Free phones, cheap accessories and reward points all up for consideration

Motorola is sending out surveys to its current device financing customers indicating that the company plans to take the service a bit further in the future. Available since November of last year, Motorola's financing program works much the same as any other retailer — you are offered $0 down and 0% interest financing for your phone purchase, with somewhere between six and 18 months to pay off the bill. According to surveys of current customers, Motorola is considering throwing in even more incentives for buying your next phone on credit.

Extras such as discounts on Google products, cheap Motorola accessories, "points" for exchanging your phone and rewards for being a loyal Motorola customer are all up for consideration, though it isn't clear which ones are front-runners at this point.

Motorola is also considering an "Elite" benefits program that would charge you a small monthly fee to take advantage, but would offer specific deals like free phones at a certain point and other exclusive benefits not available to folks using regular device financing.

Companies conduct surveys like these all of the time to check the interest among previous and potential customers, so it'll likely be some time before we see Motorola make any move on this. It does make sense to try and throw in relatively cheap incentives if it gives any boost in device sales, though, so we can easily see this happening.

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Motorola’s Credit program to potentially introduce new reward tiers


I can't remember the last time I had a smartphone/cell phone that wasn't a moto. If they introduce something like this and its only for people who buy on credit, and not for those who buy outright, I'm switching.

Yeah this fair for the people that didn't get approved or just want to buy outright. I feel like it should be for anyone with a Motorola account and has ordered a phone.

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I believe one of the "buy on credit" options is 0% interest so why wouldn't you just do that. Same thing unless I read wrong.

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They are already doing amazing job with customer service-care and this would be cherry on top!
BTW ever since they introduced another great service- MotoCare ESP (extended service protection) it's nit available for vzw customers. Why is that ?! Well that insurance would cost you 50% less and your deductible on the damaged device would cost you 60% less. The problem here is that I didn't buy the phone through Verizon and yet they have the right to force me out of Motorola's great protection plan, while grabbing more money from my pocket.

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I wish someone would do a story on this. How is this even legal? How does Verizon control a phone they don't own? I was pissed when I discovered this too. Bought my three Moto X's outright and I'm blocked from Moto's protection plan because Verizon is my's unreal and it seems anti consumer. Verizon is easily the sketchiest of the carriers with this move. It would be like Comcast or DirectTV blocking you from insuring your new TV. It makes no sense and does not seem to be something they should be getting away with.

I got this survey too and was really excited when reading all the things they were getting feedback on. I currently have a replacement Moto X coming in the mail after mine started acting up and seeing the new customization options that are there already, I'm really interested to see what else they add in the coming months.

For the Record, i opted for the champagne gold accents on this one with Woven white back and black front. cannot contain hype levels.

I already pay myself a monthly fee to upgrade my phone. $20 a month goes into an envelope. At the end of two years I essentially have $500 of "free" money to buy whatever I want.

In the end, stuff like this always benefits the person offering it more than the end user. Ain't nothin' free!

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