ports or doesn't have the ports you need, then you need a hub. This one connects to your Chromebook via USB-C and has six ports in total: 3 USB-A, 1 HDMI, 1 SD, 1 60W USB-C. If you have peripherals, this hub has you covered.

$40 at Amazon

Best headphones: Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earbuds

Any great productivity machine needs some killer headphones, because work just ain't work without tunes. These wired earbuds are reasonably priced, with excellent bass response, and they come in some great colors. They also help to block up to 37 decibels of outside noise, so your tunes or shows are all you hear.

$99 at Amazon

Wireless tunage: Jabra Move Wireless Headphones

These wireless on-ear headphones come in a few cool colors, offer a built-in microphone for Hangouts calls, and have great sound for the price. They connect to your Chromebook via Bluetooth and have a battery life of up to 8 hours.

From $60 at Amazon

Total control: Logitech M510 wireless mouse

This mouse comes in three colors, and the wireless transmitter is itty bitty and simply plugs into the USB-A port on your Chromebook. It has an ergonomic design, with back and forward buttons, a rubber scroll wheel, and with two AA batteries, it can last up to two years.

$20 at Amazon

Our favorite keyboard: Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical Keyboard

This is the keyboard two of Android Central's writers use day in and day out with a variety of Chromebooks and other computers for over 2 years and we love it. It's clicky, it's got a nice resistance to the keys, and the brightness and backlighting can be controlled independently of any computer OS.

$65 at Amazon

Carry all the things: Mancro Laptop Backpack

These water-resistant backpacks will help protect your Chromebook while carrying everything you need for the day. There are six colors to choose from, and there's even a little opening for you to slip a cable through to charge up your phone or connect your headphones. There's also a combination lock included to help lock things up.

From $29 at Amazon

Keep it scratch-free: ProCase Laptop Sleeve

These sleeves from ProCase are lightweight and durable and have a built-in handle for easy carrying. The outer material is durable and scratch-resistant, while the inside is soft to help keep your Chromebook free of scuffs. There's an extra pocket on the front for your peripherals or documents, and they come in 12-, 13-, and 15-inch sizes.

$19 at Amazon

MOAR storage!: Samsung EVO Select

You get a lot of bang for your buck with the EVO Select microSD cards, which come in sizes from 32GB all the way up to 512GB. If your Chromebook doesn't have enough space, or you want to take your files everywhere with you, then this microSD card has you covered.

From $8 at Amazon

Charging on the go: Zendure A6PD 20100mAh Ultra-Durable PD Power Bank

A regular power bank isn't going to give your Chromebook a full charge from empty, especially if you're using it. This battery pack from Zendure charges at 45W via USB-C Power Delivery, which should be more than enough to at least keep your battery from depleting for a while while you're using it.

From $54 at Amazon

Capable charging cable: Anker Powerline+ C to C 2.0 Cable (6ft)

This is the USB-C cable I carry most often for charging my Chromebooks and my Android phones, as it's a high-quality cable with a handy magnetic and velcro carrying wrap. This cable is flexible without just swinging everywhere and won't fall out of your USB-C ports at every bump and snag.

$16 at Amazon

Travel ready: RAVPower 45W USB-C PD Wall Charger

This is one of the slimmest 45W USB-C chargers we've seen so far — thanks to the GaN technology that helps it achieve these higher speeds in a smaller footprint. It's not the best for crowded airport chargers, but it's great for tight squeezes in hotel rooms and convention center conference rooms.

$50 at Amazon

All-in-one charger: Nekteck USB-C 45W PD Wall Charger

Always forgetting your cables with your chargers? Then this RAVPower charger is for you: it has the cord built-in, and with 45W USB-C PD, it'll charge as quickly as that heavy brick your Chromebook came with. The cable is 6 feet long, so there's no need to sit right beside the outlet, either.

$20 at Amazon

Making the most at home and on the go

Using the right tools with your Chromebook can help you maximize productivity and fun. If you're looking to build a great workstation for your Chromebook at home — I do that at my standing desk — give yourself a great keyboard like the AUKEY KM-G3 and the AUKEY USB-C Hub so it doesn't eat up all your USB-A ports.

When leaving the house with a Chromebook — something I do at the drop of a hat — you'll want a dependable ProCase laptop sleeve and a charger you can top with if your Chromebook runs low on the go. The RAVPower 45W PD charger is slimmer and easier to pack, but the Nekteck 45W PD charger with its built-in cable is more affordable, if a tad bulkier.

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