Galaxy Buds FE renders give us a closeup of Samsung's next affordable earbuds

Galaxy Buds FE renders showing both sides of the right bud
(Image credit: WinFuture)

What you need to know

  • Newly leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE show off a tip with a physical button instead of a touch-sensitive panel.
  • The earbuds also appear to have a square-shaped charging case like the Galaxy Buds 2 series rather than a pill-shaped case similar to that of the Galaxy Buds Plus.
  • Samsung's upcoming cheap earbuds might have swappable rubber ear tips in different sizes, so you can get a comfy fit regardless of your ear shape.

We've been hearing rumors about Samsung's next cheap earbuds for a while now, but a new leak has finally shown off the rumored Galaxy Buds FE from multiple angles and revealed a few more details about its design.

The latest comes from WinFuture, which discovered a leaked user manual for the upcoming wireless earbuds, including product renders recovered from illustrations in the manual. This gives us a good look at the Galaxy Buds FE, and it looks like they're shaping up to be a solid pair of affordable earbuds.

Based on the product renders, Samsung’s next wireless earbuds appear to use the same general design as the Galaxy Buds Plus, with a protruding shape and a flat outer surface. This forgoes the smooth, rounded form factor that many of the best Samsung earbuds, such as the Galaxy Buds 2, have adopted in recent years.

The Galaxy Buds FE may also be available in gray, with a few more color options expected when it hits store shelves. A notable design difference from previous models is what appears to be a physical button rather than a touch-sensitive panel, presumably allowing users to control music playback and perform additional actions.

In addition, the charging case is shown in a dual-tone color scheme of white and dark gray. And, unlike the Galaxy Buds Plus, the Buds FE will most likely have a square-shaped case, similar to the Buds 2 and Buds 2 Pro.

Lastly, the Buds FE will presumably include rubber wingtips for a snug fit. While we don't have any pricing or release date information yet, rumors suggest that the Galaxy S23 FE could be released sometime this month, so it's likely that the Galaxy Buds FE will also be released around the same time.

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