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Samsung has created a truly terrible smartphone and a downright dazzling tablet in the Galaxy Mega, available now on AT&T

Whispers. Crook-eyes. The occasional point-and-laugh. These are some of the things I’ve endured on a daily basis for the past week while using AT&T's Galaxy Mega as my main smartphone. Whether I’m making a call on my morning commute or shooting off a message while walking down the street, it’s been hard to escape judgment while carrying Samsung's latest Galaxy iteration.

And who can blame the skeptics? At 6.3 inches, the Mega is conspicuously larger than just about everything else consumers are making calls on. It’s not only the largest phone on AT&T’s shelves, but it’s one of the largest phones in the world, and never for a second pretends to be anything other than just that. Samsung can finally check the “6.3-inch” box off its to-do list, at the expense of unknowingly absurd-looking Galaxy fans.

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Unfortunately, the Galaxy Mega is not only one of the largest phones on the market, but it’s also one of the worst. Shooting off an SMS takes brute strength and two meaty paws; making a phone call looks and feels ridiculous, despite what anyone graciously might tell you. The Mega is the most polarizing device in Samsung’s arsenal, and the tough love it’s been receiving from the skeptics as a poorly designed and gimmicky smartphone isn’t entirely unwarranted.

But perhaps all of us — consumers, Samsung, and AT&T — have got it all wrong. Maybe the Galaxy Mega is being unfairly judged as an awful smartphone when, in reality, it’s a fantastic tablet.

For every point against the Galaxy Mega as a smartphone, it earns two points as a tablet. Awful at making phone calls, yet picture-perfect for reading books and magazines; an impractical messaging tool, but a fantastic multimedia device. Where Samsung has failed here isn’t in the device itself, but just its nomenclature. Alex was spot-on in his in-depth review: maybe the Galaxy Mega does indeed make more sense as a tablet than it does as a smartphone.

Samsung has finally created the perfectly-sized tablet – large enough to comfortably consume content, yet small enough to live in your pocket.

Approaching the device from that perspective, it's clear that the Mega shouldn’t be shamed for being too large, but actually should be lauded for being perfectly designed. After countless iterations, Samsung has finally created the perfectly-sized tablet – large enough to comfortably consume content, yet small enough to live in your pocket. 

And don’t take that for granted. Sure, the Nexus 7 might have a nicer display and a better stock-Android experience, but just try to fit it in your jeans. Same thing can be said for Samsung’s own Note and Galaxy tablets – even the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, a mere .7 inches larger than the Galaxy Mega, is just large enough to need a spot in your bag, or at the very least its own unfashionable cargo pocket. The Mega, on the other hand, fits comfortably in just about any pants in your wardrobe.

And because of where it lives — on your person, that is — the Galaxy Mega takes on brand new sense of usability and function that traditional tablets haven’t been able to pin down just yet. You’ve got books, magazines, movies, music, television, games, and more on your person at all times, on a massive, easy-to-view display, rather than in your bag or at your desk. The Galaxy Mega is never more than an arm’s length away —when was the last time you carried around your "full-sized tablet" without interruption and consistently within reach for an entire day? Despite a few flaws, including a last-gen processor and display, its convenience and portability are enough to deem the Galaxy Mega the best tablet Samsung has ever created. 

But regrettably, labeling the Galaxy Mega a smartphone rather than a tablet is a bell that Samsung cannot unring. Now, thanks to AT&T’s differentiation between smartphone data plans and tablet data plans, you’re tied to paying inflated smartphones rates on the Galaxy Mega, regardless of whether you choose to use it as a companion device as Alex recommended.  And, though there’s no use crying over spilled milk, it’s hard not to lament over the inability to add the Galaxy Mega to your plan as a data-only, $10/month device.

So the decision for AT&T customers to purchase or pass on the Galaxy Mega comes down to one simple factor: your usage habits.

Heavy talkers and messaging fiends should run, not walk, away from the Galaxy Mega; these users will find better call quality in the Galaxy S 4, a friendlier size in the Moto X, and an overall smoother, more polished experience through and through in the HTC One. Those who rely on pumping out messages, whether it be a friendly text or a business-related email, will see their productivity dip and their blood pressure rise with the Galaxy Mega.

Unfortunately, labeling the Galaxy Mega a smartphone rather than a tablet is a bell that Samsung cannot unring.

But for those AT&T customers who value content over communication, the Galaxy Mega just might be the device to beat. It downright dwarves the displays on just about every other smartphone – don’t ever expect to go back to a 5-inch or smaller display and enjoy that movie, book, magazine or game as much as you did on the Mega. And don’t ever expect to find a tablet as comfortable to hold, and as carefree to carry and store – your Galaxy Tab is about to feel bulky and underpowered. There's simply nothing on AT&T's shelves -- not the Note 2, not the Optimus G Pro, and certainly not the Note 8.0 -- that strikes the balance between portability and size as well as the Galaxy Mega does. 

It’s a shame that Samsung’s roll of the dice landed in favor of releasing another smartphone rather than another tablet, as the Galaxy Mega would have really shined had it been labeled as the latter. As a smartphone, a ringing endorsement is much more difficult to earn, especially considering that the Mega shares shelf space with two of the best smartphones in the world, the Moto X and the HTC One. For now, I agree with Alex in that the Mega will have to settle for being a niche device aimed at multimedia junkies, avid readers and diehard gamers -- albeit one of the best on the market today.

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The Samsung Galaxy Mega: AT&T’s worst smartphone is its best tablet


Its called a niche product. Not everyone has tiny girl hands, some have hand so large that a phone like the iphone could be totally lost in a clenched fist. Even something like the S4 may be considered too small.

Just look around at all the horrible selfies people take, how many times have you seen a large guy with a puny little phone (usually of the 'i' variety)? They look ridiculous.

Im not one of those people, but I do know a person who finds his Note 2 a little too small. He is 7'8.

Many people are the size of Shaq, so no its not a ridiculous argument. Your comment is very narrow minded. Maybe you would like to tell my friend he is wrong to want a phone that fits his huge hands.

You're the one being narrow minded. Calling this abomination a phone is so absurd it doesn't even pass the smell test. This just goes to prove that just because you can do something doesn't mean you should Samsung.


Do you even think before you type? Your comment is self contradictory and fails all tests of reason. Try again.

You are an idiot. I am about 6", but my hands are pretty small for a guy my size. I find the Mega 6.3 the perfect phone for me! The reason is i browse web a lot, and i have far sightness and i don't want to carry another tablet around. This one device does all the job at a mid-range phone price. Love this phone.
Now SONY has upped the game to 6.4 with the Z Ultra, but i do find that phone a bit too big and bulky...the Mega is just perfect, i can browse web without wearing a reading glasses and enough space for me to zoom in without needing to scroll around too much.

Only cons is the camera is not so good, maybe due to the size cause hand shakiness rather than hardware. Everything else is top notch!

It's first 2 months on the market Mega reached sales of 20 million units. I guess Samsung knows something. The first day I got mine I thought I'd made a mistake. I'll never go back to anything smaller. I just looked at the Note 3 again and its too small. The only gripe I have is they made the glass polarized. This causes a problem when you drive with polarized sunglasses and hold it in landscape view like when you use your phone as a GPS. Which their is no better GPS on the market than Google Nav used on this phone. If I stop at the golf driving range I used it to record my swing and I'm actually able to view it immediately. I can pull up recipes in the super market for shopping. Surf full sized web sites easily. On and on and on ............... It's kinda like the argument of why have 2 or monitors on your computer when you can only do one thing at a time. Well true but once you do it there is no going back. Look at Apples decision to supersize their screens. Sales

"Many people are the size of Shaq".

Yeah, um, no many people are NOT the size of Shaq. Very few people, in fact, are the size of Shaq. Marketing a product to Shaq-sized people is an exercise in idiocy.

I guess they should be making teeny tiny 2.2 inch Galaxy phones, too, for the many, many Warwick Davis sized people of the world?

Why shouldnt they? Are they not allowed to have reasonable sized phones for them? Sounds like bigotry to me.

Ha ha ha! Bigotry! Sure you don't want to call me "Hitler", while you are at it? LOL

How about just incapable of thinking outside your own narrow vision? Did it ever occur to you that small or large people may not like a phone that suits you?

Why shouldnt they? Are they not allowed to have reasonable sized phones for them?

The point is that they're not. In fact, no one is. Manufacturers have been on a race to the absurd, with every model having a larger screen than the last. No one is making decent spec phones for those who'd prefer a smaller form factor.

So the "Hey, I have big hands, so stop complaining" line is an absurd argument precisely because we (those who would prefer a smaller phone) are given no such consideration.

When manufacturers truly start considering the entire customer range, we'll stop complaining.

Then, complain to the right people. Bitching on a blog only builds ire and accomplishes nothing.

Posted via Android Central App

Guys, you don't have to be the size of Shaq to want a larger device like the Mega. I'm only 6'2", but I think the Mega would fit perfectly in my large hands (which I think are larger than even the average for my size).

In any case, if you don't like the phone, you don't have to buy it. I think once people start playing with it and, like the author of the article, start to realize the benefits of having an always-connected, pocketable tablet, devices like this will grow in popularity.

And the next version of the Mega will have even slimmer bezels and a thinner profile. It's Samsung's MO.

I'm 6'7". If the mega had the upcoming Note 3's specs, I would probably buy it... Just not on AT&T. I have a GS4 now, and it fits my hand well, but I also keep a Nexus 7 in my back pocket at all times too... Most phone calls I make are in front of a computer for work, so I use a jawbone to talk, so I honestly don't care about holding something ridiculous up to my head. As long as it has a battery that will get me through the day performing all the tablet duties I need in addition to occasional messaging and phone calls, I'd be totally on board.

Unfortunately the specs leave a lot to be desired. You're better off waiting for the Note 3. I think the Galaxy Mega has a 1.5 GHz processor, 1.3 GB RAM, and I can't remember the resolution, but it might have been 720p. On somthing like that the dpi is around 230 which is pretty bad compared to smaller phones.

Its a niche product. Giving it high end specs will discourage buyers not encourage them. It having a 1080P screen and an A15 quad core CPU will do very little to boost sales, but the extra $/£100 it would cost would hurt them.

Not exactly. Many people choose to dine at cheaper restaurant because there's no need to buy the most luxurious food just because it tastes better. It's a smart idea to provide an alternative to what they already have and when customers, not the phone enthusiast that we are on this site, won't consider the specs at all. They will probably look at the price more than any other aspect.

6'7" is a long way from 7'8". His hands are 11.6 inches from wrist to tip of the index finger. Now why might he want what we would consider to be a massive phone? Hmmm..

Ar you saying that your hands are only slightly smaller than someone that, ahem, is 6'7", 285lbs, and finds things smaller than a Note 2 ridiculous to type on?

David Wilson3 says: "Unless you are Shaq, your hands are not that much bigger than anyone elses. The hand argument is ridiculous."

Some people have disproportionately large fingers & thumbs for their hand size. Such individuals have little or no problems using larger devices. Just because *you* have average-sized fingers & hands does not mean there is no one that might be interested in this device. But thank you for sharing your myopic & narcissistic view, the internet is much better now.

And with precisely equal legitimacy, some people have small fingers and would prefer a smaller size phone, but manufacturers seem to have zero interest in providing them. My wife has very petite hands, so a 4.5 to 5" phone is physically difficult for her to use. Her only option is a low-end POS that'll never see any support after the point of sale. Is that fair? No.

It's amazing that you don't see your own narcissism - railing against anyone who's critical of manufacturers not providing a range of sizes. You're desires are being met, not ours. So arguing that *we* are the ones being myopic is hilarious.

Please re-read my post. I was merely pointing out the fact that some people have no difficulty using larger devices. Obviously some people have small hands, and those individuals will have a hard time finding appropriately-sized devices when the industry keeps pushing larger ones. But don't blame me for what the manufacturers put out. They make devices according to (perceived) demand, and small phones are not driving sales.

So, to prove your point, you attack people with large hands? We're not the manufacturer. Get angry at them, not us.

Posted via Android Central App

Speaking as someone who is larger than most (6'6" 270#) but not near Shaq's size...your comment is actually what is ridiculous.

When I went to the ATT store to upgrade from my HTC I entered the store with the thought of getting the new Iphone 5. However, when I held it in my hand, it was actually smaller than my HTC and there was no way I was going smaller. Lo and behold, right next to the Iphone display was the Samsung display and in that display was this "monster" Mega 6.3 phone. I picked it up and immediately knew I had found a phone built for me. I have no problem operating it one handed...I can read the screen easily and when I hit a friggin' "e" when I text, it is an "e"...not a "w", "r" or "d".

I get don't like the phone and that's fine. The phone is not for everyone. Probably a good thing we have so many choices. I'd be willing to bet that I drive a different vehicle than you is a large vehicle.

My God you are a friggin idiot. You gotta be somebody from the Randy Newman song short people. Proof once again that short people got no reason to live especially if your this narrow minded and dumb. Just having the extra screen size to maneuver around in and to see things is worth its weight in gold. Peoples pants pockets and purses are pretty much the same size and will hold and iPhone equally as well as a mega. You can not tell me your little pudgy fingers wouldn't fit around the mega or that you would not be strong enough to hold it. The guy that wrote this article is also an idiot or else he is one of the Apple drones they pay to write this crap because Apple is too stupid to make a larger phone due to the ghost of Steve Jobs telling them from the grave that the world does not need a larger phone than the iPhone. Steve Jobs could also be such an idiot at times....... more due to his personality disorder or OCD or whatever he suffered with.

Have You ever seen a girl palm a basketball?That's another reason for different size gloves.I have this phone. And it really feels nice.Could you tell me??What phone do you use?Later.

It really does depend on how big your hands are. I was carrying the Samsung galaxy s4 and at 5in it was still to small for my liking. I wanted a big phone that was still portable and offered after extra features so I went back to the Note 2

I am a female with "tiny girl hands", and I love the idea of combining a phone with a tablet, known as a "phablet". I own a Note 2 (5.5in) and a HTC Flyer (7in). Would've been nice to kill 2 birds with one stone! I'm not a one-handed user so 6.3in is not that big a deal. However, I don't think I want a phone 7in, that might look REAL silly. All said and done, I would have no problem buying a Galaxy Mega, in fact I look forward to it!

Question... why in the world would a person put an expensive phone in their pants pocket? That looks crazy! You spend $200+ for a phone and put it in your pocket, where it can be damaged??!! Buy a case with a belt clip!

Thank you so much. I have the Samsung Mega 6.3, I bought the International version instead of AT&T. I agree that not everyone has tiny girl hands, I am 6'6 and I wanted a phone that I could use without typing problems. I actually got it after having the Note 2 which is a nice phone but I honestly love the Mega.

Hi, totally agree with you. I'm a short guy, however my fingers like sausages, and I have suffered a lot from HTC with small screen. I'm really happy with Mega))

I loved my mega never had one single problem with it I have large hands and hate small phones. I ran over my phone on accident and am now stuck with the tiny note 3 because they quit making the mega

I dropped my Mega and have a small crack along the bottom to where I can't use the bottom :( just got told by Insurance that I would have to have the note 3 instead. Wonder why they stopped making the mega. The only complaint I have is if you drop it and it get even ONE crack the it doesn't work right. Other than that I love the size. How is the note 3 compare to the Mega?

My wife loves her Galaxy Mega. I tried to convince her she wants a different phone, but for her usage type, she loves it. She plays a bunch of games during her day and some messaging. She makes very few phone calls and always has a purse. She loves it, what can I do?

HAHA, Reading it now, I totally didn't describe my wife well as the DOD engineer she is. A few of the engineers there use bigger devices

Oooooooh that was funny peewee Herman days lol large marge whewww laughing at my desk

Posted via Android Central App

"Whispers. Crook-eyes. The occasional point-and-laugh. These are some of the things I’ve endured"

How about you stop worrying what random people who you'll never see again think about the device you are using.

+ 1.
I have a feeling that had the Mega shipped with better specs, this article would have had a far different tone...

And how about acknowledging that it's not just what other people think. The author also pointed out:

"Shooting off an SMS takes brute strength and two meaty paws; making a phone call looks and feels ridiculous".

These are very much *not* imaginary, self-conscious issues, so there IS an argument that a screen of this size compromises the useability of the device.

Maybe we should all use iPhones, since you're against anyone that chooses a larger device.

Posted via Android Central App

Let just make this clear for the fag with the tiny hands, quit bitchin about android, apple is just plain shit.

So then the iPhone is perfect for that person whereas the mega was perfect for me that is weird huh.

Also, when iPhone was 3.5 and Samsung dared come up with 4.5 people were saying it’s too big, whining, etc. A couple of years ahead 3.5 became ridiculously small, even 4 has become too small now. Let the 6 sink in common life and get the best specs, and 4.5 will be like the included plan cheap phones.

""Whispers. Crook-eyes. The occasional point-and-laugh. These are some of the things I’ve endured"

How about you stop worrying what random people who you'll never see again think about the device you are using."

Who said anything about random people? Could be his family, friends, colleges.. just saying..

Samsungs proves in order to be genus at times u will have to make a fool of ur self... And this is one of those foolish times..... I hate this phone and that someone at Samsung even approved it to go past a concept.. . Smh

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe you just cant understand why someone would need a large phone. Its not for you, fine, not everything needs to be all about you.

I know its not for me.. Who said it's all about me? U! With coworkers. Family and friends... I actually help more people with their phone decision than u would imagine..(read my AC Post)i even try to help from time to time there. Im entitled to feel how the hell i feel... If i wanna use this forum to express that i will..
Again i can't find any unique qualities about this device.. So tell me please why would i suggest this phone to someone? What void does it fill in the industry? Its not overly powerful, The screen isn't great, its probably not going to stay updated due to the lack of its demand. Enlighten me please. What's great about it?

Posted via Android Central App

Size, some people need the size.

All that matters is sales, if it sells and more to the point if its successor sells then you are simply wrong. Remember how people laughed at the Note? Is a huge seller as well as a huge phone.

Sales.. Ur right except every note brought something new.. Spen, screaming speed, new functionality,... When i picked up the note2.. I was thinking this is way too big... Then i pulled out the pen.. Seen it's functions.. Flipped through the phone.. Damn its fast! Tried the split screen... Oooh sh** thats sick!!... And i purchased it.. This mega says buy me.. Im big and I'm a Samsung.. Nothing else... Its a lazy ass move buy a company i respect... Hate to say Apple would not put out a cheap knock off of their own product.. IMO.. if you battle with the big boys act like one... This phone is horrible... Again imo.. It will not sell half of the note.. I'm willing to bet. (not literally.)'s sad.. U can't through wack products at the wall and put them out... People will lose respect for ur brand...that SALES ur brand

Posted via Android Central App

"Samsungs proves in order to be genus at times u will have to make a fool of ur self..."

when was the last time Samsung was genius? they haven't made a single phone or feature that I want since the Galaxy Nexus and yes, you are right that the reason i bought the GNex wasn't hardly that it's a Samsung. They do make good screens though and I will be enjoying one when I buy a Moto X, because that is one genius phone..

This is definitely a terrible phone. I'll definitely agree that this would make a better tablet than a phone. This is like overkill. Samsung, you don't have to make everything that comes to mind.

Posted via Nexus 7 (2013)

It's too bad that the ASUS Padphone 2 wasn't available in the US. That, to me, is the way to go. That way, you get a usable phone and a tablet. Also, it's something that has great specs over what the Mega offers.

I completely understand the argument. I broke the screen on my Note 2 last Saturday and used an S4 until I could replace it. While fast and a beautiful display, I really didn't like the size because I've been using the Note 2 since it came out. While this is the biggest that I would go for a phone, if the Mega will work for someone, great. It takes the pressure off of me when people say my phone is big.

Posted from my N2 via Android Central App

To quote a Burger King commercial, but in reverse perspective:

"Well you see, I have these hands....."

I saw a demo unit of the Galaxy Mega at Sam's Club the day it came out, and only one thing came to my mind: Even with my football lineman hands, This thing is FRICKIN' HUGE......for a phone.

If you want the most out of it, my suggestion would be to buy it off contract and get a AIO Wireless sim or GO Phone sim and rock it on prepaid. I wouldn't waste a 2 year upgrade on it since there are plenty of great devices you can do that with.

Now if they made a Galaxy Player like this.....

Thank you for this review -this was an excellent complement to Alex's earlier piece about the phone.

Your focus on portability is a good takeaway and since we have the specs portion writeup from Alex. It's clear what this phone/tablet...phablet can do.

Now we know better how we can do it.

I can and have carried my KFTT (Kindle Fire HD 7" in my jacket pocket without issue many times, it fits and goes alone without notice. Kind of awkward if I try to do that with my pants pockets. . .

And that's why I really appreciate your main theme that being able to carry the tablet on one's person does make a difference in the overall experience of using it and having it with you.

Thanks again!

Hey someone has to cater to the NFL, NBA and steroid crowd, why not Samsung?

That being said, if you are gonna go big, do it right or GTFO. They made a big phone and threw all of the leftovers from 2012 in there which is just criminal. The phone was never for me because of the size, but for those that could be considering it, they are getting robbed.

This could be like the jitterbug smartphone. Lower the DPI really far and you're set.

You're missing the most important point considering this as a tablet - since its marketed as a phone, it runs the phone version of android. That means a bloated looking UI and no tablet app compatibility without rooting and ROMing.

In my book this is a good - if niche - midrange phone, and a shitty tablet.

I also feel it important to add that if the Xperia Z Ultra had a camera flash, Id own one right now. And that things bigger than the mega. (course I'd have to ROM it because for some reason Sony didn't give it the 7" Tablet UX either... But I'm OK with that.)

so for the same reason that you are not ok with one phone, you are ok with another? Kinda self defeating isnt it?

Besides that, throw on Nova or Apex launcher and run that in tablet mode, no need to rom.

I'm not sure why people keep bringing up the ridiculous size argument? I grew up in the 80-90 when phones had backpacks for the batteries and a house phone looking handset. Have you ever looked at someone using their cordless phone at home and said OMG that thing is 7 inches long and 2 inches thick how could you use such an enormous device? Nope ! If it works for you use it and if not then don't worry about what others like to use.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not sure why people keep bringing up the ridiculous size argument? I grew up in the 80s-90s when phones had backpacks for the batteries and a house phone looking handset. Have you ever looked at someone using their cordless phone at home and said OMG that thing is 7 inches long and 2 inches thick how could you use such an enormous device? Nope ! If it works for you use it and if not then don't worry about what others like to use.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't get it either. People seem to be so hung up on what others think about them, what device they use and how it looks when doing so.

I feel exactly this way. When you pay for my phone, then you can tell me how perfect or non perfect the device is... Till then, keep comments to yourself, no one cares. Engaging in an intense argument with a person who isn't within a right hook's length is a waste of time.
I met Stevie ray Vaughan and shook his hand. The guy was under 6 foot and had catchers mitts. Don't tell me only shaq sized people have big hands. Ah ah

SwiftKey'd from my Bohemoth Note2

I have the same issue with "OMG that phone is 8.9MM thick it is a monster compared to my 7.7MM phone?!?!!??111"

People get way too hung up one size. I can understand someone releasing a bag phone at this point and getting ridiculed, but a MM?

I've so many really small ladies carrying these around in Singapore. When I picked one up I thought its huge, but its pretty fast and does everything its supposed to. Samsung are not stupid, they are selling buckets of these. People want big phones that double up as a small tablet. Why do think every other manufacturer is coming out with an ultra or a maxx version of their phones? Difference with this is it's very affordable. Specs might not be at the top end, but not everybody needs that.

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 4

I am getting one of these, and while I know I am in the minority I have very good reasons. The more I look at this the more I realize its perfect for me:

1) I have a work phone (BlackBerry), but it lacks texting due to security. I can make all the phone calls I wan't but can't text or really browse the web succesfully.

2) I really don't talk that much anyway, but do text here and there. I have a International Note now and honestly wish it were much bigger.

3) I don't play games, so the last gen processor dosent bother me, sure I would rather have a higher quality screen, but too much else about this is exactly what I want, a tablet that fits in my pocket with 4g and can text.

It seems like this device was made for me, and while I didn't get everything I wanted in this size device, the price alone makes it a good trial (of course ill wait around till it hits $100 somewhere... gotta save that $50 :D )

I ordered my Mega thru my phone company (ATT), and when I asked the representative if he would give it to me at the Walmart price($99), he said that he'd give me a $50 credit on my next phone bill. Plus, he gave me free overnight shipping. Ask your carrier for a never know until you ask!

Man, so many rush to speak without thinking.

The Mega is a "test" device, much like the Infuse was.

The device will tell Samsung whether there is a market for a larger phone. The Infuse didn't have great specs when it came out either, but it was the largest phone at 4.5 inches. It told Samsung that there might be a market for the first Galaxy Note. If this phone does well don't be surprised to see something similar as the Note 4 next year.

Also, I'm 6'6", 315 pounds. My phone has to be big or I won't consider it. It takes extra effort to hold a phone when it is too small. I have the optimus g pro (a phone that many of you are missing out on) and it fits perfect. But, if the specs were better I would consider getting the Mega.

I know what you mean about having large hands. Next weeks Note 3 might be a good fit for you. The Spen really does help when precise touching is involved. Plus it should be around 5.7"s so it's a pretty good size as well. I think the Mega is a great phone for what it is.

Hmmm, seems to me that if this had an s-pen, I would by it. I would be down to one device. I have no prob typing on my Note8.0 in portrait orientation. I actually prefer it, ala 2 thumb style. Thats how I use the s4 too. If the Note8.0 had cell service in the states- It would be perfect. And Im not 8'9' or whatever. Not even 6'. To be able to consume and communicate on one device is where its at. Now....lets talk about dual sims......

There is a version of the Note 8.0 that can be used as a phone. It gets hspa+ not lte. You can get it from for around $550 I believe.

Posted via Android Central App

I need one for vzw unfortunately. ....but thanks. Wait, hspa wouldnt work on vzw would it?

Posted via Android Central App

Please tell me you weren't holding it up to your head to talk. This is 2013 and there is Bluetooth 4 built right in. The new headsets have tremendous talk times now. And no the Mega is not the largest smartphone on the market. My Note 8 is twice the size. My dilemma with the Mega is do I give up twice the screen real estate and Spen function for LTE. I'm not sure I would but the fact that LTE is too limited in area right now makes it a useless point.

This might just be me, but I don't care for lte. Unless you have unlimited data, you are likely to go over your limit every month. I turned lte off on my s4.

Posted via Android Central App

You're right. LTE is so fast that you can blow through a month data in a few seconds downloading if you aren't careful. Thankfully I jumped on board the unlimited data packages and I am grandfathered in. The new packages are just ridiculous. Where did the $30 6GB plan go to. They've charged us for years with network service fees and now they try and claim that they are the ones footing the bill for building out the LTE network. There's nothing like paying twice for something.

I don't know if you were talking to me about holding it up to my head to talk, but if you were then no, I don't have a note 8.0.

Posted via Android Central App

This is just my thoughts, no reflection on anyone else.

I think bluetooth headsets are douchey. I just never could use one. i tried off and on for a year but couldnt do it. Kept pulling it out of my ear when I was in line or somewhere public. In the car I could see the value, but they have other things for that. Especially now with voice activation being a prevalent as it is.

I live in the transportation world where everyone has one. There are many different types and many ways to conceal them. There's just no need for anyone to be driving with a phone pressed up against their face. And I wouldn't say that holding your head while talking is the most ideal picture either.

I love my Jawbone. I have had people make comments like, "Look! A cyborg!" Eh, whatever. I'm not a big "phone talker" person, and I *hate* having to hold the phone up to my head, especially for long conversations. Maybe I'm just lazy.

It's especially useful, though, when I'm in a teleconference or having to deal with a production outage. Then, I have both hands free to type and use the mouse, without having to use speaker phone, which can be very hard to hear other people in the conversation who are on speaker phones in rooms with *horrible* acoustics.

To each their own.

This. +9000. Oftentimes, when I'm talking on my phone, I need both hands free. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by using a Bluetooth headset.

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the problem isn't the size of the phone, it's how much larger it gets when you add a good case or an extended battery case.

I don't mind the size, maybe it's because I'm tall and prefer it. But if you do alot of email for work it's a good device to have. However, I'll wait for the Mega 2. I'd like to see some tweaks on the internals.

I don't see a problem with this phone other than what is (or what is not) under the hood, spec wise.

As for it being a phone, get yourself a bluetooth earpiece and you're set.

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Vacca I'm Sorry..
This is without question, the Dumbest Review I've ever seen on this Site.
If you don't like the phone so be it.. If your Tiny Stature can't handle the phone so be it.. If you don't know how to use a Bluetooth Headset and set the phone to Auto Answer Calls so be it..


You really sound like an unprofessional idiot.

what's the big fuss about something that you don't like and you're not even forced to get. i own one and i'm liking it. it definitely means "it's for me". if you don't like this phone, then just point your head in another direction or press the backspace key of your keyboard then look for something else. why do you have to say such things when in fact this phone is targeted for a "certain market" only, and not for "everyone". this is probably the reason why companies get their customer service people offshore. why say so much about something that doesn't even affect your lives. just like RaiderWill said, "You really sound like an unprofessional idiot."

I have a friend who wants one of these for a very good reason, his eye sight problems. He is using a note 2 and wishes it was just a little larger. Yes he is near blind. The low rez screen won't make a difference to him, he can't tell 1080 from 720. The LCD screen will make it easier for him to see in daylight than the AMOLED. It may be a niche phone, but for some it's what they have been looking for.

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Your comments line up exactly with my recent thoughts. I've had a Note II for some time now and I love the large screen. What I'd really like to see is a sort of software ambiguity that would allow my Note II to act like a tablet with some apps and a phone for most of the rest. (Those of you who've used tablet-specific apps know what I'm getting at.) The Mega would actually be even better for me except I want the higher level hardware that's on the Note II (and soon, the Note III).
My main premise in portable computing is two-fold: 1) We're always doing a balancing act between large enough for adequate input and output and small enough to carry with you and 2) Laptops and tablets are too big. You'll always set them down eventually and then they'll be across the room or even at home when you wish you had them. Even the largest phone is not only small enough to carry with you, but small enough so that you actually will. My phone alternates between my hand and my pocket (with ever so occasional hiatus to a tripod, a window mount (for my car), and my bed-stand.) It's never more than an arm's length away and that's why it's so useful.
In short, I agree, Samsung should have labeled this a mini-tablet with cellular connectivity and sold it as the tablet you could always have with you.

I have a hard time to understand the hype that surrounds the Mega when Sony has the Xperia Z Ultra that is superior in all aspects including the fact that it isn't carrier branded.

The problem with Mega is that Samsung got a bit of a panic when Huawei introduced the Ascend Mate and felt that something similar was needed and then they wanted to avoid competition with the Note series, therefore inferior hardware. If the Mega had been a Note II with a bigger screen and otherwise identical, it could have been more interesting - until the Xperia Z Ultra arrived that is.

Now I can only recommend everyone looking for a phablet to check the Ultra first - it is really awesome, very high performance, Sony updates it frequently, the first custom recovery is on its way now...

Otherwise, the Nexus 7 is great for those that accept a tablet and a smartphone as separate devices. I just don't see any reason to buy the Mega when the Ultra is superior and the Nexus 7 is superior.

If there would be no Ultra, I would get the Nexus 7 instead of the Mega, no doubt.

You shut up. Cargo pockets are sexy and effective. It's like having two purses with all the usefulness, none of the potentially getting lost, and without all the social stigma!

I see this as a tablet that has some distinct advantages.

I can put in on the T-Mobile $30 5GB prepaid plan because it's a phone.

I can download any app from Google Play without having to root my tablet because this is a phone. I had a Nexus 7 and that was a problem.

Well, I have delicate girl hands because, well, I'm a girl, and I love this phone. Who cares what people think? I can read books without taking my tablet everywhere I go, watch videos without squinting, and view web pages the way they're meant to be read. The only reactions I've gotten from others has been overwhelmingly positive. I've been stopped several times by guys at stores who ask me questions about my mega, and who seem to think its really cool. All my friends who see it want to hold it and play with it, and several plan to trade in their iPhone for a mega. Sorry guys, but smaller isn't better.

Oh one more big as it is, my Mega still fits perfectly in even my smallest purse. Maybe the writer of this article needs to buy himself a bigger manpurse to deal with his size problems. ..just a suggestion.

I have to say I wear a size 15.5 ring,im 51 years old my hands are like leather and I really like this phone it works for my hands and my eyes are I use my phone a lot and like surfing the web on my phone.It is perfect for my needs and if nobody else likes it oh well,if you live your life based on what others say your in for a long life,I believe this phone is perfectt for many people who use thier phones for calling and internet,works for me,ive used a ZTE warp from boost mobile for last couple years so anything is a step up from that phone,although boost has been great,so I say whatever floats your boat reguardless of what anyone else thinks,its a cool phone right price,finally a phone that fits me perfect.Have a great day all.

I'm floored by egocentricism of so many of these comments. The whole point of there being a variety of phones and sizes is so you can have the device you prefer. Why bother wasting your time ragging on a phone simply because it doesn't appeal to you? I'm a relatively small guy, 5'8", but I find the mega perfect for my needs. I hate trying to carry a 7" tablet around, it is simply too bulky and awkward. It seems superfluous when I already have a phone in my pocket that can do literally all of the same things. I make few phone calls, dont text much, but use my browser constantly. The mega perfectly answers all of those needs- keeping me accessible by phone and text while allowing me to have an immersive browsing and multimedia experience, all contained comfortably in my pocket. The processing power may be previous gen, but you are fooling yourselves if you honestly think you need the newest generation processors to have a fast phone. What sort of heavy lifting do you expect your phones to do? Because I seriously havent experienced any slow down or lag on this device, and I would consider myself a power user- VNC, VPN, HD video, the works. If you dont want this phone, by all means, choose your preference and stick to it. But there is nothing wrong with the way this device appeals to me or any of its other users.

-Happily and easily posted from my Mega

Very narrow minded opinion at best by writer. Most people that have seen it think it's cool.

I own one and absolutely love it. Came from a S4 prior.

I have big hands and can use it one handed.

I love this phone. I am only 5'4 with small hands and I still manage to text and type with one hand. The clarity of the screen is phenominal. I have had no issues with it since I have had it! it's probably one of the best phones I have had and I have had a lot of different phones.

Not quite sure what the point of this article was, but to each their own. I personally love my Mega. One of the best phones I've ever had. Love that the screen is so large but still pocketable. It's enabled me to ditch my Nexus 7 and go to just one device. Perfect.

I use galaxy mega 6.3 when i make Internet call & received Internet mobile screen off & when call end again screen on please help me

I use galaxy mega 6.3 when i make Internet call & received Internet mobile screen off & when call end again screen on please help me

I have this phone and I absolutely love it! I'm a female don't have big hands and I can still function just fine. This article was pretty much telling people if you can't handle that people are gonna talk about you don't get it. Who cares what anyone else thinks it MY phone. If YOU don't like it you don't have to buy it!

I read 10 or so comments about samsung's Mega being a great tablet but a poor
phone. I am 53 years old and the mega is the first mobile phone I bought for
my needs. My wife is on her 4th or 5th phone since the first one we got before the turn of this century. Now she has 2 years left on a plan with an HTC Android .
She now is not happy with and one I hated from the start . I have had a spinal
cord problem since 2002 and with my dissability comes hand issues. Feeling holding
and not being able to text on her phone without correcting over and over again.

I finaly told her I was getting my own phone. When I saw the megga it was love at first sight. Like all other I podders and HTC android people She said I was not
getting that thing. HAHA she wins most arguments but not this one. Her sister wokes
for a cell suply company and when I asked her sister who has seen all phones said
Mike that is the perfect phone for you. After getting my megga friday I have never had so much fun learning the cell game. I play chess only for games perfect. The
large screan perfect for my older welders eyes. I can talk on a speaker dont have to put it up to my head. And reviewing pics bonus.

As for all of the other things you all pay $100.00 and up for and have the same stuff at home paying $100.00 and up. I have a cell phone with everything I need and more. If the Samsung mega looks funny to you or does not fit your Click dont
buy it. But for all you people out there that have issues with hands and eyes I
can tell you there is no better Phone out there and as a bonis I got a tablet at
the same time . Samsung you hit it out of the park with this one. Before you stop
produceing and selling the mega ask people of dissabilities what they think of it.
You might have looked into the wrong demographics

I agree completely - LOVE IT. My SIII on steroids IMHO.

I wish this phone was available years ago. For all the mixed reviews (reminds me of the Win8 love/hate relationship)... I do IT work and I have always wanted a portable phone with a screen LARGE enough that would allow me to "remote into" my client's computers when they call me for support. Well, this is it! Add a mouse (wireless or via' adapt) and there is nothing I can't do over the cell data network.

Laptops have become a pain to carry and fire up if you are in a rush. A tablet would be find but it's another large thing to carry. I've been using TeamViewer (even VNC) and the performance rocks. The screen is now big enough.. So I can now support my clients anywhere...

Also, with T-mobile, I can be remoted in "and" use the speaker phone to talk over the phone. Anyway, this was one case where I welcomed a MEGA screen.

This guy can't even make calls with the Mega . Wow thats a lame person. My boss buys iPhones for everybody at work, I've bin stuck with the iPhone 3GS. If you've never used one, it's like the first iPod with call capability. I'm the only dummy at work that never broke my phone. lol So long and the short of it my boss got me the mega 6.3 because I'm awesome. Know with over 3.5gb of processor making calls should be easy, but aparently this guy is an idiot. lol and after having our IT department stip the exta apps off the phone, My Mega fly's. Gaming and active work processes work flawlessly. I actually made the mistake and installed a game boost app. Wow did'nt need that. It's true, It makes no sence why they only gave you 1.3gb of ram with over 3.5gb of upgraded processors, but you can over clock ram without rooting, don't ask how, IT did it. So I have 3.5gb of ram, and all usual apps I run take up 860mb of ram leaving over 2.5gb of ram to do what ever. This guy must have had tutorial mode still on trying to make a call. I don't think this phone sux, I think It's a begging of a market thats out their, needing the Mega.

This article is kind of dated but; Tiny brain, tiny hands, tiny "peaness"..... Andrew Vacca; you should be more objective than subjective in your reviews! Multitudes of people love this phone including my 5'2" wife with tiny little hands.

I love the samsung mega.
Im txt heavy watch alot of vids
And I have small hands
The sound is great its not awkward to use
For txts calls or anything
The camera does tend to turn out
Alot of shakey pics but no worse than any other

I agree about the pics. I typically use my phone camera to do white board screen shots and photos of my expenses for work stuff. My Lumia 920 has an anti-shake feature which the Mega does not so I have to be very still or do the multi-shot feature which helps a little. The reviewers just don't seem to get it. They typically pan this phone but the buyers love it and give it the highest rankings and comments of just about any phone I've seen.

I love my mega. Im a woman with regular sized hands and I use the phone all the time with no problems. I can always find it in my purse. I could never find my iphone in my purse. Cant really misplace it because it sticks out. I rarley use my computer...I have a tablet that I should get rid of cuz this is a two in one deal. I absolutely adore my phone.

Exactly like you i love this phone for me is perfect cause i got the cel funtion and also like a tablet at the same time so i believe its not much for complain negative about it .. the phablet is A+ OK ..

Must be stupidly wrong cause ..tha note 3 is also real big compare to this one ..note 2 also ..S4 almost so not understand that pointless rewiew criticism ..whats more interesting is that is a better screen size to play movies videos
Much more easier to read and to create mail for me is really good doesnt matter the bit bulky size cuase any way have is advantages and the size that for me not bother ..

I have had my mega ever since it came out on at&t. I love the mega
Its size is a plus for me being a truck driver. Watching movies and using the trucker gps app is wonderful on the mega. I have small hands and its very easy to use. Belive me, I came from my old motorola razor.... yes the flip one with the dragons on it!!!!

I just recently picked up this phone and absolutely LOVE it both as a phone and a tablet. I was using a Windows Lumia 920 and a Galaxy Note 8. To me the phones are too small so when I was looking at the Note 3 I came across the Mega 6.3 and thought it would be exactly what I want and so far it has not disappointed. I don't need high end specs. It makes perfect phone calls. Everyone says it is crystal clear and the GPS works better than most devices. Due to it's size there are many times I don't even use my small tablets (Nexus 7, Note 8, windows-Dell Venue 8 Pro). I hope they come out with another one with a full HD screen.

- Modification:
I will say the only weakness of this phone at this point is the photos. For my job, I use my phone to take white board screen shots and photos of my expense receipts. Unless I am very still or use the multi-shot function of the camera app, it's difficult to get clear photos (at least in low light or in door environments).

I have a galaxy Mega phone and I love it the size isn't bad at all and I know slot of people who have it I was ready for the Mega 2 to come out all the other phones are small to me now

I hear the Mega 2 will be smaller, and I want it to be even bigger, so I am not really excited about the Mega 2...

You all sound like a bunch of whiners. If it's too big for you, then don't buy it. If you didn't buy it, why are you complaining about it? I feel like I traded up when I went from the Galaxy 4 to the Mega. I hope the Samsung Galaxy Product Manager is reading this; it's the sweetest phone I've ever owned - I haven't touched my Macbook Pro since I got it. And it's too big? Guess what? I want a Galaxy Super Mega, 7 inches or larger with Note 3 specs! I got my AT&T Mega on a promotion for free, but I'd pay a hefty price for a Galaxy Super Mega...

Right. Not all phone will be for everyone. Now myself I'm a small guy but this mega That I have. I love. Good for my candle store to place orders, love the videos and movies and sound. Others may not like it but I give it, ⇧

Go big or go home. This phone (while getting awkward looks) does the work of two devices. Everyone wants something different, and that is why samsung makes more than one phone. As far as a phone being sized to a person...I don't know. But if it fits in my pocket ima rock it ;-)

So. I'm an average woman with average sized hands who just can't see the small screens anymore. I bought my Mega because I wanted something that I could use as a phone, and also watch movies and surf when I travel so I don't have to bring my tablet, too. I say who cares what it looks like or what other people think? Go small, go big, just get what works for you!

Bigger Screen Smartphone is comes in trend. Everyone looking to buy a bigger screen smartphone.
As of now finding a bigger screen smartphone in best budget is difficult. But few days ago i heard about a website from one of my friend the website name is, they also offer android app and i m using it. The best feature of zopper android app is to allow user to decide their budget and need.

All I know is this.

I have a Mega, and, when ever someone notices is, they ask me where they can get one.

Now, I know all of you "experts", frown upon its size.

But, have you ever considered the fact that not everyone has hands as dainty as yours?

Man up, sissies!

I've had my Mega for over two years and i couldn't be more happy with it.
She's so beautiful and sexy. Mmmmmm