Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung doesn't reinvent the wheel with the Note 4, it just makes the ride even smoother

Spend a few minutes with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and this much is clear: Samsung, wisely, is not rocking the boat. It's got a good thing going with its oversized smartphone, and it's going to keep on keepin' on. Now think about what you might have improved from the last phone in the Note line. Higher-resolution display? Better camera? More sophisticated hardware design? (And ditch the faux leather stitching?) Even more S Pen functionality? And maybe borrow some of the fun we've had in the Samsung Galaxy S5?

This, and more —be sure to check out the full specs — is what makes up the Galaxy Note 4.

Come along with us now as we take a brief tour of Samsung's (next) next big (and bigger) thing. This is the Galaxy Note 4.

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Galaxy Note 4: What's new in hardware

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Look, if you've been around the Galaxy Note 3 or the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the past year, you largely know what you're looking at here in the Note 4. Samsung's not shy about using the word "phablet," and this year's model continues the line as you'd expect. Large display — same 5.7 inches diagonally. But the main difference you'll see is in the quality of what's on the screen. The resolution has been increased to quad-HD (or QHD for those who prefer acronyms. And that resolution is exactly what we'd expect to see in a phone of this size in 2014.

It's not that a 1080p display looked bad in the previous Note, it's just that things look that much better now. You'll find yourself not saying "Know what? This looks pretty good most of the time." Now it looks really good all of the time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

While that might be the most important change, it's perhaps not the most visible. For that, we'll flip around to the back of the phone and take a look at the rear battery cover. It's still removable (as is the battery it contains). But gone is the faux leather stitching that tormented so many of us for the past year. It's still got that leatherette texture to it, and it still varies depending on what color phone you're rocking. (White is less soft, black is better, etc.) But the less skeuomorphism the better, if you ask us.

The back is also where you'll notice that the camera housing and flash area look almost identical to the Galaxy S5. And, indeed, the Note 4 camera has been upgraded to the same 16-megapixel resolution. But that's not the end of that story. At long last Samsung's gotten OIS — that's optical image stabilization — into the mix. If you've never used a phone with OIS attached to the camera, the short version is that it makes just about everything better. Less blur. Sharper images. And Samsung promises that low-light shots are much improved in the Note 4, taking care of one of our bigger complaints about the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

And, yes, that's the same heart-rate sensor that's on the Galaxy S5. And it's actually gained a little more functionality as well, adding the ability to serve as a selfie shutter button.

One last external difference is that finally we're seeing Samsung move to metal construction. It's akin to the newer (but not as high-spec'd) Galaxy Alpha, but it in no way looks or feels like the mostly metal HTC One M8. The chamfered edges actually look more like what you'd find in 2013's HTC One M7, or maybe in one of those Draco aluminum bumpers. That's a good thing on both counts, and it goes a long way toward helping us forget all those years spent with shiny chrome plastic. Samsung's done good here.

One little gem in the battery department. Well, more accurately in the charging department. Samsung's rigged up some quick charging that will take the Note 4 from dead to 50 percent charged in just 30 minutes. Samsung wasn't too forthcoming with the details on how that's being done — Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 hasn't quite made it onto devices yet, and Samsung didn't explicitly say that's what it's doing here. It is separate, though.

Other than that, there aren't a whole lot of surprises here on the hardware front. The S Pen is still siloed in the butt of the phone. The speaker grille is still small and found on the lower left in the rear. Same old centered home button and multitasking and back buttons. All in all, it still looks and feels like a Samsung phone. It just looks and feels like a better Samsung phone.

Galaxy Note 4: The software side

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It's a little tougher to get excited about the software on the Galaxy Note 4. There's just not really anything that stands out, insofar as new and exciting features go. There's no new design language to learn. There aren't any radically difference uses for the S Pen. (Though there are a few smaller ones, which we'll get to in a second.) In fact, if there's one thing that stood out to us in our brief demo time with the Galaxy Note 4, it's that the software just worked, and without noticeable lag. That's been one of our bigger complaints about Samsung software in the past couple of years, and it's even more so to come out of a demonstration like this without the feeling that there's still some work to be done. That said, we're not dealing with carrier-bloated models yet. So we'll approach this muted excitement with a bit of trepidation.

But, still, the bottom line is we've got Android 4.4.4 — the most recent version of Android — with all of Samsung's bells and whistles on top of it. Very nearly the exact same experience as on the GS5 — and that's a good thing.

What's new are features here and there. The S Pen can now serve more mouse-like functions (that's Samsung's phrase for it). Hover over the screen, hold the button on the S Pen, and it'll select words, just like if you had a mouse on a desk, clicked and dragged. (So, sort of the same.) Multi Window has been improved, making it even easier to do two things at once. (The number of apps that can take advantage of Multi Window is still limited, but a good many of your everyday apps should be covered.)

The bottom line (so far)

We've had but a brief time with the Galaxy Note 4. These are the main things that stand out: The use of metal in the casing, a 16-megapixel camera with OIS and a new front-facing camera, adaptive charging to quickly get you to 50 percent, and updated features for the S Pen and Quick Window. If you pictured an updated Note with some features carried cover from the Galaxy S5, this is very much what you'd see.

Oh, and the Note 4 powers a little thing called the Samsung Gear VR.

The Note 4 will be available on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular starting in October. You'll be able to get it in "Frost white", "Bronze Gold" (which is what you see in this post) and "Blossom Pink".


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hands-on!


The one thing that's not "Wooooo" so far, is that they decided to put the speaker on to the back of the phone again. I personally like the speaker on the bottom edge because I can hear it when its laying on its back or front. If anything I'd rather them have put stereo speakers on the bottom. Putting the speaker on the back of the phone to me is going backwards, and I'm sure it doesn't sound as good as the current Note 3. Also when listening to a video or something it sounds a lot better coming from the side than it does from the bottom of the device. Also it better come in black later. Having a colored front makes a phone screen look less stream lined to me. Make the bezel even more pronounced.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

To be honest there is now WOOW atall.. Ugly looking device with an even so ugly UI..

Posted via the Android Central App

You should detail how it's ugly. I'm assuming you're wanting it to be triangular or circular? Perhaps in the shape of an octagon? The UI I do agree with. Just confused on the rest of it. That's where Nova Launcher comes into place. No big deal there. Also it says "wooooo".

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Nova does not fix everything... It fixes 75% of it.... U still have to deal with touchwiz in contacts, dialer, text, settings, and more... Let me guess install 3rd party apps for all right... No! The more phones i get i want a unified and cohesive experience... Not a bunch of patch work... I want a great experience out the box... Only Android OEM im liking right now for that is HTC M8 (and then there is the camera.. Smh) Id like to try sony but they need to improve USA distribution... I swear im one step away for an iPhone... My HTC M8 is saving me from that... Although i miss the size of my M7 and wish for a better camera... But i love the UI.. And user experience i get using it

Posted via Android Central App

Dude no ones going to freak out if you go to an iPhone. If it's pulling you that much- then go get an iPhone. Besides it's becoming more and more Android like with each update. The M8 is nice I just can't stand not being able to remove the battery, and I hate that the HTC logo area is there wasting screen. HTC said its because it has a bunch of internals underneath there, which is a crap reason, there's "internals" all underneath the whole stinkin screen. Yeah for me Nova Launcher fixes "most" of what I have to deal with probably more like 87 % of the time. I'm using the front screens mostly. I don't really go into settings too much once I have my phone set up, and the phone dialer is not that bad since I have my quick dial contacts on my screen in a folder, and I mostly use the dialer for "answering and making calls". I don't dwell in the phone areas too long. What's bad about the texting? Just curious, even though I use Chomp SMS whether I'm on a Nexus, HTC, Sony, LG etc because it's just obviously more superior than all texting apps :-), but I'm just wondering what's so bad about Sammies texting app? It's literally no worse/better than the rest out there.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Nicely said I use go laucher,there is no perfect phone but the note fits my needs...and for me a removable battery is a must...

Posted via Android Central App

I have to agree with the poster above. Nova launcher and other 3rd party apps like Chomp almost complete erases the Touchwiz from my Note 3. Not being able to remove the battery, like the HTC M8, is a major deal breaker

Posted via the Android Central App

Hello is a great texting app IMO if you havent tried it. I dont think any power users plan on using touchwiz and samsung branded apps (i sure don't) but will be using replacements like smart launcher, and hello sms etc.

This is a Samsung phone. The dialer, contacts app, messaging app, etc. are going to follow Samsung's designs, the same way HTC's apps follow HTC's designs. If you want a unified/cohesive experience, get a Nexus or an iPhone.

Hm interesting, my 2 friends just said the same thing - just in their case they are switching to iPhone for sure. :) The guy was like I loved my m7 and m8 is just too big... Hates S5 for the lag (opening the msg and other apps) ... and way the dialer works, overheating...and now waiting for iPhone 6 to come out. I did try to make him happier w Nova Launcher and changing some settings , installed the ex launcher (which he actually preferred over the stock one) but to no avail.
I'm really curious how many of the regular (non enthusiast) folks will turn to apple this year w its bigger screen. The biggest hit would be Samsung to take.

Posted via the Android Central App on VZW Moto X

I have no lag on my S5 believe it or not but had heaps on the G3 so much for touchwiz being so bad.

Posted via the Android Central App

iPhone? shucks... this Note 4 has me thinking of either getting an "on sale!" Note 3 or a Blackberry Passport.

Just buy in iPhone then. If you don't like customizing the ANDROID device with third party apps, and want in out the box pre set feel that you can't really change that's the one for you. If you don't like anything about the Ui then don't buy it simple. You seem to act as if someone is forcing you to stay with android. The beauty of today is that you can choose what ever you want in tech. Enjoy what you like, no sense complaining about a product you had no interest in from before it was even shown or announced.

if you want a perfect unified experience that is pure android, leave all other phones alone and get yourself a nexus as it is the only "pure android" out there and quit whining while you are at it. the way i see it if you can afford a 700 dollar phone every time a new and better one comes out you can deal with the stock apps like it is or learn how to root your device and do it the way you want it. end of conversation!...

What more needs to be said today. The Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge arrives and destroys any and all in it's path not to mention the Gear S.

Shut down all other events for the rest of the week. We won't even discuss the Gear VR nothing else will come close to that for a long while.

It's pretty plain and definitely simply nothing else matters period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Good to have you back Richard, especially minus that "suck monkey balls" comment that used to follow.

Posted via Android Central App

It should be arrive and destroy... Not plural. And they destroy the gear s?

Definitely simply?

You are such a worthless idiot.

Posted via the Android Central App

Posted via the Android Central App

Samsung continues to refuse to use on-screen buttons. I understand that they want a unified experience across their devices, but come on.

Yes, the buttons are dated and a little clunky in use. Think their devices would look and act better with on screen controls.

I hate onscreen buttons. I want to use all of my screen, not have it marginalized with functionality that can be placed in a less intrusive location like umm...on the bottom of the frame. I don't want my 5.7 screen reduced to 5.3 effectively. That defeats the purpose of yearning for and purchasing the phone with the most powerful hardware coupled with the largest screen. Everyone's preference might not be the same...

This +1 million.

Not to mention, using the button to turn on the phone is amazing.

Absolutely hate on screen buttons.

Posted via the Android Central App

I disagree completely, in my opinion not using on screen buttons is more of a waste of space, you have to add half an inch to the bottom for the capacitive/physical buttons whereas with on screen buttons there's no space wasted. They're buttons when you need buttons, then disappear when you need the full screen size.

Posted via Android Central App

Not really. Its not like without the physical button there's going to be zero bezel on the bottom of the phone. I'd guess the bottom bezel on the Note is about the same as any other phone with onscreen buttons.

Posted via Android Central App

How about a 5.7" screen that becomes a 5.9" screen inside the same size frame, when the buttons disappear during video viewing?

Posted via Android Central App

How about a 5.7" screen that becomes a 5.9" screen inside the same size frame, when the buttons disappear during video viewing?

Posted via Android Central App

Except that on screen buttons offer you more screen by minimizing the lower bezel. That's why stock Android has apps that run in "full screen" mode, where the notification bat and on screen buttons are hidden to offer you more display.

There are valid argument for capacitive/physical buttons, but wanting more screen space just isn't one any more.

Posted via Android Central App

Name one phone with on screen buttons that has gotten rid of the bottom bezel. And those apps are only in a handful that developers have chosen to support. Where as with physical/capacitive keys, you always have the extra real estate.

Even then, on every phone I've seen, you can fit capacitive keys into the "minimized" bezel, and have your entire screen for content.

Agreed completely. This year, I switched from my GS4 to the One M8, and while the M8 is a fantastic phone, I really prefer Samsung's screen setup. And not only does the M8 have on-screen buttons, but there's also that clunky black bar with the HTC logo that takes up even more space. (Of course, I knew all of this going into that purchase, but after years of owning nothing but Samsungs, I figured I should give another brand a shot. Lol)

Is there ANY way to get rid of that BLACK bar area where the battery power, time, back sign, home sign reside? If you look at the Xperia Z Ultra which has supposedly a 6.44 inch screen, once you subtract the BLACK bar area, it's actually about a 6.125 inch screen...Yes, I actually took a ruler to diagonally measure the screen to examine the differences.

Well thats why i got a lg g3. It may have on screen button's, but I can hide them in most apps and still have my full 5.5screen

I disagree. But everybody has their own preference. After moving to soft keys I need wanted to go back.

Posted via Android Central App

IMO on screen buttons is Google's one big mistake with Android. There are still only a few apps that mask it when they run. Here is an exsmple; the LG Optimus G is basically the same device as the Nexus 4, but because of the on screen buttons the LG variant has a larger display effect. Thank god Samsung refuses to follow suit, 5.7" would really be 5.5".

Exactly. I used to think that it was bad that Samsung didn't use on screen buttons, but after owning a Galaxy Note 3 coming from a Nexus 4, I realized I was completely wrong. With Samsung's setup you get a consistent screen size and with on screen buttons you get your screen going in and out of its size which sucks. The only way I would want on screen buttons with Samsung is if the area where the bezel has the current button had on screen buttons only in that area, but if they lifted it up onto the screen I wouldn't want it.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Who would want a Note with on screen buttons? Surely not a diehard Note user. Love the device so far but I'm having a MAJOR problem with:

"You'll be able to get it in "Frost white", "Bronze Gold" (which is what you see in this post) and "Blossom Pink".

Where's the black? There has to be a black version. There had better be a black version. I'll stick with my Note 3 if there isn't.

I would think and hope that you're right but I haven't seen mention of a black version. Where have you seen a confirmation from Samsung or in a review that there will be a version in black?

I've seen it in black in an ad from my carrier. Don't know if it's worth something though.

Posted via Android Central App

From Engadget. Even has pictures."Samsung says the Note 4 will be available starting in October and will come in four color options: white, black, gold and pink. Some of the colors, like black and gold, feature different color accents on the metal sides, which go well with the rest of the device. No price has been set yet, but this will largely depend on the region and carrier; I'd expect the price to remain about the same as last year's Note".

How can you be a 'diehard Note user' ..."that loves the device 'so far'" (how long is so far?) I've had each. The Note 3 is very special. The N2from the first generation was an incredible leap in speed, display, and general fluency and usability. Yeah, I'm a 'diehard' as well. But A) as you've been told, there is indeed black, B) that's your major concern, color and C) The Note has ALWAYS had 'the button'. I love the hardware bottom Samsung uses. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your comment.

Are you saying a diehard Note fan wouldn't want capacitive (as in 'on screen) buttons? I'm confused and obviously in the minority. Then again, I'm ambidextrous and have been since the beginning. iOS and Android. Still have the Xoom and original iPad for nostalgia purposes mainly. These days, iPhone 5s is my personal phone, the N3 for my business. It's an incredible ph... Computer that makes calls. We use the SPen extensively, as we're a three decade, second generation family stage sound and lighting/video business. These devices have changed everything. From swiping cards of clients on site while drawing rigging points to shooting 4k video and the microSD storage for shows we're redundantly recording or using for secondary and tertiary connection and comms. The iPad mini is now my kneeboard in my airplane with everything. Flight plan and fuel. Weather and traffic. TCAS & ADSB as well as up to date .jep charts, plates and incredibly accurate (with officially rated FAA GPS add on) terrain three dimensional with traffic in IFR situations. Revolutionizing for us, regardless which device I'm using. (We also us OSx for audio and back line control/Windows for DMX lighting and programming;)).

For me, always working in the dark or driving ...flying it doesn't matter. The hardware button kicks ass. Always easy to find, blind.

That said, might end up holding on the '4' but I did NEXT so...I suppose I'll have to ....never mind. iPhone 6+/Note4 fall. Sounds cool:-)

Samsung. Some of us continue to dug the hardware button. Maybe both? Lol. Sorry to be the odd ball. I'm having a hard time with believing, and I'm intrigued ...the display comments. While the N3 is an incredible display 'most of the time' the N4 is 'all of then time'.

That's got me. And between LED IPS & Super AMOLED tears me. I love them both and I'm ALL about the HiDPI 'craze'. I'm 43 and we've come a long way from the monochrome green and orange/black displays of the 80s on the IIe, 16 color displays and the move forward to 1080p. Stop. Think everyone wants to wear glasses and watch 3d content ...good riddance from CES and the manufacturers. The video we're shooting and have been for almost three years now; RED 4k concert footage, toying with 5k and using several different 'others' on stage including high FPS but short duration ...even the DSLR and GoPro B n C footage ...we've used captured shots from the Note 3 and the iPhone 5/5s in 'national' videos and productions/documentaries. Including Discovery and subsidiaries, NatGeo to MTV ...Regardless of your choice of phone or buttons, man. Those of you that remember no cell phones or internet. You know what I'm talking about ;)'s s VERY cool time to be into technologies ...don't EVER limit yourself due to brand loyalties or 'peers'. The more you learn, the more you know, the more you're 'in demand'. Especially being 'young' again. Forget learning foreign languages. Learn coding. Python and Java, Ob C and C++ & Swift'll be alright. For LIFE

The real paper is in development. So is the paper. Hardware will evolve and hopefully the LGs and HTCs of the world are Abe to gain ground and battle with Samsung. Windows will refine their Mobile systems and OS, hardware partners and vert/hrzntl integration with the mother OS ...future looks cool. Shoot your 4k and send it to Google or any number of companies if you don't want to invest the time end money into a system capable of manipulating and transcoding your RAW footage, they'll do the work for ya @1080/720, whatever you want and get it back to you ASAP.

It's another HUGE bonus IMHO. The Note's (& s5's) video capabilities. 4k if you've not watched on a 4k display is astounding. Plug your Note into a TV @ Best Buy and prepare to blow yourself away. It's incredible ...if you were able to steady shoot;)

TL/DR -->Keep the hardware buttons!

there are plenty of people that dont like on screen buttons. if you dont like capacitive buttons, then dont buy it. everyone shouldnt be forced into something they dont like. otherwise we end up with 1 phone... like iPhones.

And that's why I tend to upgrade to one of their device offerings when I upgrade.

Other devices with on screen buttons are nice, but not nice enough to have to deal with silly buttons taking up screen space.

That's their thing... Like get over it.. Wishing for metal fine.. Wishing for updated touchwiz fine... But every company has particular trademarks and thats one... A home button

Posted via Android Central App

I like the physical button along with the 2 on-front touch buttons better. I had the Galaxy Nexus before and it was good, but this implementation is better IMO. Maybe not for the next person, but for me.

The plusses ...
No screen real estate is covered or obscured giving you all the display for use. Physical button has feel whereas on screens do not. Center button is used 95% of the time to quickly check time and other data on lock screen, especially while sitting on horizontal surface. Preserves lifespan of wimpy power switches, which I have lost on 2 previous devices.

The minus ...
More cumbersome to multitask than the dedicated multitask button. Center button requires touch and hold which is a slower process.

These are possibly the reasons Sammy "refuses" to do this. +s outweigh the -s IMO.

If it ain't broke don't fix it. People like physical buttons. Samsung probably figures the design template that has been keeping them #1 in phone sales is fine just the way it is.

Posted via Android Central App on GS5

I was wondering about that. My girlfriend would love the pink version if it came to the US but I see nothing (color-wise) that is something I want.

If you sell your phones (like I do when I want a new one), pink would not be as easy to sell. Otherwise, go for it!

Posted via the Android Central App

It's a little disappointing to see that they didn't carry over the waterproofing, and that was one of the features I was really hoping for. Guess I'll wait and see what Moto has in store with the new Moto X.

Love it, don't want on screen buttons, they just take up screen & look ugly. Great phone, beefed up camera, more HP, metal edging that S-Pen. I'll be buying one. Hoping for 64gb of int. storage.

So far I'm not really impressed with the note 4 . its not making me want to run out and sell my G3 .

Posted via the Android Central App

Honestly this whole event has been disappointing and quite cringe to watch :-/

Posted via the Android Central App

Even though I love to see the new gear........every unpacked has that "oh god, is it over yet" type of tension. At least Michael Bay was excluded.

The gold is so ugly especially the front. I wish Apple hadn't made that color into a trend. Hopefully the white or black (if there ever is one) one look nicer. I can't believe they wouldn't release it in a darker color... Thankfully my wife likes white and she's the one getting this new phone. I am more of a stock Android type guy.

I agree it is ugly the nicest gold phones to have to be the 5S and G3 is also very nice in gold.

Posted via the Android Central App

So this latest generation Samsung phone doesn't come in a proper black / grey variant and doesn't include the waterproofing of it smaller sibling? Samsung just doesn't get it.

Great call on the lack of waterproofing. Didnt even think of that till you said it. Thats a big, huh? S pen not being able to be sealed is my only guess.

I wish they had a "Sony" Purple color. But I'll probably end up with Black. Not a fan of white phones.

Posted via Android Central App

Why did they bother with cheap tuna can metal on this thing. Most users are going to just.... Snap a case on it, rendering the metal useless. Plus metal is less durable than plastic and it scratches/dents more easily... /S

As if the "they" have never said ^^^^ before. All jokes and sarcasm aside, the Note 4 is beautiful in my eyes. I can't wait to get my hands on one.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree! The faux stitching on the Note 3 looked cheesy to me. Really liking the look of the black Note 4, blends very nicely with the metal edges! Looks very sleek and professional. :D

I only read the article and this is what Phil wrote....

The Note 4 will be available on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular starting in October. You'll be able to get it in "Frost white", "Bronze Gold" (which is what you see in this post) and "Blossom Pink".

I was really hoping for waterproofing and better speakers. This seems like a better phone overall than my Xperia Z2, but I love not having to worry about where I put my phone or where I use it. Don't know why they couldn't have made it waterproof, just use a similar gasketed back and flap over the microUSB port and voila. Even the S Pen slot could be sealed easily. Do gaskets and flaps really cost so much as to affect the price point of a phone like this?

He isnt on VZW, so no Edge for him! /s He will go plain and simple is my guess. Aluminum and pimp slap gold though.

In the head on shots of the front of the phone it looks like the right side bezel is smaller than the left side. Is that a design choice or a manufacturing defect? I find it hard to believe that it is a defect, but it seems like a rather odd design. Is it supposed to make it easier to reach across the screen with your right thumb?

I wish they would have put the power button on top like the did on the edge. I like that look better

Posted via Android Central App

Can't wait for some comparisons against the 3. How much faster? Also want to see how the camera performs in low light....

Posted via the Android Central App

As always with the Note line, I just don't get it. That thing, like the others, is simply too big. I have big hands, and its too big for me. Holding it to your face for a phone call makes you look absolutely stupid. I don't know why people don't just buy a tablet.

Having said that, choice is what Android is about. And having these phablet-type phones is, I guess, not a bad thing.

It doesn't matter if YOU don't like it. There are millions of other people who do!

Posted via Android Central App

Disappointing that they went back to the rear facing speaker. IT sucked on the note2.

I would like to see this ROM on the note3, less the S Health (due to no heart rate monitor).

It seems Samsung finally designed and built the Note right, this time, for those who prefer phablets with S-Pen for scrawling meeting notes, faux code, and whiteboard stuff, et al.

With the tiny speaker on the back the Note definitely is not designed to be a pleasurable media device.

While I don't want a device with physical buttons, I understand why Samsung doesn't want to rock the boat thus continuing with their signature motif.

I'm happy for those who like and want this refined Samsung Note.

I noticed this as well. Wonder if it was a cost cutting move or if not many people adopted using USB 3 to connect the phone?

I have to say that I am disappointed with the Note 4 I was hoping for a much bigger departure from the Note 3. Why, oh why do they refuse to listen to people about the ugliness of Touchwiz! I do have to say that I think Samsung is taking a page out of Apple's playbook and just hitting the bar that is set by other manufacturers. Are long gone the days of Samsung's innovation? I have been a fan of Samsung for a long while but after the S4 and now the Note 4 I just don't see it. This version of the Note just like the last one looks dated. I was really looking forward to the 64 bit architecture and waterproofing. Hmmm, I may have to wait a bit and see what other manufacturers are offering.

Oh be quiet... people like you would have complained no matter what Samsung did.

Posted via Android Central App

If you're allowed to praise everything that Samsung does, then, surely, he's allowed to complain or critique what they do.

Oh please Crester! People like me? A person who owns a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as his daily driver and a Samsung tablet? I think i'm positioned very well to have an opinion on the matter! I have been a Samsung fanboy for a very long time. So what if I believe that they are beginning to fall behind other manufacturers. They throw everything (including the kitchen sink) at the wall to see what sticks. I'm just not a fan of that type of development anymore. I want something more thought out, dare I say more "intentional". I want something that shows they listen to their customers wants and needs. I'd like to see them steer the smart phone market once again and right now that just isn't the case. It's this type of development that has led me away from Canon DSLR's to completely embrace Fujifilm as their products are just so well thought out and exciting. I'm sorry that you get so put off by people who have opinions that aren't in-line with yours. It's "people like you" that accept whatever is thrown at them that is labeled as innovation as such. Step back for a second Crester, and take it all in ;o)

I didn't hear/see any mention of Ultra Power Saving Mode (UPSM) for the Note 4. Did anyone else? I saw that they estimate a 7.5% increase in battery life, but I was hoping for UPSM. Any word on that?

I was going to upgrade my note 3 to the 4 but there's not enough to make me ditch my note 3. I'll upgrade to an iphone 6 and sell it and I'll make this beast last another year.

Posted via Android Central App on the behemoth that is the note 3

One word sums up the note 4 in my opinion... Underwhelming. Seems to me that samsung is running out of ideas. the note 4 edge looks odd and also a awkward to use.
They should have progressed from the note 3 with at least
1 water resistance
2 increase the ram to 4 GB
3 option to fully remove samsung bloat Apps
4 Better stereo speakers
5 minimum of 64 GB on board storage

Posted via Android Central App

Agree on all of those comments. Especially the lack of water resistance which is a poor decision for Samsung seeing as it's on the S5

Posted via Android Central App on the behemoth that is the note 3

IMHO this release of this new version speaks to a changing industry. With "good" cameras, reasonable updates to the OS, it is becoming less compelling to upgrade. Now the real impedance for growth is bandwidth. I have ALWAYS upgraded every 18 months and I have had my Note 3 for about a year and I cannot believe I am saying this but "I'm good..". As Apple tries to offset some of it's recent bad press with nudie photos (regardless if it not an official security breach), besides a bigger phone and a high resolution screen, there are not really game changers out there. The S3, S4 and now the water-proof S5 have provided enough users incentive to switch to Android...regardless of what phone they get. I RARELY use my stylus on my Note 3 but the phone just operates well without any major glitches.

#1 standout feature: camera Optical Image Stabilization.

Please do a Note3 vs Note4 stabilization comparison (unless Anandtech does it first). OIS isn't enough to get me to upgrade from my Note3, but it's a nice feature for getting less blurry photos in low light when you can't hold still.

There is black its been mentioned about 999 times and this is the thousandth

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This post mentions a couple of times that the Note 4 is pretty similar to the GS5. I was not at all excited about the GS5, but I'm sitting here almost drooling over the Note 4. Weird, lol.

I haven't yet owned a Note, but plenty of other Galaxy ___'s over the years, and wonder how/if Samsung tweaks TouchWiz for this line. I think the main thing that kept me away from the GS5 is that Sammy somehow, imo, made TW tackier than ever. Super crowded menus, a teal color scheme and multicolored circles... Nightmares. I prefer to not use 3rd party launchers, so loads of screen caps would awesome right now.

Anyway, loving the Bronze Gold color and matching metal trim!

I think you should give Nova Launcher a try,if you haven't already. After customizing mine I forget that Touchwiz was the main launcher.

So when are we getting release dates and carrier information? October is not a release date, it's an entire month.

Phil chose the worse color to show. The white, black and even pink are so much better looking. Note 4 in white is my color of choice. Hoping for a 64gb option. I believe or hope Phil is wrong about the sd-card only recognizing 64gb cards, just bought a 128gb class 10 just to slap in my new Note.

IDK it seem lately that Samsung is afraid to color outside the lines with there designs. I just don't see the WOW factor with there phones same design just different features. I think right now the sexy phone is the G3 I own one and I am really enjoying it such a break from the norm that Samsung it putting out.

Ok I want to know why they would take a step backwards and go with usb2.0, they already had 3.0 on the galaxy note 3 and I liked the fact that I could use either the 3.0 cable or a 2.0 cable. Don't really understand this one. Another thing that makes no sense, why would the limit the sd card to 64gb, and not 128gb

Looks decent, but I'm still leaning towards either picking up the G3 for my next phone or (shockingly) waiting to see what Apple announces. I do want an iPad Mini, but if they release a 5 or 6 inch iPhone I might jump ship and just use that instead.

Yeah, I'm waiting to see how the iPhone 6 pans out. If they truly do release a 5.5-inch iPhone, then that may be where my money goes. As much as I love Windows Phone 8 and my Lumia 1520, I actually want to give the iPhone an honest try.

Guess I'll be keeping my Note 3 nothing really jumps out and says upgrade. Unless Apple was to so me something I can't live without.

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Am I the only one that thinks the back cover looks like human skin? And yet, it looks nice.

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With so much hype marketing the past couple weeks about s-pen stuff, I thought I would be reading more about the s-pen... am I missing something?

So does anyone think it strange that the only colors announced are:


I am absolutely NOT interested in any of those colors whatsoever, though this is my first choice for a phone once it comes out in October.

Phil, care to comment on this lack of choice? Was there maybe talk of some carrier specific differences? Black, Red, Blue etc?

I love this phone I have a note 2 I will be upgrading to the note 4...I use go laucher no matter what android phone I'm on so no problem with touchwiz here...also my phone is never plugged into a charger I have 3 batteries I rotate a new one in as needed...rock on Sammy!!!

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Why am I seeing the Note 3/Note 2/GS2-3-4 Touchwiz homescreen on the Note 4. I like the S5 TW, icons and floating Toolbox look.
They're not going to ship it like that are they?

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This Note device is a worthy replacement for my Note 2. the Edge seems futuristic, but i will feel much better having a metal frame device rather than a glass edge one. Now the question is will it fit on my Note 2 smart dock?

So they downgraded it by bringing back the back facing speaker, USB 2.0 charging port, and not making it IP67 certified? At least it's got "metal" edges now...

Guess I'm keeping my Note 3 then. :/

Not a bad offering but not for me. Gotta be closer to stock and I'm done with physical home buttons. Or physical buttons period. But I'm sure this will make their fanboys happy

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"The Note 4 will be available on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular starting in October. You'll be able to get it in "Frost white", "Bronze Gold" (which is what you see in this post) and "Blossom Pink".

Ahhh... Phil forgot black...

In the middle of the article, you say the black back feels better than the white, but at the bottom you don't mention black as an available color. Which is it?

And in the unpacked event, the Korean who opened the show made a reference to the screen on the Note 4 (not Edge) being curved, which you don't mention. Is it slightly curved, or is it completely flat?

Aside from that, I think the s-pen improvements are more significant than the toss-off you give them.

Oh, one more thought: you weenies who complain that it's not some sort of giant leap in technology: just grow up. This has become a mature industry. Until there's some giant advance in processor technology, battery technology, and screen technology, incremental upgrades are all you're going to get. Just like the incremental upgrade from the One M7 to M8, and the incremental upgrade you'll see for the Moto X, and Moto G, and just about everything else. Even the iPhone 6 will be an incremental upgrade--it's a bigger upgrade only because the 5s was so far behind the curve.

+100 S5 wasnt a huge upgrade G3 wasnt really except for bigger battery sucking screen im not sure what people wanted extra ?

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Ahhh... does it have a finger scanner? The one in the S5 works really well after the last big update...

No mentioning during the presentation - but it IS in the sensor specs...

Sensor: Gesture, Accelerometer, Geo-magnetic, Gyroscope, RGB,IR-LED
Proximity, Barometer, Hall Sensor, Finger Scanner, UV, Heart Rate Monitoring, SpO2 (Dependent on market)

I hoped for the better speaker, but the Camera is definitely worth the upgrade.
I'll still wait to see what other OEMs have in line in the next 3-4 months.

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The GN4 looks great - but I am admittedly so happy with my Note 3 - that I don't find these improvements to be so stellar that I have to drop another 600-700 bucks.

My perfect phone:
Android 4.4.4
HTC One Front Speakers
Samsung Note 3 - Screen Size and Stylus
Nova Launcher as main UI
Titanium Backup pre-installed on a rooted device
iPhone listed for sale on Amazon (I Have NEVER owned one)
Anyone have anything to add? (Or Subtract - I would love to know your perfect phone)

Testers in gold, so you won't steal it. Gosh that's ugly. I do like the black one though. Not sure on UG from SGS5.

Camera (pending hands on testing)
Finger Scanner (if it works well)

Leaving out Qi charging from the standard product
No water resistance

For a Note 3 owner I don't see the value in upgrading. And, while I was planning on getting the Note 4 at launch I think I will wait to see what the others offer before making the switch. I suspect the vast majority of Note 3 users will either wait for the Note 5 or jump to another brand.

Just not enough this year.

Is there a phone with a 5.7" screen that's water resistant? I like the S-Pen but it's important to me that the phone be able to cope with things like rain.

I'm assuming that writers like "Makie" are actually iphone shills as they only try to diminish the Android phone with no "constructive" critizism. Mikie, please continue drinking the Apple koolaid and enjoy what you have. It is a good smart phone and you should just be happy with that.

Nooooo! They moved the speaker to the back. The bottom edge speaker was infinitely better if your fone is laying on its back.

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Yes thats the only thing that disappoints me otherwise great phone will be upgrading from my S5.

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"Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 hasn't quite made it onto devices yet" Just to clarify, what I feel is an inaccurate statement, according to Qualcomm and most the world there is a few devices that have quick charging 2.0 on them, we just been lacking OEM cables. Below is the devices listed that have quick charging 2.0 with link directly to Qualcomm supporting this information.

Fujitsu Arrows NX
HTC One (M8)
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Japan)
Sharp Aquos Zeta
Sony Xperia Z2
Xiaomi Mi3
Xiaomi Mi4

My main issue is the cheap crappy looking back cover and the outdated physical home key from 2001.

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It is a fantastic piece of hardware technology. Please Samy CHANGE YOUR GIMMICKY SOFTWARE! Employ sone people who know how to do it, make developers find cool way of using your gadgets and make that galaxy app store count for something. S pen is useless because s note is pathetic not because it doesn't have enough sensitivity. Please no additional stroke types! Your ecosystem sucks.

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It is my firm belief that these fan boy websites should be force fed to the designers at all of the phone manufacturers on an daily basis. Then they would know what the people want. The new Note 4 is a great phone with all of the new updates. Its got an amazing spec list. All things look rosy, and then, BLAM, you get a feature that is absolutely pure stupidity. I'm talking about the speaker on the back of the phone. Come on. Samsung designers should be flogged for this absolutely insanely stupid design. When I listen to music, I want it coming towards me, not heading away from me. Also, most people lay their phones flat on their desk or wherever, and having the speaker on the back would serve to muffle the sounds for notifications, ringtones, etc. And this is nothing new either. People have been complaining about backwards firing or even bottom firing speakers for years now and yet, manufacturers continue to put the speakers on the back. I will say it again, there is plenty of room on the front of the Note 4 to put 2 separate STEREO speakers at the top and bottom of the glass. The bezel at the top and bottom of the screen are positively huge and there is plenty of room to move the back and menu buttons a scoshe closer to the home button (or further away, it doesn't matter) and then place a speaker in the open space. Don't tell me its a space issue because looking at the size of the Note 4's speaker grill, you can fit 4 of them on the front in the bezels. This is sheer laziness on the part of the designers.

Ok, my rant is done. Maybe someday in the next 20 or 30 years, some young new designer will think outside the box and realize that a front firing speaker is the way to go. Other than that, totally an amazing phone. Lets see what carrier bloat does to the smoothness though. All things considered, the phone looks great. Oh, and I never had an issue with those fake stitches that everyone seems to consider as an abomination. I thought they looked ok.

So many people say it's not enough to upgrade from the Note 3..........until they actually fondle the Note 4 with their hands. I am in wait and see mode.

I know that is not a MicroUSB 2.0 Charge port on that phone?????????????? I was wondering WHY it would take you from 0-50% in 30 minutes. My GN3 takes me from 0-100% in 30 Minutes with the USB 3.0! UGH! SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try it before you buy it! As of yesterday (Friday Sept 26) Best Buy stores with Samsung mini-stores had actual working Galaxy Note 4′s on the floor that customers can play with. Not yet available to buy, but can get hands-on. Said they will be in stores thru launch Oct 17. It's VERY cool! I actually found a guy who knew what he was doing to show me some stuff. My iPhone never did any of it. So if you want to stop guessing and hoping, hop on over to your nearest Best Buy. Seen them at 2 locations in San Diego, but should be nationwide.

Any answer on the USB port yet. I certainly looks like the old USB 2.0 port :(
I would think since the GS5 went with a USB 3 port, the note would at least stay with it.

Was in Verizon Store today and checked out the reception of the note 4 compared to my Note 3. I was hoping the Note 4 would be better, my Note 3 is not that good, and its numbers were just about the same. Note 3, -101 Note 4, -102. Must be the same radio as the Note 3. This is an area of good reception.