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Best USB-C Chromebook chargers 2021

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One of the most essential upgrades Chromebooks received over the last four years is switching from old, proprietary barrel connector chargers to simple, standard, widely-adopted USB-C Power Delivery charging. Because of this, no matter how expensive or affordable, all Chromebooks released in the last few years can use the same reliable USB-C chargers. Here are the best replacement USB-C Chromebook chargers with a few of my favorite single-port and multi-port options.

Ports, power distribution, and portability: The three Ps of replacement Chromebook chargers

Pretty much every Chromebook I've come across so far that uses USB-C Power Delivery charging tops out at 45W, which is great because 15V/3A is one of the most common PD charging speeds. You'll get it on basically any high-powered charger, whether you get an actual 45W charger or a 60W or even 100W PD charger.

So how do we pick a suitable replacement charger? There are three things to balance in your decision:

  • Ports: If you only need to charge one device at a time, single-port chargers are certainly more affordable. Good dual-port or multi-port chargers are out there, though, and will let you charge your phone and Chromebook at the same time, or two Chromebooks at once if you need one for your kids' Chromebooks.
  • Power distribution: Multi-port chargers don't always share power between their ports evenly, but some do so that when two laptops are plugged in, both will get 45W. On the other hand, others have to mark the higher-power port because when two devices are plugged in, one device gets 45W, and the other gets 18W.
  • Portability: Smaller, lighter chargers are always nice, but there's a difference between being compact in your bag and being compact on your wall plug. If you need a charger that can fit into crowded airports or classrooms, you'll want to avoid wider/flatter chargers, which don't always work well in tight spaces.

Charge your Chromebook

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What if my Chromebook doesn't use USB-C?

If your Chromebook is an older model and still uses a barrel or other manufacturer-specific connector, you won't have nearly the selection to choose from that USB-C Chromebook owners will — USB-C is an open standard, so it's popular — but don't feel like you need to fork over big bucks to buy another charger from the manufacturer.

For older laptops, you can usually rely on Universal Laptop Chargers with swappable tips, allowing you to change it to whatever connector your unique model uses. These chargers typically come with the more popular barrel sizes, but figure out which tip you need before buying.

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