The Samsung Gear Fit will track your exercise routines and look snazzy while doing it

Mobile World Congress

In addition to taking the wraps off the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress, Samsung also announced their next wearable device dubbed the Gear Fit. As you can see, the big sell here is a curved 1.8-inch 432 x 128 Super AMOLED display. It's dust and water resistent to keep up with whatever brutal fitness regimen you're undertaking. As usual, you'll be able to get smartphone notifications from just about everything on the Gear Fit thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Keep in mind that the Gear Fit will only work with Samsung devices, but given all of the tracking software built in, that limitation may be worthwhile. The 210 mAh battery should last you 3 - 4 days of typical usage.

Samsung's been agressively expanding its lineup of wearables, and it's a smart move to provide something sporty to compete in the burgeoning market for fitness trackers. It will be interesting to see how well Samsung manages to expand into the space when competing with smaller, more focused companies like Pebble.

The Samsung Gear Fit will be launching somtime in April, though we're still not sure about the pricetag. Get up close and personal with the Gear Fit in our hands-on video, and if you're looking for more wearable news, swing by the newest addition to the Mobile Nations family, Smartwatch Fans. Press release ahoy!

Samsung Expands Industry-Leading Wearable Line with Samsung Gear Fit

New device blends style, fitness and convenience to provide ultimate connectivity for the active mobile consumer

Barcelona, Spain - February 24, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduced the Samsung Gear Fit, the industry’s first curved, Super AMOLED wearable device for the active consumer. The Gear Fit offers the unmatched convenience of Samsung Gear technology with the most comprehensive fitness tools available, empowering consumers stay physically active without sacrificing personal style or mobile connectivity.

“Samsung understands that the next generation of wearable mobile solutions must directly reflect of the diverse interests and needs of consumers,” said JK Shin, CEO and President of IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics. “In response, our Gear product portfolio continues to expand with unique devices for a wide range of lifestyles, including the new Gear Fit designed to help those consumers striving to live more fit and active lives without sacrificing their own personal style or their ability to stay connected on the go.”

Whether used as a standalone or companion device, the Samsung Gear Fit puts people in charge of their personal and active lives while staying connected so they never miss a moment.

The ultimate modern fitness solution

The Samsung Gear Fit was designed to comfortably contour to consumers’ wrists while offering a vivid Super AMOLED display. It provides much more than an everyday fitness band, keeping consumers up to date instant notifications from Galaxy smartphones such as incoming calls, emails, SMS, alarm, S-planner, 3rd party apps while consumers are on the move so they can stay connected. Changeable straps in Black, Orange and Mocha Grey will let users express their individual style, changing the look of the Gear Fit to match their outfit or mood for any type of activity.

The sleek new Samsung Gear Fit provides the superior connectivity benefits of Samsung wearable technology with a custom, real time fitness coaching to provide unique, personalized advice and workout recommendations.

The Gear Fit will be available globally starting from April. Full details and product images are available at or m.


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Samsung Gear Fit brings a fitness tracker with a curved screen to your workout


3-4 days and only compatible with Samsung phones? My Fitbit Force last 2 weeks and works with many Android smartphones running BT 4.0. Didn't they learn anything from the poor roll out of the smartwatch?

If this has a silent alarm like the Fitbits I'd definitely take one over the Fitbits if priced reasonably.

Posted from my TARDIS!

Nope, they don't get it. Just wait to see the disappointing sales from their next line of crippled watches too.

Disappointing sales maybe, and still the Galaxy Gear was the most sold smartwatch last year. So either expectations were too high or the entire Smartwatch market was abysmal.

Your Fitbit Force has less functionality. 3-4 days is fine for a smartwatch.

Even thought it's a fitness tracker, I think it has more features than the average fitness band. It has a find my phone functionality for example, as well as notifications from your device, media controls, etc. Plus, the battery probably lasts less because of the screen, which is color (I don't think the Fitbit is, but I don't remember).

Also, didn't they just recall the Fitbit?

I just mentioned this in another post, but I wonder if anyone from Samsung wore this and tried to use it. The display should be oriented vertically. People will have to read this thing sideways. And the battery should last at least a week if it's going to be used as any sort of sleep monitor...

Posted via Android Central App

I think all this fitness stuff is overblown. Don't think it is, or will be as mainstream as they would like us to believe

Posted via Android Central App

I use fitbit and have 4 family members and a few friends on the same bands. A couple of friends use various other bands, id say they are catching on pretty quick :)

Agreed.... I've used fuel and and now fitbit force. With that recall, I'm going with the LG lifeband when it comes out.

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Samsung gets bashed for choosing to make it available for their own phones. Anything Apple releases will certainly only work with Apple products. Bashing Samsung for this decision seems silly.

That's the way it is when you're competing with Apple.

Look how people reacted to the Samsung 'Next Big Thing' commercials that made fun of people standing on iPhone lines. But when Apple was making fun of PC users with their 'I'm a Mac/PC' ads, everyone thought it was so cool. The double standard will never go away.

This looks really nice. I have been looking for a fitness tracker, but the top ones seem to be pretty limited. And since I already have a Note 3, this will probably be my best option. I read that there is already a find my phone feature in it, that's great by itself. I can see a lot of functionality being added to it in the future.

Yup....Samsung just lost me...first the Tizen Gear(s), then the S4 v2...I mean S5...sorry, now the Galaxy-only fitband? LG life band, here I come!!!!