If you like word games and want a new challenge, you need to check out Wordsplosion. The game play is easy enough to get a handle on -- you have five chances to guess a five letter word. You can get hints if you do well, and your number of lives raises with your score. If you guess the word correctly, you move on to another word. If you're wrong, you lose a life. Lose all your lives and the game is done, and you want to kick yourself for missing the easy ones. But you can share your score to Twitter or Facebook to make you feel a little better.

The words themselves are simple, five letter words we use every day. But sitting up there without any context makes this one a real challenge. All your guesses must be words from the dictionary, so you can't cheat and try aeiou to find the vowels (foiled again!). The game is beautifully done on the design and graphics side, and everything runs smooth. The only thing not to love is the annoying in-line ads every three or fours turns, and those are easy to remove with a single in-app purchase of $2.99. Well worth it for an app I'll keep around for a long while.

The game trailer is after the break, and you can grab it from the Google Play link above and give it a try.


Reader comments

Wordsplosion is a new word game I can't stop playing


I want to download it because it looks interesting, but the fact that 1 of the permissions is "YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION - READ SENSITIVE LOG DATA", makes me cautious.

Why would/does it need this?

The only way an application can gather information from the logs is to have permission to read the logs. Developers can use a tag in the logs file that is specific to their app, then filter the log files for that tag when it crashes. 

Reading the system and event logs is no big deal unless you have applications that write things to the log they shouldn't be. Run a logcat and see what's there if you're worried about what might be posted there.

"Run at startup" permission is enough to make me skip it. I am noticing a lot more apps requesting that permission recently that have no good reason to. I wish Android had a builtin permissions "firewall".

Must be bored - wordsplosion? sheesh

And try to explain away the permmisions - there is NO REASON the app needs run at startuo or read logs. The developer gets crash reports without read logs.

I liked it but had to uninstall due to battery usage. My Note II has great battery life but not when this is running.

I love word games, but the somewhat cheesy cartoon colors and arcade sounding music is a bit juvenile for me. Wordsmith is still my go-to game, although I wish I could find an equivalent to the WebOS Word Whirl...

Love the game, hate the battery usage! Holy cow it went through half my battery in a little over an hour...

Ads? discreet ads are ok, these ads are in your face and non stop.

The keyboard really sucks on this game. Would be much better using the phones keyboard. I use a dvorak layout and and quite proficient with my weapon of choice - swiftkey.
How hard would it be to utilize a real keyboard (Minus the auto complete) or just improve the keyboard.

The game it self 3 out of 5.