Best USB-C Chromebook chargers 2024

One of the most essential upgrades Chromebooks have received over the last few years is switching from old, proprietary barrel connector chargers to USB-C Power Delivery charging. By now all of the best Chromebooks support USB-C charging meaning you have a ton of options if you need a replacement or backup charger. Whether you want a multi-port charger than can handle all of your mobile tech at once or just want something simple to stick in your backpack, there are plenty of strong options.

Stay charged with a fast USB-C Chromebook charger

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Get a charger that makes sense for your daily carry

The size of charger you need for your Chromebook really comes down to how powerful it is. Many Chromebooks use low-power chips that are designed to sip power and really only need around 45 watts to efficiently charge. The UGREEN Nexode 45W charger is a good pick for these laptops and can even replace your phone charger too with its dual USB-C ports.

If you have a high-power laptop like the HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook, the Anker 736 Nano II 100W charger is an excelleny choice with up to 100W for single device or 45W if you want to charge your phone and tablet at the same time. A multi-port charger also can reduce the number of wires you have to carry with your since you won't need separate chargers for all your tech.

What if my Chromebook doesn't use USB-C?

If your Chromebook is an older model and still uses a barrel or other manufacturer-specific connector, you won't have nearly the selection to choose from that USB-C Chromebook owners will — USB-C is an open standard, so it's popular — but don't feel like you need to fork over big bucks to buy another charger from the manufacturer.

For older laptops, you can still find a replacement charger either by searching for the specific model number of the charger, or searching for your model of laptop. Be wary of chargers with multiple tips. While these flexible solutions can be good in a pinch, the swappable tips aren't as durable as a fixed one and give you one more thing to lose in the bottom of your backpack.

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