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Samsung has announced that its beastly Galaxy Note smartphone will be hitting British stores from November 17. The Note, which was announced around a month ago at Sammy's Unpacked event at IFA, is the most impressive Samsung phone to appear on European shores. It sports a dual-core Exynos CPU at 1.4GHz (up from the 1.2GHz chip in the Galaxy S II), along with a full gigabyte of RAM and a massive 5.3-inch, 1280x800 SuperAMOLED HD display. Samsung's promoting the phone as the ultimate note-taking device for business professionals, as it also comes with a pressure-sensitive stylus that can be used anywhere within the UI.

No word on price points just yet, and none of the UK networks have announced any deals to carry the device, either. That said, you can probably expect to have to part with £500 or more to get your hands on this monstrous piece of technology. Join us after the jump for Samsung's full press release.


New Android mobile device to hit UK shops in Mid-November

3rd October 2011, London, UK – Following the recent global launch at IFA, Samsung has today announced that the latest device to join its Galaxy range, the Galaxy Note, will be available in the UK on 17th November 2011.

Simon Stanford, Managing Director, Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “We’re delighted with the overwhelming reception the Galaxy Note has received since it was announced earlier this month and are looking forward to offering Samsung customers a whole new smartphone experience. The Galaxy Note is a great example of Samsung’s passion for innovation by bringing to market a brand new category of mobile products. It is our fastest handset to date and brings together all the benefits of our award-winning smartphone technology and services.”

The Galaxy Note combines the benefits of a notebook with the portability of a smartphone. Thanks to its 5.3” HD Super AMOLED screen, the largest, highest quality display available in any phone, consumers can view movies, photos, and documents, as well as play games on the device with crystal-clear clarity.

Not only that, an advanced pen-input technology called the S Pen and a full touch screen mean owners of the Galaxy Note can easily create and consume more content whilst on the go, with minimum scrolling and screen transitions. With a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, the Galaxy Note is Samsung’s fastest handset to date, combined with HSPA+ enabled super-fast connection means there’s immediate access to content and increased download speeds for streaming videos in real-time or chatting with friends online.

The Samsung Galaxy Note will be available in the UK across major networks, key high street and out of town electrical retailers and online.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Note arriving in the UK November 17


i love HTC and i'm not a big fan of Samsung BUTTTTT a 5.3" display is sweeeeeet!!! HTC/Sprint needs to offer something like this!

I really hope this comes to Sprint since that will most likely be my next carrier after my current contract. If not, then I would hope Verizon since it would force me to stay and keep me from ever going to AT&T. T-mobile would be a hard sell for me in my area.

But barring any bad carrier decisions, this will 100% be my next phone.

If it comes to Sprint, it will be under consideration. It is however, not a world phone and that factors into my decision.

One of my lines is up for an upgrade November 22, I hope there's word for a US release by then. Not real impressed with AT&T's offering for the new SGSII..

I've already prepared myself to jump carriers to AT&T to get this phone. I want the European version, with the home button. I think it's going to cost at least 750.00 (U.S. dollars) to get the phone, and probably another 100 to jump on AT&T. Some may feel that isn't worth it, but I'm glad I'm not part of that group!

Have there been reports or rumors of this going to AT&T stateside or are you just stating in a "I'm getting this no matter who carries it" kind of way? The HSPA+ could also hint for a T-mobile release, but AT&T is absolute death where I'm at and it would shatter my soul if they got it.

FCC approval is accepted in Canada as well so many phones go straight for FCC even if only currently planned for Canada. So it might not have US plans yet, especially with NAM 3G (AT&T bands) that many major Canadian carriers also use.

Can't wait for this! It will be so handy to have a larger device for adequate reading and note taking while still able to fit in a pocket.

Though a Nexus fan, I am more interested in this device. I will probably buy an import because it will take US carriers 6 months to get them and it will avoid bloatware, feature limitations, and even slower updates.

When is AC getting a dedicated Galaxy Note forum?

All I can say is that this is my next phone/mini tablet. I think this thing will gap the size difference between tabs and phones. and the little "pen" really would make this a true substitute for all my daily gadgets.

I can't wait for it to hit the states!