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Pretty big, pretty average specs define Samsung's latest Galaxy Grand

If we weren't already offered plenty of large smartphones to choose from, Samsung has thrown yet another new device into the pot with this, the Galaxy Grand 2. The successor to the original Grand sees a bump in hardware specs, but this is still a distinctly mid-range device.

The 5.2-inch display has a resolution of 1280x720, and underneath Android 4.3 is pushed along by a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and 1.5GB of RAM. On-board storage is limited to just 8GB but there is at least a microSD card slot to go with that, and a reasonably sized 2600mAh battery. 

Round the back there's an 8MP camera, and since the Galaxy Grand 2 is running the latest version of Touchwiz, a bunch of Samsung's own apps and services can be found on the Grand 2 including S-Translator, S-Travel and the Samsung Hub. 

The Galaxy Grand 2 will come in black, white or pink in selected regions, and comes in a dual-SIM variety for folks that sort of thing is important to. What we don't have is any word on price or availability. The full press release can be found after the break. 

Seoul, Korea - [November 25, 2013] - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduced the Galaxy Grand 2, a device that offers an optimal large-screen experience on a portable, compact smartphone. This evolution of the Galaxy Grand series brings meaningful upgrades to its predecessor including an improved HD viewing experience, enhanced performance, and many other intuitive features.

The Galaxy Grand 2 brings users an incredible smartphone viewing experience with a 5.25” screen with 16:9 HD ratio, perfect for watching movies, playing games and e-reading. Multi Window takes multitasking to the next level by maximizing the benefits of the device’s large screen, enabling users to run one application in two windows at the same time.

Galaxy Grand 2 delivers enhanced performance with a more powerful Quad Core 1.2GHz processor and long-lasting 2,600mAh battery to bring users up to 10 hours of playback and 17 hours of calls. The dual-SIM capabilities help users maintain better work-life balance or switch seamlessly between networks.   

To provide a more intuitive user experience, the Galaxy Grand 2 comes equipped with several smart features that continue to set the Galaxy series apart from other smartphone devices on the market, including enhanced camera features like Best Face, Best Photo and Continuous Shot, as well as:

  • Story Album: Organize pictures by timeline, and create and print albums all from your device
  • S Translator: A translation service that provides instantaneous translations at any time
  • S Travel: Provides guides and travel information for your next trip
  • Sound & Shot: Record up to nine seconds of audio with your photos
  • Samsung Hub: Unique content service that provides access to music, videos, games and more
  • Group Play: To listen to music , share documents or play games together
  • Samsung Link: Connects your devices so you can access photos, music, videos and documents
     from multiple locations

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will be offered in White, and Black and Pink is available in selective regions. 


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Samsung unveils the large, mid-range Galaxy Grand 2


I don't get what exactly Samsung is doing.

They release so many phones but very few seem to be... good. You can get massive phones with dreadful specs, smaller phones with okish specs, mid sized phones with good and bad specs.

It feels like they're throws tons of phones to market and hoping a few stick.

And quite a few do stick. Samsung has the money to do almost whatever they want in the mobile space. I live in Mexico, and yes there are quite a few people with GS4s and Notes, but I see countless amounts of low end Samsung phones, phones I cannot begin to name all running some version of Android, giving everyone the chance to own a smartphone. They sold was it 134 million devices last quarter? Apple only sells phones in the higher end in terms of price and they do well, but they sold 1/5th that.

Walk into a telco and for most people there will be a Samsung that suits them. The name Galaxy is very popular and once that phone has that name, they would feel as though they are getting something decent.

That is what they are doing, making phones for everyone. Literally

Too right! However unfortunately the majority of people who are using a Samsung phone don't care for updates. These are the same people who consider all Android phones "Droids" and do not know there is a difference between "Galaxy" devices.

I know! Get really annoyed when people ask me how I like my "droid"! I have to patiently explain that I don't have a "droid" - that's a brand name Verizon uses for a line of Android smartphones...

Ahh, the problems of being a geek... :)

Posted via Android Central App

A 1280x720 display is definitely not high end...not at 5.2-inches anyway. Not anymore. And the Moto G is a quad-core phone, and that's not high end either. More cores doesn't equal better always.

the grand was never meant to be high end, it is a budget phone especially for users who like to use 2 sims but it has been successful thus the sequel

So they've got the note, the mega, now this. It's like samsung is trying to cover every physical size measurement possible. They should just release a phone for every .1 inch.

Oh wow I'll be getting this if I was hunting for a new phone! Maybe next year

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung will not rest until they have a phone for every tenth of an inch from 4.3" to 8.0"!

Posted via my thumb(s) and the submit button.

So many typical ac comments....
In here earth is spinning around theirs.
There are another 60-70 billion people other than you in here.

Posted via Android Central App

This...! Every time a phone like this is written about on here people go off about "OMG SAMSUNG IS RELEASING YET ANOTHER PHONE?!?!?" and "THESE SPECS ARE SOOOOO 2010!!!".

Why can't people understand that Samsung is making different phones for different markets and different markets have different needs. We aren't going to get this phone in North America... so why moan and groan about it?

Good looking phone....except for that dreadful physical home button. For the average user this phone would be considered more than adequate. For the spec junkie (like me) not so much. I do like the trim around the edge much better than the cheap plastic chrome around the Note 3.

Posted via Android Central App

The original Galaxy Grand did supremely well in India.. Great upgrade. The quad core and large upgraded screen will definitely make it another best seller, providing Samsung gets it pricing right

You know this is what many on AC don't seem to understand. Samsung has in mind the entire planet of people, in every region, economic and social class, when deciding on what phones to make and release.

They are not just marketing to the US and tech junkies like myself.

I personally would not buy this phone, but I also would not begrudge someone else the opportunity to own a device they find suitable for their needs.

With all the complaining by tech junkies on AC about Samsung's mobile strategy, their use of plastics, Touchwiz (no stock Android), Lag, a physical home button, or a host of other things, they still sell a boat load of phones.

The specs are almost as good if not better than the gs3 in some aspects would the galaxy s3 be considered mid range if it came out today

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I wish they would make a division dedicated to keeping their u.s. variants updated that way that won't have a disaster like the rolling out of 4.3 to 3 devices at once which they aren't going to do at the same time due to network capacity. Oh did I mention I have a note 2 STILL on 4.1.2? Samsung might be doing well with the common phone user but this lack of updates for the note 2 has me rethinking upgrading to another samsung. Motorola might be in my future.

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I wish they would make a division dedicated to keeping their u.s. variants updated that way that won't have a disaster like the rolling out of 4.3 to 3 devices at once which they aren't going to do at the same time due to network capacity. Oh did I mention I have a note 2 STILL on 4.1.2? Samsung might be doing well with the common phone user but this lack of updates for the note 2 has me rethinking upgrading to another samsung. Motorola might be in my future.

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This is ridiculous already. It's not even hilarious anymore... Samsung, stop!

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This is exactly the reason I steered away from Samsung after being a loyal GS1 and GS3 owner.

They're flooding the market with so man plan-b Galaxy variants that it's actually turned me off from.

Aside from the staple Galaxy S1, S2, 3S, and S4...

Galaxy S4 Active
Galaxy S4 Mini
Galaxy S4 Zoom
Galaxy S3 Mini
Galaxy Note
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy 8.0
Galaxy Round
Galaxy Mega 6.3
Galaxy Mega 5.8
Galaxy Grand
Galaxy Ace
Galaxy Attain 4G
Galaxy Precedent
Galaxy Admire
Galaxy Acclaim
Galaxy Beam
Galaxy Q
Galaxy Gio
Galaxy Victory
Galaxy Reverb
(I know some of these are carrier variants)

The "exclusivity" is lost on me. Granted, I may be in the minority on that issue because not everyone cares about the tech and specs behind their device, but I'm an early adopter and this has made me move to other devices.

I agree it's getting annoying, I think people don't understand that we are complaining cause we want Samsung to treat their customers in different markets the same like having the octave core processor available here in North America and not just in asia/ Europe. Also they release the mega and the grand when if they would have just priced the note series more aggressively they could have sold it in all markets and sold a lot more rather than telling people to buy the cheaper mega or grand.

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Is this iteration for "losers" that cannot afford the gorgeous chromium-wrapped Note 3 (white w/ white view case)? I am loving mine and when I wear my 3-wolf moon tee, "all your wimmins is mine."

Waiting for updates for this thing is going to be a complete disaster and as someone stated is the reason updates take so long

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013