HTC One and the Galaxy S4.

Making a decision between the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 isn't going to be easy for many folks​

The battle lines have quickly been drawn between two of 2013's hottest Android smartphones -- phones that, by the way, not a whole lot of people have actually touched yet -- the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. The HTC One is just now going on sale in parts of Europe. We're still waiting on any U.S. carrier to announce availability for either of the phones.

We've been using the HTC One for a week now. (I've been using it as my main device, actually.) And we got to spend some time with the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Thursday in New York City. And we got to put both phones up against each other.

Know what? Folks are going to have a tough decision to make. 

Read on for some initial thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the HTC One.

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HTC One and Galaxy S4 video comparison


Two ends of the manufacturing spectrum here. HTC's gone (nearly) all aluminum with the HTC One. Samsung's using what feels like the same plastic (polycarbonate, you'll hear them say) as in previous devices. Both have their merits. The HTC One certainly feels more futuristic -- a metal unibody construction usually does. The Galaxy S4 isn't quite as sleek in its design (it's actually lost a little bit of the curve of the Galaxy S3), but that's not to say it's not also a looker. It's also nearly the exact same size as the Galaxy S3, so it's a got a pretty familiar feel to it. In terms of smartphones currently available, it's like the Verizon Droid DNA (or HTC J Butterfly outside the U.S.) compared to a slightly more squarish Galaxy S3.

The debate over whether metal is better than plastic isn't going to subside anytime soon, and that's a good thing. HTC's done wonders with the design of the HTC One, and I like it a lot. (Though I think it's a tad too tall for my taste.) Samsung done well with the GS3 design, and it's not rocking the boat too much with the GS4. There's no real wrong answer here. Try them both. If one feels better than the other to you, then go for it.

HTC One and the Galaxy S4.

I do prefer the button scheme on the Galaxy S4, though. If you're going to have a home button -- and all Android phones do -- it needs to be in the middle. It's the most-used button on the phone (next to the power button, perhaps). It needs to be in the middle of the phone. Samsung still has a dedicated menu button. I'm not crazy about that idea -- Google long ago told app developers to stop designing apps with menu buttons in mind -- but I'm also a realist. Most devs haven't updated their app designs, and a menu button provides a better experience than the big black bar you get at the bottom of apps on HTC phones. The back and menu buttons smartly disappear when not in use on the Galaxy S4. Nicely designed.

Turning to the display, I've been pretty impressed with both. We'll need more time with the Galaxy S4 to be 100 percent certain, and I've preferred the Super LCD displays that HTC uses over Samsung's Super AMOLED displays. But packing in more pixels usually cures what ails ya. As both displays are 1080p, it's kind of a wash, at least at a glance. It'll be interesting to how "Samsung Adapt Display" makes a difference in everyday use.

We'll need to spend more time before properly commenting on hardware performance, but both phones have relatively the same internals. Well, that depends on where you live. Some versions of the Galaxy S4 will have Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 600 processor -- same as the HTC One -- and some will have Samsung's new Exynos 5, which boasts eight cores. So we'll have to see. (Also, the software we used on the Galaxy S4 was very pre-production, less finished than what's on our HTC One.)

It's worth a reminder that the Galaxy S4 has a removable battery and microSD card slot. If those are important features to you, that helps make your decision. 

The software

If we had to describe HTC and Samsung's software philosophies in a single sentence, it'd be this: HTC puts more emphasis on design, whereas Samsung packs in more features. That said, Samsung's "TouchWiz" user interface continues to improve. It's still not my favorite UI (I'm more of a stock guy), but it's getting better. I'll need some more time with the GS4, but I think TouchWiz might also be a little more intuitive to use for normal consumers. We'll have a better read on that after using the GS4 in real-world scenarios.

HTC One and the Galaxy S4.HTC's big bullet points for the HTC One are the camera (with its UltraPixels, Zoes and Video Highlights), BoomSound (which is a combination of the excellent front-facing speakers, Beats Audio and other tweaks), and BlinkFeed (bringing news and social updates to your home screen). Those are going to be big marketing points. Samsung's new features in the Galaxy S4 maybe  don't have the same marketing-friendly names, but there are so many useful bullet points it's damn near overwhelming. (I recommend reading the official Galaxy S4 press release for the full rundown.)

HTC and Samsung do overlap a little bit. HTC's "Video Highlights" automatically parse your images and create highlight films. Samsung does the same with "Story Album." You can replicate HTC's BlinkFeed with an app like Flipboard. But BoomSound is as much hardware as it is software, and the HTC One definitely wins on that front.

Samsung's got more gimmicky features, but that's not to say they're not interesting or useful. "Air Hover" and "Air Gesture" -- which let you hover your finger over certain things to preview them and wave to scroll through items or trigger actions -- are at least fun, and they might very well change the way you use your phone. Sony's experimented with that before, but Samsung's the one bringing it to the mass market. Same for "S Health," wherein the Galaxy S4 takes features from apps like Endomondo or Run Keeper and makes them an integrated part of TouchWiz, helping to keep track of your daily routine. Throw in the optional S Health accessories, and you've got an impressive fitness suite that's already a part of the phone.

Or look at it like this: On the software side, Samsung and HTC essentially are trying to do the same thing -- most normal consumers don't customize their phones like you or I. So HTC has BlinkFeed for news and social updates, baked into the phone. Both the HTC One and Galaxy S4 will help organize and share your pictures. But the Galaxy S4 has so many more fun features and is light years ahead in making the phone and integral part of your daily routine. They're calling it a "Life Companion," and that might not be that far off in this latest iteration.

The bottom line

We're not going to solve this argument today. And the fact remains that there are folks in the Samsung camp (a lot of 'em), and folks in the HTC camp. And that's cool.

What we've experienced thus far are a couple of really good Android smartphones. And we can't purchase either of them yet. For all the blustering from the likes of HTC (and others) looking to steal some of the inevitable Samsung thunder, none of it matters until we can buy a phone.

You probably won't go wrong with either of these phones. They both have their merits. A lot of it comes down to personal preference. Nothing wrong with that either. Plastic or metal. TouchWiz or Sense. Great camera with a lot of features, or a great camera with a lot of different features. 

This isn't going to be an easy decision.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC One


Could be a good opportunity if motorola plays this right. I like my gs3 but for the longest time have wished for front facing speakers. I'm not willing to give up my 64 gb memory card so the HTC one is out. If motorola comes through with a slim phone with a 1080p display, 3000 mah battery(removable), sd card slot and a brighter screen than the gs3, they could have a winner. I love the gs3 screen indoors but it is basically unusable in direct sunlight.

and an unlocked boot loader & ability to load custom ROMS & timely and feature rich updates without having to wait a year and a half after it rolls out to everyone else

This is simply a "Personal Decision" for you and you

I for one made my decision months ago...

Galaxy Note One.. Paid For.. Free & Clear.

Unlocked and running on T-Mobile's $30.00 a Month Plan.

JellyBam's JellyBean 4.2.2 ROM with Flapp's 3.1.2 Kernel clocked at 1,782 mhz.

Let's See what you and you choose. :)

At least samsung is updating software faster now and trying to stay current with the new Android os, HTC rarely updates their os and has problems doing so because of crappy sense. I'll wait for the Moto phone coming out. The next manufacturer to come out with pure stock android on their phone is going to be the winner next.

What the fuck kind of logic is this? Does that mean the internal 64 gigs is off limits because just because it doesn't have an sd card or other removeable memory? Really? 64 fucking gigs is 64 gigs.

And four years from now (I keep my phones a looooong time) when 256 GB SD cards are cheap as dirt, 64 gigs will still be 64 gigs.

You are dense. Just because the phone has a micro sd slot does not mean it will be compatible with cards that size if it is older technology. Dont' count on shit...many of the older phones couldn't run a 32gb card when they first came out.

That is only partially true. There are different types of "SD" cards. Currently there is "SD", "SDHC" and "SDXC". SD cards can only support up to 4 gb, SDHC is u pto 32 gb and SDXC is up to 2 tb. So if the phone supports SDXC cards (even though you can only buy 64 gb cards right now) it can use up to 2 tb cards.

While I haven't seen the the prices for the new phones I remember that the price difference between the 16 and 32 gb GS3 ~$50 (same as on iPhones I believe). Guess what the price of a 64gb sd card is? About $50. I'd rather by a the same with less internal memory and spend the money I saved on a significantly larger SD card.

What phone are you using that is 4 years old? I have an original Evo that I bought when it first came out and it's not 3 years old yet and it's so freaking slow now that I'm having a hard time waiting for the One.

Many people care about the SD card because they would like to use what they already have, but memory is going cheaper and faster.

So the problem might be 16GB FASTER internal memory + 64GB SLOWER memory card make your premium and fantastic device running like an old machine. It doesn't make sense if we order Mercedes but switching use a 2nd hand wheels.

Some would like to use SD card for data backup or transer but they will change mind if they tried Cloud Space, like Drop Box. Z and One provide 2yrs, 25GB free space. I like it very much because all the pictures I took will be transfer to Drop Box and sync to my Desktop at home automatically. Backup? Transfer? they did it for you!!

As for the removable Battery, I would suggest External Battery Charger. Normally it could charge your cell phone twice, no need to shut down, above all it support most cell phones.

I try to use samrt phone smarter. I am still learning!!

I am using an external battery charger with my Nexus 4, but it is just not working for me. Unless I can find one of the cases with an integrated battery, it's bye bye Nexus.

That's a very confusing statement to me. I was very disappointed that the Droid DNA came with non-removable memory, but only because it was limited to 16gig and you couldn't take a card out and replace it with a larger card. If its 64gig why does that "not count"? I've had my Rezound for over a year and I don't think the SD card has ever been out of the phone...just mounted and copied to/from as needed.

HTC rarely updates to the current Android os, so don't expect KLP on an HTC device till well into 2014. HTC sense sucks, over complicating the simplicity of Android, thinking they need to be different. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Also the new non removable social widget is ridiculous, android is suppose to be customizable, HTC is acting like apple deciding what the customer should have instead of what they want. I don't like Touchpiss with samsung, but they are minimalizing it more and more and trying to add mores features and are really updating their phones to the current android os, They Just announced That a lot of the Samsung phones will all be updated to KLP when it comes out. Overall your better off with a Samsung.

I'll wait for the Motorola x phone or next Nexus both will have pure android which I prefer. But I'm on vzw, so if neither come to vzw I'll get the note 2 or S4

Slim to zero-chance-whatsoever Motorola release a phone with a removable battery. They don't offer one now, they moved away from that design from the Droid X2 to the RAZR line. Especially with Google now calling the shots. Extremely unrealistic expectation.

I want more internal memory, you can have your SD cards. I've been putting up with an Evo that doesn't have enough internal memory even though I have a 32gb sd card. Many apps can't be loaded to an sd card.

Motorola already put their big phone out - the Droid DNA. I know it's forgettable but it wasn't THAT long ago! lol.

I can understand your confusion. Unlike manufacturer branding (Galaxy, ONE, RAZR, etc.) the DROID branding is an example of carrier branding (EVO. etc.). The unique part of the DROID branding is that VZW has used more than one manufacturer (Moto and HTC)

I think he was using the EVO brand as an example of carrier branding, as opposed to an example of multiple manufacturers under one brand.

Copy that! I'll wait for Motorola.
Who has to worry what you have to wait for when we fix our phones ;)
You drop that S4 & say bye-bye to all the money you spent for it. HTC did a better job, sad no one knows they put their money into building it instead of marketing it.
Kinda fun watching these ... battle each other.
I have faith in Motorola even though they released those 4" cells in Brazil, but I have no worries about that, they'll never get here.
My Moto is still going strong.

Removable/Expandable memory & battery = S4 wins!

I won't even consider HTC.
I like the stereo speakers idea though.

+1. Design is very nice and many will argue about apps and UI, but overall functionality and hardware (removable battery, SD memory, etc) speak volumes when it comes to making a device your own. For me, these things are dealbreakers.

OK, forgive my poor choice of EXACT wording. As one who works in the industry, I have learned that most people don't even know the difference between the SIM and the SD card, let alone expandable/removable storage vs expandable memory. Also, I realize that SD (Sandisk) is just one manufacturer of expandable storage memory cards but as I stated previously, many don't really understand.

Boy, I call myself trying to be non-specific in the forums, as I usually point out others who don't broadcast the "right" info and so many people laugh when I play "forum police". Good to know I'm not the only nerd who notices every little detail. Touche' LOL.

Your first comment could have stood.

You need to refrain from relying on "Google Translate" to participate in the Forums.

Yes, those things are important, if you need them. The fact is, most people don't. I would go on to say a very large percentage of people that say a removable battery and expandable are important make use of neither when the get their phone.

But if you need those things, the GS4 looks like a great phone.

It used to bother me about the removable battery and storage. It felt like they was taking my decision making from me, but honestly now, batteries last a lot longer now-a-days, and storage has improved also. 64 gigs, and cloud storage is truly enough for everyone....REALLY
So I grew up in that aspect, and realize what's more important.

Yes and No.

The note 2 has great battery life (my device) and if this phone had the battery built in, I would have still bought it. But a lot of devices don't have such great battery life. So there's the no. It really depends on the device.

Storage isn't easy to talk about either MichaelMonroe. Just last week I had to pass a 3gb file to another person's blackberry, and he didn't have Wifi Direct, so what did I do? Copy the file to their microsd card after copying it to my internal memory and ejecting my own card.

I don't know where you live, but Unlimited data doesn't TRULY exist where i live. So I pay per GB. I'd put EVERYTHING into the cloud, but it would cost me more money to sync to the server (time uploading) and then downloading (which decreases battery life, and consumes the limited data I have). I use Dropbox and Sugarsync every day, but for documents. But for other content? No way. Too much data if I'm out of the house!

I micro-SD card means I don't have to pay extra for the 32gb and 64gb versions of the phone. I can get buy with the cheaper 16g version and put in a micro-SD card. I take a lot of pictures and video, which makes syncing and backing-up on a cloud service a real PITA.

The nexus7 cured me in regard to the fear of integrated storage/battery. I can charge my phone at work and in my truck. I never new so many people worked and lived in caves. I can move my files around from device to device(I have plenty of storage options) I prefer not to have too much stuff on my phone at one time anyway. So, to each their own. The One is my next non-nexus device.

Neither. If I stay Android, I'm picking up a Nexus 4 shortly. I'm sick of interference by corrupt carriers, poor long term update support by OEM's, and frankly the childish bickering between OEM fanboys in the communities for those devices is becoming offputting.

+1000 I couldn't agree with you more.

I only wish that these OEM's would go the same route as Google has done and create their own content and sell devices at cost like Google. Even if it wasn't permanent, it would probably be enough to give carriers a swift kick in the ass they need to at least be a little less ridiculous. But such is life I suppose

I hear that. After a month with my N4, I'm not even the slightest bit tempted by either of these phones. Just the thought of going back to a non-nexus device now makes me cringe.

Plastic or metal? Neither. TouchWiz or Sense? Neither.
So much for a hard decision...

I am in total agreence here. I went nexus 4 and won't consider another phone until it offers the experience of this phone. The size, feel, display and of course the speed and looks. The new stuff is fast but IMO at a bulky UI expense and the s4 is just hidious to me.

Although I'm starting my girl out with android on the s4 because for everyday use I think is a wonderful phone to get the blind away from Apple and experience a phone the way it should be. For me though I'm waiting on the next nexus or Motorola before I do anything.

Mostly agreed. I love my N4 but a bigger screen would be nice for me. I'm not scared of getting a non-nexus because I know I can always root it and cyanogenmod that baby up. Which is what I'm planning to do with the Note 3...

I had the Nexus S and didn't think too much of it. It was a nice phone, while I was using it, but it also made me decide I never want a phone without an SD card slot.

I could care less which one has more software features because I (or most people) will disable the features we don't want and install applications to give us the features that we do want.
The HTC ONE is much sexier hardware-wise so I think my pick would probably that.

Even if you completely replaced TouchWiz the fact remains the GS4 will have more development done for it and a far greater range of accessories available than the HTC One. I prefer the design of the HTC One as well but it is pointless walking away from the critical mass of the GS4 just for 'looks'.

Look an design matters alot.suppose you are walking on streets.what will be the first impression of the people when they see your phone?they don't snatch your phone and check your software or hardware.remember,first impression is last should own a phone that just woow the people when they look at it and htc one comes with a best hardware upto date.finally choice is urs.if you concerned more about battery and memory then i can't help it.then probably you may never own an iphone because it too lacks that.

Seriously?! You give a rip what people who see your phone on the street (and judge you for it) think? What are you, 12?

Why do you care what people think about your phone? And honestly, how often do people stop you on the street to look at your phone? If that happens alot, do you live in a part of the world where nobody has phones? EIther way, sounds like a VERY bizarre standard for how you choose a device.

Actually youd be surprised how many ask about phone's. i get asked from time to time about my Evo ltE, see with the general public (excluding us phone geeks) it starts with design people go i like how it looks then it goes to features ooo it does that? that? and THAT!? and word starts to get out, face it people would not get a phone if it was ugly, think about all the people who said they wouldnt get the 3D cause of the way it looked or the LTE because of the 2 tone black, for crying out loud all the people that say i dont like the samsung plastic feel or i love the HTC metal feel or the N4 Sparkling back believe it or not design does play a major role.

Well, that I get. But why would you base your phone purchasing based on whether or not people would ask to see your phone. Buy it for what you want and like, not in hopes of being stopped on the street and being asked about it. That's just juvenile. Not what you said, but the sentiment expressed above.

HTC is making HTC branded high grade accessories available at launch. Any accessory one would need.

you forgot a word that should have high infont.. high PRICE and most likely not compatible with any other phone.

@swavek I would be careful saying things like "most" as it comes off biased. I don't know anyone who "disables the features" on their GS3.

For you it sounds like design is what is most important. For me and more techy people (like the ones that typically read tech blogs), features are key. Personally I'd rather have a full suite of interesting capabilities than the flashiest production phone. But to each their own.

Luckily we currently live in a time where there is a lot of choice out there and in my opinion no wrong choice. Except iPhone. iPhone is the wrong choice ;)

Let's give credit where credit is due. The high-minded design and sealed metal case of the HTC One must be, at least partly, "inspired" by Apple's approach. Apple showed other manufacturers that these were not deal breakers for the average user.

Similarly, the user friendliness and many features of the S4 are Samsung's response to Apple's iOS simplicity and features (let's not even get into the fact that Samsung's own lawyers could distinguish between Apple and Samsung devices, or the internal memos directing developers to more closely copy Apple icons).

As a Galaxy Note 2 owner, I'm impressed by both. Personally, I think HTC went all out on their design. Not that I don't like what Samsung does, but if I HAD to choose one, I'd take an aluminum unibody design over what Samsung does.

Truth be told, neither phone has me wanting to jump on one on release day. I'll have to actually go to an AT&T store and play with both phones, side-by-side, with my Note 2 to make a final judgement call. AC does some phenomenal reviews, but I'm the type of person where I need to see it in person before I can slam down the gavel.

Worst cast scenario? I'll hold out for the Note 3. Maybe even Googlrola will impress me with the "X Phone."

same. I jumped on the s3 and decided not to wait for the note two and then when it came out I was like damn i should have waited. Gonna wait to see what the note 3 is. hope they make it a beast.

I wish I could have the hardware of the One, and the software of a Nexus. Oh wait, that will be done as soon as they unlock the bootloader ;P

You know what, I just realized I don't even have TW on my Note 2. I have a AOSP ROM. I'm coming around to the One. I had no interest but it's been growing on me. I still wish I could have multiwindow, and the dual camera functions, but I could see trying a One until a Note 3 announcement.

I agree and it will be on Verizon. hTC should have told VZW to stick it with the DNA and told them to take the one or nothing. But even if VZW got the ONE, it still has a locked in battery and that's a deal breaker for me. I have loved HTC from the Dinc to my Rezound, but if I wanted my phone to die in a place without a charger, I'd get an iPhone. I will always need a spare battery, and a juice pak is a much more cumbersome solution that a second battery with external charger. Motorola razor maxx gets great battery life, it's still a Motorola POS. sign me up for an S4 when released. Lets just hope it's not $700 off contract as they can have my unlimited plan when they rip it from my cold dead fingers.

This is why Android has left IOS in the dust: Choice.

Personally, I'm sick of being tied to a carrier, and waiting for what seems like forever for OS updates - Nexus is the only way to go for me.

But like I said, having the choices we have within this ecosystem is a beautiful thing.

A phone with a bigger battery, a bigger and better screen, removable battery, micro sd card slot in a thinner, more light and with the same dimensions as the predecessor, for me that's really design engineering.

TouchWiz is the most feature-rich, user-friendly and up to date of them all [excluding stock Android of course]

it is a fully no compromise phone, with the GS4 you have ABSOLUTELY all the features you can have, and that's excellent overall design.

the GS4 will be my next phone for sure.

Bigger battery means nothing if it is all wasted on gimmicky "features".
Removable battery means nothing if you don't carry a spare, which few people do.
Micro SD is good, but not terribly useful if you have the 64GB internal storage already.

The S4 is not thinner. It also doesn't have a "better" screen- it has a different screen.

I agree with Phil, trying to decide between the two is not easy or obvious.

The S4 is thinner, its not even close, the One is thick as hell. Its thin only at the edges.

The One is thicker but it FEELS thinner with the curved back so in reality in your mind it IS INDEED thinner. And for you to say it's thick as hell makes you an idiot Considering if you were planning on getting an extended battery for that S4.

The S4 is thinner. That's a fact.

HTC One dimensions: 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm
S3 dimensions: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm
S4 dimensions: 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm

BTW: He was talking about the depth of the phone, not its width.

How much battery do you think those features use? Not that much. Besides, if you so desire, turn them off.

Removable battery lets you install expanded batteries and replace your battery.

Instead of forking out $400 for the 64GB version, one can get the 16GB version for $200 and pay $40 for a 64GB microSD.

It's thinner. Look at the dimensions. The screen is better, due to it being 1080p and having a diamond subpixel layout.

The screen is Pentile which I think your forgetting. Plus why would they make a 64gb version if you weren't going to buy one? They obviously made it for people that want the extra internal memory considering Android in general is shying away from Micro SD cards. That's why some of the software in Android doesn't allow you to put it or apps on the SD. Because it isn't supported anymore.Plus for the regular person I'm sure as hell that 32gb for the regular One will suffice considering the iPhone 4S and the 4 and 5 are being sold mostly with only 16gb in them. Most people don't need the extra storage and if they did they have it because the base model of the One is 32gb and not 16gb so you don't have to pay the extra money to buy the GS4 with 32gb or a sd card. And going back to the screen the SCLD3 in the One will always be better considering the color reproduction, the contrast, even if not Amoled technology the blacks, the whites that are actually shown as white, viewing angles, the ppi is higher, and also the battery life will be better than the GS4 at full brightness on both. If the GS4 was on low brightness as same on the One it would use less power but at full brightness the tides turn in terms of battery efficiency

"also the battery life will be better than the GS4 at full brightness on both. If the GS4 was on low brightness as same on the One it would use less power but at full brightness the tides turn in terms of battery efficiency"

That is an incorrect statement, LCD use more power on full brightness than OLED. OLED uses more power based on color not brightness. You can have your screen full brightness all day every day with a black background on OLED and see no difference than if it was on lowest, one reason why I love Samsung screens. Only color of background impacts battery life. On LCD, high brightness is an extreme battery killer but color plays no factor and I would suggest using auto brightness on them.

The reason it is true is because when OLED has a black background, those pixels are actually off saving battery from being used. That is not the case with LCD. Just some fun facts for you :)

Still, a 16GB S3 w/ SD card will be cheaper than the 32GB One. Apps can still be moved to the SD card and there are many apps to do that or you can do it via the settings. The SLCD3 screen looks great, but AMOLED screens use less power, and at 441ppi, I don't think the fact that it's Pentile matters very much. LCDs are not as power efficient as AMOLED screens. However, you make very good points and it's nice to have a civilized debate.

That's just a stupid comment about the battery. For those that want an extra battery will get one and carry when needed. I have an S3 and don't carry a spare battery all the time but there are times that I know I will need it and will bring a spare. With the S3/S4 I have that choice. I also can't stand that HTC does no offer MicroSD slot. Why would I want to pay an extra $100 at time of purchase just to be sure I have enough storage for the future? With S3/S4 I can buy the smallest one and add up to 64GB at any time for a fraction of the cost and going down the longer I can go without the extra storage. At but not least the HTC has a rather large bezel and smaller screen in close to the same size (S4 being thinner also). HTC uses a black backed glass to try to fool you into thinking the screen is larger and the phone has a minimal bezel. As for TouchWiz vs. Sense I couldn't care less, I run AOKP!

Ummm I never carry a spare battery, but removable battery is still good. That way when the battery finally does die you can replace it yourself without hassle. Which many people do. And the "gimmicky" features are your opinion, we don't all feel that way.

>my non-tech savvy girl carries an extra battery with her.
>SD cards are great if you drop your phone in the toilet and need to transfer your info that isn't backed up.

If I had to choose now it would be the galaxy S4, the HTC one is a great phone everything about the phone is cool but the battery life which continues to be HTC's problem, if HTC are going to continue to make Unibody design they do what Motorola did put in the biggest battery in a phone, The most important part of a phone is the battery and HTC never listean to there fans who keep on asking HTC to put a better battery in there phones there's no point in having a beautiful phone around if its being charged 2 or 3 times a day.

It's very much a personal thing. I'm in my office at work all day and I keep a charger there. I have a car dock so I can charge my phone while driving. I have a charger on my nightstand. I have one on the end table by my couch in the living room. I never worry about my S3 having enough of a charge. So for me battery life is hardly the most important part of a phone. In fact it probably wouldn't even crack my top 20 important features.

Exactly, I guess those who live somewhere in the backwoods, with no computers, power outlets or car chargers to use with their devices should never consider the One or similar device. Wonder why all of these people never understood the concept of any of the above charging methods.

Perhaps it's all the people who go out and do things in the sunshine, where there aren't electrical plugs as far as the eye can see? There are people who do that. Amazing but true!

If that's the case, it doesn't take battery charge to enjoy sunlight. While you're out, enjoy life. Not much of a nature outing if your face is buried in your phone.

well this was simple the HTC looks and feels amazing the sg4 is hi tech but how many of us actually use all that tech sorry Samsung i own the sg2,sg3, note 1 and 2 and the sg4 failed to impress me looks wise so my next phone will be the htc one 64 gig waiting on the price cheers all

It's not just the software features. I think a fair chunk of people will utilize the better cameras, bigger and better screen, microSD card slot, removable battery (that's also bigger as well), etc. Besides, instead of paying more for the 64GB HTC One, you could get a 16GB/32GB S4 and put a 64GB microSD card in it, and you would have more storage than the One and it would be cheaper.

Who says the Samsung cameras better? The One X camera was better than the GS3. The screen on the GS4 won't be better as the SLCD 3 is the only screen that can compare to the iPhone quality. Lastly, the storage is not an issue any longer now that 32gb and 64gb options are going to be stuffed into all phones. And 99.9% of people don't want to mess with removable batteries. Just charge the stupid thing like people do with their iPhones. The Samsung phone is cheap junky plastic. I have a Nexus 4 and would only consider the HTC One if I was in the market.

Well, you are right about the camera bit. We should wait for the reviews on the S4 camera vs One camera. SLCD3 is great, but AMOLED uses less power and blacks are truly black. AMOLED is more vivid in my opinion. The thing is, the 32GB One is probably going to cost more than the S4 w/ an SD card. And I think you're overestimating the percentage of people who want removable batteries. Removable batteries are extremely helpful when rooting/ROMing, when you want to replace the battery when it goes bad, and for installing expanded batteries. The removable battery on my S3 is really helpful when the phone is frozen or in a bootloop. Cheap, junky plastic? I disagree. While the One might feel more premium, if you drop the One, it will probably dent. If you drop a plastic phone, like the S4, you might get a few scratches or scuffs on the back.

Quick spell-check: "Know what? Folks are going to have a touch decision to make."

I think "tough" is what you're looking for. I know how important editing is to you...:)

Have a nice day & keep up the great work.

the market will speak soon enough. my prediction? more pain for HTC.

do you hear me Chou???????????????

Outright price & unlocked for the 16GB version of the S4 is just over $1000. The HTC One's entry price for the 32GB is $750 in Australia.
This reinforces my decision to buy the 'one', period.

Usually a company prices its products based on what they think the consumer will pay (accounting for fixed and variable costs of course). So obviously HTC believes the consumer thinks the HTC One is not as valuable as the S4 or Samsung believes that the consumer thinks the S4 is more valuable than the HTC One. I agree with both of them.

No removable battery, no SD card slot and a company that might not be around for much longer make the S 4 the only choice for me. The S 3 is the best phone I've ever owned and the S 4 has even more features I like.

Real-world example on why removable storage is good: I was able (using TWRP) to back up my old phone to the microSD card, then restore to the replacement phone without missing a beat. How exactly would that be possible with no external storage?

um, copy the nandroid directory from the internal flash using USB and copy it to new phone. done.

But that is dangerous for some users as there may be bits from the old phone that shouldn't go on the new phone, like radio related stuff.

All you have to do is use MyBackup Pro. Make a backup file with it the same way you would as if your phone had a SD card slot. After that plug it into you computer, pull the file, and when you have your new phone re-download the app, put the file back on your new phone and do as you would normally do when restoring a backup. The internal memory will still come up as "sd slot" or whatever on your computer. At least it did when I had my short affair with a Nexus device...

I won't be buying either as I am still in contract with my wonderful galaxy nexus but if I had to choose I know the gs4 with have more cases and third party love then the htc one...but the htc one is a beauty of a phone....hmmmmmmmmmmm I would go galaxy

HTC One all the way.
I've grown to love having all my things in one place, so removable storage isn't
a big deal for me and I don't like AMOLED (which, I just found out will be on the
Blackberry Q10, darn!) and I don't too much see me using those gimmicky features
of the S4.
Their both beautiful phones but the part of my heart that lies with Android, lies with HTC.

When Samsung does away with the removable battery and SD card slot I wonder what everyone who says that's the reason why they are getting the S4 will do then...

But Samsung won't do that. They listen to there customers and give them what they want. That is why they are easily winning the sales battle.

"This isn't going to be an easy decision."

I would disagree with the statement although I know you are simply trying to find the middle ground and generate some discussion. In reality you can basically reduce the entire thing down to the following: STYLE v.s. SUBSTANCE

(cue the generalisations)

If you value the industrial design of the HTC One and will either be using it naked or in a case that does not hide it from view then you will pick it. If you value the innovation Samsung has added to Android, the choice offered in terms of a removable battery and microSD card slot, the range of accessories that will be available, etc then you will pick the Galaxy S4 or hold off until the same is replicated in the updated Note. Even if you wanted a custom ROM it will easier to do and there will be far more options available for the S4.


HTC wins the former quite easily but Samsung wins the latter by a large margin.

Except the One still has a great software package, and a lot of nice features for consumers.

Removeable battery and storage aren't a big deal to most consumers. It might be around here, but that's not anywhere near a good sampling of the population. The One has ample storage and early reports are good on battery life.

There is no lack of substance in the One.

I think you overstate the HTC One software package notably in comparison to the GS4. If you ask the general populace I would wager battery life and the ability to store their pictures/music/whatever would both feature in a top five needs list. They might not need quite the same amount as us here but they still need it. You cannot understate the appeal of the GS4 in the sense of having a bigger battery or them being able to bring their existing pictures/video/whatever with them by simply using their existing microSD card. The reviews thus far have been mixed with regard to the battery life or the HTC One.

Your passion for the GS4 dilutes any sense of credibility in your writing. To say that all HTC has going for them is the physical presence of their device is foolish; likewise, labeling Samsung's gimmicks as innovation or "substance" is equally as foolish.

The biggest difference in the device is removable battery and the (dying) SD card support offered by the GS4. Both manufacturers have created a worthy device for 2013, though HTC went for elegance and simplicity and Samsung went for marketable gimmicks.

Im perhaps one of the few out there that still use both a microSD card and carry a removable battery, so the s4 being one of the only phones left with that feature gives it a huge advantage for me. I won't deny the H1 craftsmanship is more exquisite, but having a larger screen on the same size phone is pretty awesome too. The things that keeps the H1 in the running for me is the ultrapixels and ois since I take most of my photos at night (er well I like to root for the underdog so I guess there's that too). If the s4 camera is as capable in low light, then unfortunately I'd have to go with the s4.

If the x gives a buyer a choice of what a buyer wants I think more people including me will choice this route, but then again who knows what the masses want!

I plan on getting the S4 but I hope the One does well. I want to see HTC stay in the market, they've hit hard times lately. Hopefully both phones are badazz.

Competition is good! We've yet to year from Moto and Nexus about their upcoming offerings.

Thanks Phil for doing this series, it really helps us to get some idea of what we should be looking for when we go the the store to evaluate a new phone.

Both look like great phones. I prefer HTC for there build quality and dev-unlock. I could care less about all the boatware and fancy features, I prefer AOSP over sense or touchwiz any day. Hope we get root s-off on US models soon after release :)

Removable battery means nothing to mean. I never buy a second battery to swap. And sd slot only means a lot if if there's no storage option I need like with the DNA. Otherwise I just get the storage option I need. So if I can get a 64gb One on Verizon then ill take that over a SGS4.

The look of the HTC makes my heart skip a beat, no denying. However, when I make my choice I'm going to shut my eyes and choose the one that 1) had the best battery life and 2) has the best call quality. (Yes, sometimes I feel like the only one who cares about that anymore!) I think the other features pretty much cancel each other out.

Looking forward to the full reviews.

If the S4 has even half the call quality of the Note 2, you'll probably be buying the S4. The Note 2 easily has the best call quality of any phone I have ever owned. But who knows, the One could turn out to have excellent call quality too...

I am not in the market for either at the moment but if i had to pick one I would probably go with Samsung because I am a Sammy fan. Have never owned an HTC.

I think Jerry said he does not want a phone with SD card so that means HTC One for him. What about you Phil? The rest of the AC gang?

Comparison is irrelevant if HTC can't get on Verizon again. That being said, I'm still happy with my GS3 and can't come up with a compelling reason to upgrade. I'd probably grab a Nexus 4--but again, the Verizon problem.

I'm thinking this Verizon problem could be a key point in the outcome of HTC as they need all the momentum they can get against the already well established Samsung fan club.

The wisest thing to do as of this point is to hold your money in both these phones and wait on what Motorola+Google has to offer.

At this point I'm waiting to see if a new nexus is coming at google io. Then I'll decide what phone to get. I'm too torn between the s4 and htc one. I'm going to pass on anything Motorola.

1st post... Just reading the forums and can't help but wonder why everyone worries about the looks so much, everybody I know puts a case over it anyway. Can't deny HTC-One looks better in every way, but I'm tempted to get the S4 just because I expect update support and 3rd party accessories to be much better, not to mention that's about all that's available on Verizon and I want it rooted for sure.
I know I'm not waiting much longer on anything as I've got an upgrade due and I'm more than ready to throw my old DroidX2 in the trash.

I think whichever phone people end up buying, they won'y be disappointed. Both devices have their strong and weak points but they're both solid devices.

Going to be a tough choice for those who are ready to get a new phone.

That is a no brainer, the SGS4 will be rooted right away, the Samsung devices are very easy to root and Samsung doesn't lock their bootloaders. The HTC One will probably have a locked bootloader because they are already offering a developer version of the HTC One.
Samsung is the easiest devices to root. The SGS3 got huge dev support and the SGS4 will receive the same.

*sigh* the one is already unlocked rooted and running various. Custom ROMs and already has the backing of some of the best devs, while some other heavy hitters in the US are also on board so what you are trying to imply is irrelevant.

Phil, is the side band of the Galaxy S4 metal?

It looks like it but I can't get confirmation from anywhere. I'm thinking of getting the S4 over the One because of software, etc, but I don't care for the plastic. I'm thinking that if the side band is metal, I could get a metal battery door like I've seen for the S III, as long as someone makes one. The aftermarket for the S III was pretty huge so I'm pretty confident there. I know I'll lose some reception and NFC but I'm ok with that.

Btw, it always trips me out when I see articles from you that have the clock widgets showing Pensacola on them. I'm from Pensacola originally and it's weird to see anything from there on the Internet.

Yeah, but the band on the S4 has a different sheen to it, if you will, compared to those phones (by watching numerous videos and pictures from the event). So I'm hoping at least THAT has changed.

With all these fanboys, I think I am going to go retro to an old clamshell flip phone just to despite everyone... :)

I've never had a problem with touchwiz. Although I did switch to Shell 3D because I wanted a nicer set of apptions at the bottom of my homescreen.

Maybe it depends on your android 'heritage' or 'bloodline' with what you prefer.

Samsung for me is the winner. Design is good but functionality is better. Samsung put a lot of effort in making this phone. A nail to in the coffin is non removable battery and non expandable memory.

I think I would rather have Flipboard on the SGS4 with the point finger over clip and you get the instant pop up of the article than the Blinkfeed on the HTC One. I would gamble if you added Flipboard as an app to the HTC One and the added Blinkfeed may slow the phone down, maybe not. The camera on the SGS4 is a better camera. The SGS4 is not as tall, the SGS4 has the bigger battery and it's removable, sd card support and the SGS4 comes with 4.2.2 (that's big)The SGS4 will get great developer support just like the SGS3 did. I really like the design of the HTC One but I'm worried that the all aluminum body might interfere with radio signals. I'm a big internal memory nut, the more the better, the SGS4 is allready for presale in the US with 64gb of int memory so I'm hoping the Carriers will offer the larger memory option. I love choices and these are two of the best, it's great to be an Android customer and fan (nut in my case).

Sound more like a Samsung nut hugger. Camera on gs4 is not better as has been stated in all reviews. But the gs4 is slower and has considerable lag because of touchwiz and its bloatware also stated in reviews. But why would you point that out.

Lol yep search long enough and you can find one bad one. However the top android sites all said the same thing which is the ones camera is better.

And there are plenty of one vs gs4 comparisons done by PhoneDog, technobuffalo, android and me, android central and others who put both phones together and compared. Ones camera came out on top every time. They are on YouTube so go see for yourself.

I don't think I could ever buy another HTC phone! IMO they forget about their phones to quickly. I have the Rezound and at took 8 months for me to go for Gingerbread to Icecream Sandwich! And this phone isn't getting Jelly Bean. So for me I'm going to get the GS4

For all those that bicker....

Pick the phone that you like better that suits your needs to the fullest extent and move on. Remember, the phone you pick this year will be obsolete next year.

With that said, I'm skipping this round and waiting for the next. I'm poor so I have to wait for the upgrade....which is in a year.

Life companion?

Holy S*** that is some amazing marketing. Did Samsung steal all the marketing geniuses Apple used to have; cause Apple is stagnant now and Samsung is just homeruns in the marketing department.

Pay attention Google and HTC and LG. If you want to sell Android phones still you're going to have to market like Samsung or Samsung will have 99% of the Android market in a couple years.

Case closed Galaxy S4 has better software and implementation of features and it has 4.2.2 jellybean. Only (2) devices on the planet has that and the Nexus 4 is the other. If HTC wanted their product to be TOP DOG then it would'nt have 4.1.2 jellybean on it. We won't get into this crazy myth the Galaxy S4 pimp slaps the Htc One in so many aspects.

You're clearly forgetting the Nexus 7 and 10, which both have 4.2.2. The international/GSM Galaxy Nexus has had 4.2.2 since it rolled out. Also, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus update was leaked well over a week ago, so its rollout isn't far off. Then the Sprint Galaxy Nexus has had 4.2.1 for quite almost 2 months. Check your facts, idiot.

I'm always with you squiddy20. Somebody has to pimp slap richardyarrell in person. He's like an itch you can't scratch. He's annoying. I wonder what other stuff he has. Maybe I have something that pimp slaps his. Effin jerk!

Both are great options, but I'm sticking with my Nexus 4. The Optimus G and Nexus 4 impressed me this year and I'm curious to see what LG drops next. No matter what, this is a great year for Android phones. All of the OEMs are pushing the envelope on design and hardware this year.

Well, with it just being confirmed that the HTC One will NOT be coming to Verizon HTC can't even get their flagship device on all US carriers and they have the gall to talk smack at Samsung the way they did calling it the "next big flop"

This just shows how amateur hour HTC really is.

Bangin' my head against the table....... :S

HTC One's design is simply amazing but Samsung seems to be playing all the right cards lately when it comes to innovation/features to the whole Android experience. Some of the items may come across as mere gimmicks, but once you use them, you tend to fall in love with their quirky usefulness. Though i certainly am not a fan of TouchWiz either - but then again, when I had the S3 it grew on me pretty quickly as well...


Easy... the HTC One is the clear winner as a work of art with the best features.

The GS4 is overloaded with non removable proprietary BLOAT.

Want non-removable bloat.. its called Blinkfeed. Everything in the S4 can be deactivated easily. Blinkfeed can only be ignored, i know because my One turned up yesterday. Its full of JUNK, currently assessing my options with regard to custom ROMs etc. With HTC you WILL lose your warranty if you unlock the bootloader, never a problem with Samsdung.

I have a feeling that Samsung is trying to slowly distance itself away from Android by adding more and more features on top of Android. Soon it may not need Android and may end up going it's own direction with it's own OS. And they just might depending on how well the Galaxy Series does in the next few years.

Disgusted by samsung. Worst smartphone since Gs3. It offends me, it offends HTC, Apple, it offends Motorola and Nokia. Zero innovation, zero passion and style, uniqueness, stuffed with all the simped and aged gimickary like tilt to scroll ditched by LG after relase of their mid range Optimus Black few years back. Nothing software wise is practical and usable, coherent in colors and design, unlike HTC. I am so insulted I'd take the One and mashup all the gs4s to pieces, I'm sure it might leave a bruise on the One, maybe. Dirt cheap Samsung galaxy line up costing $5 to produce. Hey, hitler had the power over public and enormous resources for it, cuz he got funding from the banks, just like Samsung does. It doesn't make them right. Its a momentum perpetuated by blind glatined and unfulfilled zombie nation of sheeple, any one of us with right founding and propaganda can convince billions to by our shit on the stick-we have allowed ourselves to become so suggestive, its pathetic. Buy the HTC, or Nokia, or iPhone, or be a stupid sheep and watch me mock and laugh at you on every Samsung Galaxy post I'm going to vomit my blunt opinion to. Its an asss phone, a scam, a ripoff!

It's their job, they're getting paid to do it. =P

But I think its unfair to make any judgement of either phones until they are released on the market.

Sir let me clear few going through your review any one can easily get that either you r a htc hater or samsung lover.if you are considering removable battery and expandable more than anything then why don't you point out your finger 1st on apple.no1 had ever said anything regarding battery and memory of iphone...i don't know why?instead every1 say iphone is best. why? one more thing if you r saying sgs iv is better because of its so called gimmick must know these softwares are available on play store and remaining are useless like smart scrolling and all..i don't think many people will use that and it would hv problems in night and low don't say phone will automatically throw lights on user's eye for that :-p..if you don't know anythin properly then stop misleading consumers for your own sake.and one more said people like stock android then you should know they also like less bloatware..atleast not heavy as sgs sir,really an epic fail..

Are you talking about Phil? If so then you're a Dick. If not I retrack the later. Phil present a honest and extremely well balanced review of both phones. To bad I just switched from AT&T because I like the One. I also Like the SG4, both are great phones. Too bad I bought a DNA in Feb or I would get the SG4 on Verizon. You sir are truly an epic fail. Learn English and how to read because you missed the whole point of the article. For those who have both phones on their carriers it will be a tough decision. As for me I can only hope HTC updates the DNA.

Why don't people point out these things about the iPhone? Simple. They don't have a choice!!

I have an EVO 4G LTE which doesn't have a (easily) removable battery and personally it doesn't bother me at all. But not having that does bother some people and the S4 gives them the choice to have that if they want it. More power to them (pun intended)!

I have been a Samsung fan for some time, but think my next phone might just be the HTC One. That thing is beautiful.

I don't have a dog in this fight, I'm not purchasing either; but I wanted to say this: those "features" on the GS4 look just plain dumb. Hovering your finger over an item as opposed to just click it and going back? That's just a waste of time. I applaud Samsung's innovation, but some of these are silly, near useless gimmicks IMHO.

WOW, GREAT COMMENT. I never thought I would see people as blinded by a product other than the iphone (which I think is a really decent phone), but the Samsung fanboys are acting just like crazy iphone people. Why would anyone just sit there and hover their finger above the screen instead of just touching it. And the other features (to many to name) are just as useless. Like the EVO 3D. Useless gimmicks used to fool those not to smart fanboys.....and girls, LOL. And don't get me started on the cheap plastic body.Not all plastics are bad, the Nokia Lumina and HTC ONE X are really nice in the hand. But the GS3/GS4/NOTE2 feel like rice paper.
HTC ONE, here I come

I am eligible for an upgrade on my sprint account and the htc one does look mighty enticing. As does the Sony Z. However I am going o hold on for a few months and see what google has in store and possibly switch to pre-paid t-mobile or att.

Stop the bashing already. Each one of us has different preferences. Some will choose the One. Some will choose the S4. I for one choose the One. Nothing you can say to change my mind. Just be glad we're still on the same winning side on this OS war. Be mad when someone mentions he'd pick the iPhone 5 over these 2.

Htc One of course !

Lets say you could choose from 2 cars one is made of plastic and the other of metal

Would you buy the plastic car only because the engine is a fraction faster?

Samsung vs htc = more like Daihatsu vs Bmw

And ir remote, the functions of the camera sound familiar which Phone was it again ? now i remember it was the "Htc one"

Ow please keep in mind to recycle your garbage bags.

Between these two I'd choose the One, the S4 isn't all that impressive to me as it's basically just an upgraded S3. I'd choose an Xperia ZL over both though and I'll probably wait to see how the X Phone turns out.

These are two great phones, and with the Note 3, Motorola X and Nexus 5, 2013 is quite a year to be an Android user. My N4 is perfect for me though. I'd prefer 32MB but 16MB is sufficient as I'm clouded up. And 95% of the time I'm on wifi so LTE isn't a deal breaker.

I can't envision ever using a non Nexus device, the updates and vanilla are 2 attributes I won't give up. And the S4 is nice but not my taste. Aesthetics aren't much of a consideration, I'm more concerned with how my phone works vs how it looks, but for a high end device it doesn't make sense. I'm also not a fan of the AMOLED and the software (gimmicks) aren't something that I'd ever use.

The memory, camera, battery and microSD are all things I hope (but certainly don't expect, other than the camera) the Nexus 5 has. I wouldn't consider the HTC. It looks phenomenal, but other than that it doesn't have the best of anything.

Funny....Touchwiz just bloated up to the stay puff marshmallow man and sense has became as lean as a marathon runner. Wasnt htc criticized for having bloatware and now its okay for samsung to have it hmm interesting....I guess that we shall see what happen...but htc is doing good cause they are at the tip of everyone tongue with THE ONE.

Tip of toung? Only ones that are bringing up the One are HTC and the people who are gonna buy it cause they feel threatened. More like HTC in on the tip of Samsung' s dick.

If I was ever going to buy an Android phone (which probably won't happen any time soon) I would go with the One. I have an 8X for my personal phone, Galaxy S3 for my company phone. The build and quality of the 8X is a whole new level, and the One looks to be even better. The Galaxy S3 does nothing to make me want another Android phone or another Samsung phone. Tacky software, and nasty plastic hardware that feels slimy after a lot of handling.

I now have my One, Three UK had limited stock (im getting both by the way, the S4 SIM free when available). Its OK, but not great.

Blinkfeed is pointless, it basically works like any info feed but takes over your homescreen. It would better function as a widget within a normal launcher. Its best ignored.

The screen is beautiful, but dont expect blackhole like blacks, only AMOLED gives you that, its very very sharp of course and colours are accurate. Daylight viewing is better than my S3. Prefer the S3 at night though.

Boomsound.. well the speakers are impressive for a phone, ive had worse laptops, but i struggle to see the point. I dont watch movies on my phone, and even if i did id use headphones so as not to be a jerk to everyone else around me. A rarely used gimmick for me.

Headphone sound quality.. well its typical Beats, muddy overblown bass, or turn it off, no bass. The S3 is FAR better. I dont know if the S4 will have the same hardware as the S3 though.

No lag anywhere so far, very smooth, but Sense 5 is rather plain. Its very dark and stark, the irony is that it would look really nice on an AMOLED screen because the the intense blacks.

Physically its beautiful, well weighted, perfectly built, fairly thick bezels though, be warned if you hate them, its got big ones!

You dont want to believe me. Your a fanboi, you will love it anyway. I have the phone, so whatever. It must REALLY burn up that i have one and you dont.. dont cry now.

For what its worth i would expect the One to be better out of the box than the S4, but the S4 should have more options and less warranty worries if you like hacking and ROMing.

This is like the Chevy/Dodge/Ford argument. All have viable options and comes down to the packaging and not so much the engine.

Android>iOS...pretty much simple as that.

Speaking personally, i would probably go for a s4 but only because the screen is slightly bigger. I have a s2 and mostly use it as a media device so i think it would suit me better.
As build quality goes.. anyone who wants to spend £500+ for a phone would be stupid not to get a case which would pretty much conpletly cover it anyway therefore making build quality irrelevent.
As for touchwiz vs sense 5.. personally speaking i will root my phone and then i have the option of putting vanilla google on it therefore making launchers irrelevent.

So really having the option for a removable battery and microsd port is the deal breaker.

Now i'm just going to wait for some trustworthy reviews ;)

Oh i wont go longer than an 18 month contract which will lead on to (hopefully) Nexus 6 in 2014 and (hopefully) 64 bit android.

After watching a live stream of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, I honestly can say the following.

Samsung took plenty of HTC One (M7) functions and rehashed it under a different name, Especially from HTC Zoe side, a few examples HTC "Sequence Shot Mode" - Samsung "Drama Shot" or HTC "Object Removal Mode" - Samsung "Eraser" even HTC "Zoe's" - Samsung "Story's", HTC brought back IR and all of a sudden Samsung GS4 does the same. I think whole Samsung and Apple things becoming clear here.

GS4 design is not "the next big thing" Apple did iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 upgrade they were crucified for not changing the design, Samsung does the same thing and its brushed off as "the perfect move", am I missing something here..?

I enjoy my Samsung Note 2 and use it allot because of the screen size but I think HTC One wins hands down here, the Air Hover & Air Gestures in the real world is just a gimmick.

Just my two cents on an observation..

If any of you guys were coming from a Thunderturd, anything would be better. Either one of these phones is going to be a million times better than what I have now. Just hope Verizon gets something. Fast

I'd like to have a removable battery. Just last week, my GS2's (yes, still on an Epic 4g touch) battery got swollen so I got it replaced. Quick and convenient. Still, not having a removable battery isn't a dealbreaker.

Let's just all agree that these are two bad-ass phones. I really don't think you could go wrong with either choice.

What? I'd much prefer 64gb internal to 16gb internal plus an empty sd slot. Internal storage is way faster, and less prone to failure. There's not even much you can put on an external sd. You certainly can't put apps or app data on it. Can't even fit 10 of the big and popular 3d games on my 16gb note 2 even though I have a 32gb sd.

Movies, music, pictures, backups (system, apps, SMS), ebooks...that's mostly what is on my microSD card.

By the way, if I run into a problem with the external card I can remove it & put it into my computer to run disk recovery tools. That is difficult (if not impossible) with internal storage.

I think the HTC One has a better look and feel to it, but I will buy the plastic if it means access to a battery and expandable memory.

I'm a little annoyed at two things about your article. Where it says 199 comments Add Yours...when I click on the link it goes to the home page.

Secondly, my decision on these two phones is going to come down to the camera and it was barely mentioned at all in the summary. There was no real comparison. I want some real world shots to compare and to see if the low light technology on the HTC really outshines Samsung. How much noise is there? If you don't have the evidence say so, but these are REMARKABLY different cameras and we need a comparison!!

It's about the camera. Everything else is draw. HTC wins on design and Samsung has more apps and the removable battery/SD card. If the ultra pixels are really as good as advertised they'll get my money.

When I can get a Mercedes, why do I want a Maruti..!! HTC one anyday.. Coz it looks more corporate, more grown up and when I sit next to my high profile clients I can't be having a plastic phone in my hand if its not a blackberry or an iphone.. I am getting HTC one once it releases.. I prefer sense 5 any day over touchwiz.. And with boom sound and stuff am good with HTC..

Samsung has never been my choice.. Coz they are not serious phones, just for teens..

And I have never ever had covers on my phones.. Coz I believe when I spend a fortune on these phones, I'd rather show them off then hide them behind a case or a cover and conceal them.. And covers look very cheap, if they are flaps its tedious to open them every time there's a new notification or message.. Not my thing..

Honestly, it really comes down to the stock interface and the design of the smartphone for me. Hands down, both look better on the HTC. If anything, maybe just the device since I'd be putting a custom ROM it, anyways.

That's just personal preference. I can't even begin to describe how much I hate the TouchWiz interface and the overall design of their phones.

I am a sammy fan but really this time htc has made a marvel....a true masterpeace with sheer performance and great looks.....I prefered s3 over oneX but htc one over s4 seriously

It really is no context...the Galaxy S4 wins in every way except case design. And I buy phones as tools, not as jewelry. Sorry HTC.

"Samsung still has a dedicated menu button. I'm not crazy about that idea -- Google long ago told app developers to stop designing apps with menu buttons in mind"

LOL! So because Google wants it that way, that must be the correct way? I am normally a huge Google fanboy, but seriously...fuck google. There is a really good reason most Android phones have dedicated buttons and SD. Google needs to reconsider their position.

I agree. The hardware keys are the best way. Neither HTC nor Samsung comply with what Google want.

It's an easy decision for me, neither. Samsung continues to make the same cheap plastic phone and HTC has a locked down device with no expandable memory and a small battery (considering it's non-removable). I'll keep waiting until HTC makes another Nexus device or someone else can improve.

wonder if the S4 will allow the for the camera shutter to be silenced. Not too much of a fan of that inability on my Sprint Epic Touch 4G.

i have always been an HTC fan. i do love the "One". But I am at a point where I need features that I will use more than as a gimmick to show how cool I am and decent battery life, i had to go with the Optimus G. quad core, 32G, with quick note and the video adjustable transparency for multitasking not to mention an HD display that looks gorgeous in direct sunlight. I hate menu buttons ..just a sleek black slate. So what is the battery is not removable.... but it is replaceable. Just because the battery is not removeable does not mean it is not replaceable.

HTC One for me. :) Even though I am current S III owner and recommended Note II to my sister and some of my colleague.

No more this year, S 4 is out from target list. All my colleagues/friends/family - none going to buy S 4.

None fancy on Samsung step following Apple way release an identical device.

We decide move on to HTC One or Xperia Z.

"This isn't going to be an easy decision"

Actually, I'm happy to report that yes, yes it IS an easy decision! :)
Rather than pay for Samsung or HTC's hefty overhead costs and buy a $600-$700 phone, I'll buy one of those nice looking Blu phones coming out for under $300, or the next Nexus for $350 and get faster updates, no carrier interference, and no bloatware. Very easy decision. Life as an informed consumer is much more content when you're immune to advertising hype and trend followers.

The Galaxy S4 has more screen space at the bottom of the phone. Because of this , I might just take the Galaxy S4 . Not sure yet. Will go down to Verizon and check both out before I decide. And I did read where HTC one was coming to Verizon also Just wish all smartphone makers would put the speakers on the front. That where they need to be.

S4 might have an SD card slot and replaceable battery, but I don't really need more than 32GB (or 25 for that matter) of storage space for all my apps and music (video on a phone? no thanks). And I think 2300 mAh is enough for a normal daily use. I don't need all the software gimmicks, too.

I have awful experience with LG.

So, it's HTC One for me.

2300 mah would be fine if the screen was not 1080p, which will drain the battery considerably. There will be complaints.

The one thing I want to know is now that the GS4 has a flat screen and not rounded edges like the GS3, will more screen protectors cover the whole phone? I know it sounds super nitpicky but I prefer my screen protector to protect the whole screen, it's just the OCD in me I guess. I hate those GS3 protectors that leave like half an inch off the edges of the phone. If that area got scratched I'd be really pissed ha.

HTC has a non-user replaceable battery on a 1080p screen at only 2,300 mAh. That is a complete deal breaker. Combine that with no expandable storage,and the fact its launching with Android 4.1 not 4.2 (HTC took forever to roll out Jelly bean upgrades last year), not impressed with the direction they are taking.

That ain't a hard choice. Sony Xperia Z! Am i the only one who thinks the HTC ONE design is ugly and horrible? Sony Xperia Z for me! HTC should have put Droid DNA/Butterfly on the european market instead of developing and releasing HTC One. And then wonder why HTC lost their marketshare: bad strategy

It doesn't matter if htc one has a sexy design or s4 is plastic you will end up putting a case on both so i will just go for a feature full phone instead of a phone with an amazing design because i will get scratches on the phone and will put a case on it so no use for a sexy design.

HTC all the way! no expandable storage and non removable battery will for sure not stop me from buying the One! Sense 5 is really a big improvement over sense 4, and if you're buying an android device with manufacturer overlay like touchwizz and sense, and willing to use it with pure stock android or Cyanogenmod, it seems like you should go for a Nexus device! For my part, I buy HTC because I love sense and the material used in their phones, I feel a really good quality and that's the most important, along with good performances. The One has a way more user friendly UI and honestly, Touchwizz is a piece of s**t compared to Sense! That's my two cents though

the beauty about this battle is HTC and Samsung offer two completely different styles for the android public. I personally love design quality and everyday user friendly functionality. I have the evo 4g lte with a sd card slot and i still havent used the slot yet. obviously most people dont use more than 32 gigs and obviously most people dont utilize every single feature and application out in cyber space. Samsung and htc have created an opportunity to truly buy what suits your personality and usability. BOTTOM LINE BOTH PHONES MAKE THE IPHONE 5 LOOK LIKE A BLACKBERRY 2 YEARS AGO.

I would get the s4 but knowing samsung it will b stuck on 4.2.2 for a while. The one the other hand might be a different story. Since its has the same hard across the world(something apple does with the iphone) I believe that they will be able to upgrade all their phones at once. But it's to early to know what's gonna happen

The Samsung UI is confusing and a "normal" user can't understand all the configurations and settings in their phones.
The HTC has the button layout that can make you crazy and the fact that you can't disable the BlinkFeed is unforgivable.

This is why you should get a stock android phone -it's simple, fast updates and again - simple

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the critical post.

the smartphone user who are smart tech, of course they can choice easily between Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC ONE.

Thanks in Advance