Much rumored, Samsung's Android Wear smartwatch is now official. But much more than that, it's official and available to order later on today from the Google Play Store alongside the previously-announced LG G Watch. The Samsung Gear Live looks much like the recently-released Gear 2, but is of course running Android Wear as its software rather than Samsung's own Tizen.

As for specifications, the Gear Live has a 1.63-inch AMOLED display at 320 x 320 resolution, a 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, 4GB of storage and a 300mAh battery. It will also come equipped with a heart rate monitor, have interchangeable straps (in black and red) and is IP 67 water and dust-resistant. Samsung is claiming "all day" battery life as well.

We'll update as and when we know more, but 'fess up. Who's buying one?


Samsung Gear Live™ powered by Android Wear, connects users to the world simply and efficiently

London, UK – June 25, 2014 – Samsung Electronics today unveiled the Samsung Gear Live, powered by Android Wear. The Samsung Gear Live is a new Android wearable that gives you useful information when you need it most.

"Samsung has been a pioneer in the quickly-evolving wearable market, and the launch of Gear Live furthers our efforts to deliver a simple and intuitive wearable experience to consumers," said JK Shin, CEO and President of IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics. "Through our long-term close collaboration with Google, we have successfully incorporated the capabilities of Android Wear into the Gear Live, in a way that only Samsung can do. I am confident that Samsung and Google together, we will grow the smart wearable market to positively impact consumers' life." "Watches powered by Android Wear aim to help people get access to useful information the moment you need it, at a glance," said Sundar Pichai, SVP, Android, Chrome & Apps. "It's exciting to be working closely with Samsung on the launch of the Gear Live -- with its all-day battery and vibrant display-- to bring more smart wearables to the market."

Advanced hardware technology The Samsung Gear Live offers a powerful mobile experience, heralded design aesthetics and innovative features that users expect from Samsung. The new Android Wear device features Samsung's signature Super AMOLED display for incredible colour and screen clarity. It also offers easy customisation of the clock face and utilises simple one-touch device wakeup for instant access. The Gear Live meets IP67, protecting the device against the effects of dust and water immersion, and comes with a standard 22mm band, so users can change the band to express their taste and personality. Finally, the sleek watch allows users to better manage their health and fitness with a built-in heart rate monitor that works seamlessly with multiple fitness apps.

Simple and intuitive Android Wear experience Allowing information to move with the user, the Gear Live, powered by Android Wear shows targeted information and suggestions in real-time. The wide variety of Android applications compatible with the Gear Live means users can seamlessly receive the latest posts and updates from social apps, chats from preferred messaging apps, and regular notifications from shopping, news or even photography apps. The new device also offers intuitive voice commands; just say "Ok Google" to ask questions like what time your flight leaves or the score of the game, or to complete tasks such as calling a taxi, sending a text, making a restaurant reservation or setting an alarm. The Gear Live can be paired with any Android device running Android 4.3 or higher for a truly connected and personal mobile experience.

The Gear Live will be offered in Black and Wine Red with interchangeable strap options. It will be available to order from June 25th through the Google Play Store (, and will subsequently go on sale in Samsung Retail Stores.

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thatguy97 says:

I might get one

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

T72018 says:

This has to be priced right!! Please

NoNexus says:

What is the right price?


HeyImAlexD says:

I like your thinking.

Posted via Android Central App

PrincessGhi says:

I just laughed out loud....literally

briankurtz79 says:

I have a gear 2 sitting on my counter right now waiting to go back. Second one with the same problem. Condensation under the lens. I think I'll wait for 360

Posted via Android Central App

Jmike OR says:

You really shouldn't try swimming in a Gear 2 lol

alix8821 says:

No moto 360..... beyond disappointed

jeddo45 says:

Everyone at I/O was bummed out! You should have heard the crowd on the live stream!

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Mac58 says:

lol this is so true

rrballer11 says:

Will wait for moto

Posted via Android Central App

JasW says:

Got the original Gear six months ago. Three months ago, Sammy puts out the Gear 2. Now three months later, they put out the Gear Live. I think I'll wait another three months.

But you should see the watch coming in 6 months!

gmak1911 says:

I got a Gear for Christmas, but If it's priced right I might just pick one up until the Moto 360 comes out.

vhicke says:

Look at the VP at the start of the keynote he is where a 360 watch

jlczl says:

Waiting on 360

Posted via Android Central App

mgoldx says:

Disappointed by the "end of summer" for the Moto 360...

Posted via Android Central App

Where's the home button?

Android gear apparently doesn't use a home button. The omission of the button, while using the same Galaxy Gear design does make the bezel unnecessarily big, I think.

c1971ace says:

Hope the OG Gear can be flashed with this....

Posted via Android Central App

Same here - never moved gear 1 to Tizen because of this - if not hello 360

Posted via Android Central App

c1971ace says:

I moved mine to Tizen. While it does seem improved and thr battery life is much better id rather go with Wear. Dont really wanna have to go out and buy a new watch just for this.

Posted via Android Central App

bryanw504 says:

I'm waiting on the Moto 360.

jrsharp70 says:

I couldn't even tell that the guy with the Moto 360 was wearing a smartwatch until i saw the moto logo on it.

May come around for this, but will wait on price.

RavenNull says:

I'm just waiting for the guys at XDA Developers to figure out a way to port android wear to my Gear 2 neo

Posted via Android Central App

NEmickeyfan says:

I really like my Gear 2 Neo..... but was wondering the same thing. Will it be possible to get the Android Wear on my Neo?

RavenNull says:

It looks like pretty much the same specs. I don't know if the IR blaster would work but the watch on app for the Gear 2 is crap anyway. My tv and cable box and Roku work just fine with my phone but I can only get the tv to work on the watch.

Posted via Android Central App

jtc276 says:

And my wait for the Moto 360 continues.

From my Moto X+1 running Android 5.0 in the world's worst dummy case

comraderudy says:

damn, i'm all in

out2late says:

Who would buy anything that only lasts a day on a single charge???

ultravisitor says:

So I guess Samsung will be producing smartwatches like they produce tablets...

aitt says:

My money. Just sitting here. Twiddling. Sigh. Was really wanting the 360 to happen

Posted via Android Central App

Deke218 says:

So glad I didn't update my Gear 1 to Tenzin... or whatever. Custom roms....

jayjay234 says:

Here is the problem with google/android wear.... one day battery life on android when tizen can last 3+ days????? What the hell?
Posted via NEXUS 5

Mike-Mike says:

Are the specs on this better or worse than the Gear 2? Obviously the battery is worse....

Posted via Android Central App

jayjay234 says:

Thats my exact thought... battery life is just unacceptable. It's really not samsung's fault tho.

Posted via NEXUS 5

deeb215 says:

I've waited this long what's 6 more months.

imarek3 says:

I like the battery life of the Gear 2 Neo, almost 4 days. Not so sure that I would like to charge my smart watch every day.

I think that Samsung has the potential of making people that bought the Gear 2 pretty mad, in the fact that Smasung will now be supporting 2 smart watch OSes and Tizen will probably get left behind.

jayjay234 says:

Nah samsung has total control over tizen and any device using tizen. They have been pretty good about updating them too. And samsung spent too much money on tizen and they will support it

Posted via NEXUS 5

Sweeet1102 says:

199$ for the price.

bez54 says:

I'm so bored of Samsung. Is there anything they won't mass market? Had one. Got bored of one. Dumped one. I'm done with them. Back with a nexus phone. I wish I had not been tempted by Samsung and made the mistake of jumping on the band wagon. And falling for the mass market brain wash.

Posted via Android Central App

Bigchez says:

I have a Gear 2,do you think I'll be able to do what you do with a Smart phone and Root and rom with this android wear idea?

I am waiting for the Moto 360. But they said the others you can get on Google Play now. I don't see them up there.

Gearu says:

Motorola should bring back the Aura name & style in watch form.

BuJ_14 says:

Tempting but I will wait for the Moto 360.

Posted via Android Central App

Cant wait to wear this

scotth23 says:

Everyone complained the Gear watches only worked with Samsung devices. Now there is a Gear open to third party devices and people are still complaining. Be happy you have choices, such as not buying a Gear at all.

I had a Gear 1 and grew tired of the notification deleting in top of the phone. It didn't seem like it was really dealing with the problem. I would consider the Live once the 360 is put through its paces.