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Styled like the Galaxy Note 8.0, the Galaxy Tab 3 has more than a whiff of the mid-range about it

Samsung has pulled the wraps off their latest addition to the Galaxy Tab range with this, the new Galaxy Tab 3. This particular tablet is the 7-inch version, which will launch in a WiFi only flavor at the beginning of May. A 3G-enabled sibling will then follow in June. 

The styling follows on very much from the larger, Galaxy Note 8.0, continuing Samsung's new theme of adding their traditional three button setup to their tablet devices. Software wise we're looking at Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with the usual Touchwiz overlay, but on the hardware front things are distinctly mid-range. 

Powering the Galaxy Tab 3 is a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, on top of 8GB or 16GB of on board storage. This being Samsung though, storage is expandable by way of microSD card. The display is somewhat disappointing, with the Tab 3 sporting a resolution of just 1024x600. The cameras too are on the low end of things, with a 3MP rear shooter accompanied by a 1.3MP front facer. 

All this adds up to what should be a keenly priced tablet. Its predecessor has been retailing at Nexus 7 money for some time now. But, without a glaring jump in either hardware or software, it's difficult to think of a compelling reason to take the new Galaxy Tab 3 over the year old Nexus 7. Samsung brand power might come into play a little with this one. No pricing has been announced at this time and for the full press release, be sure to click on past the break. 

SEOUL, Korea, April 29, 2013 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced the introduction of the GALAXY Tab 3 - 7-inch tablet featuring sleek design and enhanced capabilities that bring capabilities that bring better performance and multimedia experiences to your fingertips.

With the new GALAXY Tab 3, Samsung has evolved its range of innovative tablets, making them smaller and easier to carry, while increasing the user experience overall

• Easy Handgrip and Portability: Its compact, one-hand grip form factor ensures users can hold comfortably for hours as well as store in a pocket or small bag for reading and entertainment on the go. The sleek and stylish design encompasses thinner bezel than the previous GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0).
• Better Multimedia Performance: Powered by a 1.2GHz Dual Core processor, the device allows for faster downloads and sharing, while providing easy access to videos, apps, games, and the web. Offered with either 8/16 of internal storage plus up to 64GB of expandable memory, the device has plenty of space to hold your favorite photos, music, apps, videos and more.
• Enhanced User Experience: The GALAXY Tab 3 7-inch is equipped to better capture life’s moments in stunning clarity and resolution with its 3-megapixel camera rear camera and 1.3 -megapixel front camera. Combined with the latest Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), it allows users to share photos, videos, and life’s special moments through a few quick taps and swipes.

The GALAXY Tab 3 7-inch WiFi version will be available globally beginning May and 3G version will follow in June. The product availability varies by market and will be rolled out gradually. 


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Samsung announces the Galaxy Tab 3, 7-inches of mid-range tablet


Another new tablet worth a look at is the Novo 7 Venus that launched last month that's available for $149 through a site called TabletSprint - this new model runs Android 4.2 and compares closely to the Nexus 7 - featuring a Quad Core processor and HD 1280x800 IPS Screen; while also offering a few features the Nexus doesn't - including a 2-Megapixel rear camera, a MicroSD memory card slot, and HDMI 1080p; plus a 4000 mAh battery and Google Play store preinstalled. This tablet is made by Ainol Electronics, which is known for winning runner-up for Best Tablet of the Year at CES 2012. TabletSprint also includes $25 in Bonus Apps including an Office Suite and one of Android's best 3D Games - Shadowgun.

Also launching in early May and available through TabletSprint is the Icoo 7GT - 3G Model for $199, which rivals the Nexus 7 - 3G version that's priced $100 more -- the Icoo 7GT - 3G offers a built-in SIM slot for 3G HSPA+ connection with both Internet access and Voice Calling through any GSM Network such as AT&T and T-Mobile; and also features a Quad Core processor, an HD 1280x800 IPS Screen, and built-in GPS; as well as a Rear 5 Megapixel Camera, a MicroSd Memory Card slot, Android 4.1 O/S, Google Play store, and an HDMI 1080p port with 4K HD output to stream video & movies to a TV --

Overall, both of these new models are pretty impressive for the features they offer and price.

I see this has an earpiece and a phone app. Wonder if those features will make it to the states?

A 600p screen in 2013? You're kidding me, right? That screen was terrible on the Tab 2. Wait, that was even a PLS panel. This is going to be a DOWNGRADE from the tab 2 in terms of display - and equal or worse in really everything but the CPU, and (assuming it follows in the footsteps of the note 8 because it had zero reason not to) shedding the ridiculous Samsung Tablet Port in favor of MicroUSB.

I've already gone off on what a terrible idea the physical buttons are - especially the menu button! - when the Note 8 came out. It's no less horrible now than it was then.

The software is going to be worse than the tab 2,assuming it runs pretty much the same software as the note 8. The 8 had shed most of Androids Tablet UI features for no good reason. It's an 8 inch phone in every respect. This Tab 3 is going to be basically a Galaxy Mega XL, but with shitty specs. Even if the price was cheap, why the hell would anyone choose this?

And also, white? Why? White plastic feels about 20 times cheaper than any other color. Pick up, say, a white note 2 and a gray one. The white feels about twice as cheap. And now, Samsung is starting to release their devices ONLY in white? WTF. It's like they're trying to tarnish their name.

Now. I'm a proud Note II owner. I've always been a fan of Samsung. I love the S4,the Mega 6.3, and the Note 3 may well be my next phone.

But this madness with your tablets and non - flagship phones has to stop. Drop the white plastic. Give your tablets a proper Tablet UI and obscene keys. Get decent displays in your non-flagships. And for the love of God drop the menu button already!

Those specs look exactly like the Tab 2 7.0 I already have at home. They're all ready selling that one at $179, I wonder if this will be coming it around the same price. I can't image it would priced the same as or more than the better spec'd Nexus 7.

I will say this, if any one has a chance to slightly undercut the Nexus 7 with specs that aren't really worth the little bit of savings, it's probably Samsung. They're brand is string, and they've aligned this tablet with their phone design language the same as the Note 8.0.

That is the old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, whit a new case.
Samsung what are you doing? You getting nuts every new phone you make.
This its just a restyling...

Been looking for 7" with phone capability, but not impressed with low performance. Getting close to a "One Device" so can free up a pocket for keys and loose change.

I was waiting for a lower cost or high screen res version of the Note 8 without digitizer/note capability. This definitely isn't it.

Will be interesting to see where they price it at though. That will be a good indicator of just how full Samsung is of itself.


the small tablet market is now closed.

Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini, you may pass.

Galaxy Note 8.0, you can wait here for the occasional artist.

everyone else, go home.

asus fonepad, got the screen,the 3g,phone capability, the removable storage and i got a feeling the intel with hyperthreading won't be to bad either for less money than the nex 7 32gb

This is a piece of junk. I'm waiting for a 10-inch tablet as I figure my next phone will be about 5". Next Nexus 7 could be sweet but that's too close to a phone for me. There were rumors of a GT3 HD similar to the Nexus 10 but that might have gotten killed.

I was really forward to this. Now I think I'm gonna wait for the new Nexus 7 to come out. What a let down Samsung, just like the Galaxy S4

This is getting bad, let's just make everything look like a Galaxy S3. I prefer the design on the Tab 2 to be honest. I'd like my next tablet to be this smaller 7 to 8" design but nothing coming out makes me want to buy one. Until then my Xoom is still doing fine. Hopefully the new Nexus 7 has a bit more of a premium on screen & specs.

@Richard Devine

Thanks for the post.

now a day in mid range tab type devices should have stylus, latest OS, minimum dual-core 1.5 with 1 GB RAM, minimum 16 GB storage in-built, 5MP rear camera and 2 MP for front and most important every tab should have both wi-fi and SIM slot.

Thanks in Advance

1024x600 is automatic "no sell" for me and anyone who's used a 7" tablet at that resolution. Text is not sharp at all, in fact slightly fuzzy when trying to read books & web which is a big part of having a tablet.

i see what apple feared now. samsung has become apple running android. they are adopting the "change almost nothing and drag the screen size around" style of marketing. they havent changed a single aspect of the design since the s3. and for a reason that i cannot see it sells so well.

In several years, the Galaxy S line of phones will eventually end up to look like this: a 7-inch monster that will DEFINITELY not fit in your pocket.

Seriously, Samsung. Please think of a new design that doesn't blatantly hint of Galaxy S3/S4.

Gotta love that screen resolution. Come on HP and Samsung, get with the times. The Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, and Nook HD have way better screens, yet they all sell for around $200.

OH DARN, I am looking for the features of the Note 8 in a 7" package. This is just a little to big to fit in a front pocket. I would rather carry a "ONE DEVICE" and free up the other pocket for keys and small change. Just to many misses for me.