Samsung Galaxy Camera

We saw a Samsung Galaxy Camera go through the FCC just a week ago with Verizon LTE on board, and now a Samsung product page has confirmed the device. The spec page only lists 700MHz as a supported frequency, as well as only listing LTE connectivity. If this device really does only have LTE and no fallback to 3G, it shows Verizon must be pretty confident about its nationwide network rollout. It doesn't get much clearer than this though, and now all we're waiting for is the pricing and availability information.

This is a very interesting development, as the model first launched in the U.S. on AT&T is only HSPA+ and not LTE. Have to wonder what compelled Samsung to make an LTE model for Verizon instead.

Source: Samsung; Via: The Verge

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Dirty-Bird says:


DWR_31 says:

A CDMA Verizon camera?

Verizon really does think it's customers are stupid!

mwara244 says:

I wonder if vzw will charge $10 a month like a tablet add on, on the ripoff shared data plans, or come up with a whole new pricing for it. I think the wifi version would be good enough for people and can stream to their phone wifi or home wifi.

someguy01234 says:

Please correct my sarcasm if incorrect.

I love being tied to an expensive data contract in order to use a midrange camera instead of buying a higher quality and more professional Canon Rebel for the same cost without a contract. I also love making VOIP calls with my camera. *image of self holding up camera to ear and talking to it in public, derp*

barkomatic says:

A camera like this could be quite the little troublemaker in certain situations. However, I see a product like this as an attempt to justify expensive shared data plans.

TauSigmaNova says:

I don't see the point in this.
It's got the same screen size as an S3, the same network, LTE, the same price, and all it does is take slightly better pictures!
FFS It runs android, it runs all android apps, it runs LTE!!!! Why not buy a DSLR or an S3 which has a nice camera for the same price?

jam4775 says:

EXACTLY... unless your a part of the paparazzi why on earth would anyone want to pay for a data plan on a freaking camera... even still get a mifi or use your hotspot on your phone, HELLO!!! I CANNOT believe that there would be enough demand for Verizon data on this camera for it to even be worth it for Verizon offer it.

icebike says:

Who Might buy this:

People at like Android Central who visit Trade shows
Fire marshals
Insurance Adjusters
Sports reporters for Newspaper and TV
Aforementioned paparazzi
Newspaper/magazine Reporters on tight deadlines
Investigative Journalists who expect their camera might be seized

People who keep all their photos in the cloud and have more money than common sense, or are on a data sharing plan.

There is a market for this, but trying to sell it to Joe Snapshot is not going to fly.

hmmm says:

Maybe this could be thought of as a very thick tablet with a really good camera and a small screen? Is it a full version of Android?

TauSigmaNova says:

Yeah, I think it's just TW'd 4.1
It's not a tablet since it's screen is only 4.8 inches sooooo

Wookie Claws says:

I could see buying a WiFi version of this camera. Runs Android, easy to upload pics... ok got it. But I don't see myself adding this to my VZW plan for $10/mo. I highly doubt I will be compelled to upload a picture to Facebook on a daily basis. I have my phone that does that already.

Again, a WiFi version would be cool; but only because I'm so familiar with Android already that I don't have to learn a new menu system to navigate the device.

Td Kole says:

Why does a camra need a data plan? Don't it have memory or an sd card slot?

Rob White says:

I can see who may be inclined to get this as mentioned above by Icebike. But that is a pretty narrow list that won't go to a Verizon store to do it. This gadget is just going to be an overpriced toy that'll get the average user in trouble on their data plans.

Eric Rossman says:

Again --> Why another stinking data plan? No sale here.

Samsung needs to model this as a companion device, meaning:

1. Give it NFC and Android Beam to allow local transfers to your mobile (data enabled) phone, and let Google sync your phones pics. Let your phone share / link / and tweet if you are that desperate to share.

2. It only needs Wifi, BT, and NFC.

3. Ditch data service providers! Carriers muck-up / hold-up OS updates "to assure the best customer experience", or "assure compatibility with their network".

The only way this device kinda makes sense is if you have a shared data plan across your devices.

So technically I could buy this from Samsung, if they offered it directly, and run it on Verizon with no contract or being locked down since it would be a LTE only device. They would have to comply with the specum rules the FCC put in place due to the lack of 3G(CDMA)