Galaxy Buds FE leak reveals a familiar design

Samsung Galaxy Buds+, Pro, 2 Pro
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What you need to know

  • A device bearing model number SM-R400N, believed to be the Galaxy FE, leaked during a certification appearance.
  • Its design looks similar to the almost bulkier appearance of the original 2019 Galaxy Buds.
  • If Samsung calls these the "Galaxy Buds FE," the product could arrive sometime during Q4 2023 with other rumored FE devices.

A new pair of Galaxy earbuds have leaked, suggesting Samsung is gearing up to launch a more affordable pair quite soon. X tipster Garyeon Han posted a screenshot of a singular earbud bearing model number SM-R400N. Backing this up, Max Jambor quoted the screen grab stating it's supposedly the new Galaxy Buds FE.

Little else is known about these buds through the certification. However, its design is giving callbacks to the original 2019 Galaxy Buds.

The alleged Galaxy Buds FE seemingly have the same protruding shape that the original flagship Buds featured a few years ago. Unlike Samsung's Galaxy Buds 2 Pro which had a smooth, rounded form factor, the Buds FE in question has a flat outer surface like the series' first product.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the Buds FE also contain wingtips that should act as stabilizers while in-ear so they won't fall out so easily.

Samsung Buds using the same model number (SM-R400N) were spotted during August. The initial discovery noted that the device didn't sport a "Pro" tag alongside its name nor did it use the same sort of series of characters Samsung typically uses for its higher-end products. Speculation leaned toward the device arriving as the "Galaxy Buds 3," but the possibility of an FE tag showing up wasn't out of the question — even more so now.

A release date is still up in the air. If the buds arrive with the Galaxy S24 series, then we're looking at (roughly) February next year. However, a more recent leak suggests that Samsung could launch a few new Galaxy FE devices, such as the S23 FE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE, in Q4 2023.

If we're to believe that the Korean OEM is slapping an FE title on these new buds, then perhaps the device will make an appearance if a later 2023 release date is to be believed.

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