Android's flexibility gives us plenty of device form factor choice, which do you choose for gaming?

We're talking mobile gaming this week around these parts, and if Talk Mobile is telling us anything, it's that we all love to play games on our mobile devices. Android is in a special place here, because of the sheer number of different sizes and shapes it comes in. They all mean you have a pretty big choice of just how you want to play any of the great games from Google Play, and we want to find out just how you do it.

I have to tell you, playing a game on the big screen in my living room with an HDMI cable or the HTC Media Link HD is pretty fun, but it's something I rarely do. When I want to get my game on, I reach for my Nexus 7. Other tablets may have a little more power, but the 7-inch form factor and Tegra 3 chip in my Nexus 7 make it my "go to" device. Tell us yours in the poll, which you'll find in the sidebar to the right or after the break.

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Looks like I'm not the only one waiting, wallet in hand, to see what Motorola has to show us in 2013. Hurry, Moto!


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This week's sidebar poll: Which screen do you play your Android games on?


I tend to end up playing games on my phone as I don't want to get super into one and find I can only play on my tablet when I'm at home.

Maybe when this Google Game thing starts being integrated into more apps my nexus 7 will see a little more gaming!

I use a phone mostly, been waiting for the Archos TV Connect that was shown off at CES, has a keyboard and controller all in one for $130, basically turns your tv into an HD Android Tablet, which would be great for all the FPS games i have bought. It;s been 6 months almost and it still hasn't released yet. I used to use an HMI-hdmi output on my GNex but it broke, only lasted 5 months.

I use my Android phone (LG Optimus G) for just about everything except games. I play games on my iPod touch. I like knowing that I won't deplete my battery by playing games when I really need my phone like, say, in case of an emergency.

I have a Nex4 and Nex7, and even though the Nex4 is the more powerful device, I only have 1 game on it (Bubble Pop for when I'm bored waiting for the wife!!). My Nex7 on the other hand has about 10 games of varying types on it!.

The Bigger screen makes game play much nicer!.

I play the occasional Solitaire when I am absolutely bored. But, other than that I don't play any games.

I use both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 for gaming, though I will say that neither device sees much action as a console because of how woefully inadequate the current crop of mobile games is.

Usually, though, I play social games on my phone and more involved games like The Room and Oregon Trail: Director's Cut on my tablet. I also always keep a copy of Great Little War Game on my phone, just in case my friends and I are in the mood for some pass & play action while we're at the pub.

I play more on my Nexus 7 then on my GSIII now, because I try not to lose all my battery when I'm out and about. Mostly Real Racing 3 on the tablet. I reserved my phone for gaming news and tech info.

The Nexus 7 is also the goto device. As a developer with a dozen options at disposal as several others out there, this one is just a nice all around great device for it.