Update: Because so many people are just starting to get the update (thanks for the e-mails, everybody!), we're going to bump this post -- something we try to avoid doing for obvious reasons.

Original from Feb. 6: If you're the proud owner of a Motorola Droid RAZR, or it's brother with a bit bigger gas tank the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, (read the review of the MAXX right here)  there's an OTA update ready and waiting for you.  Version 6.12.173.XT912.Verizon.en.US (there's no way we could make that one up) started slowly rolling out over the weekend and is now pushing hard and heavy, and chances are you can grab it yourself by simply going to Settings>About Phone>System Updates.  

The update itself is about 150MB in size, and updates the software to Android 2.3.6.  I know many were wanting Ice Cream Sandwich, but this update brings some welcome bug fixes and security patches, so we'll gladly take it.  The full change list, line by line:

  • Mobile Hotspot will now successfully allow other devices to connect to all
  • Improvements in the Mobile Hotspot security.
  • VZ Navigator has been updated with the latest 3D map improvements.
  • Visual Voice Mail messages can be marked as read.
  • Visual Voice Mail message playback resumes when audio is switched to speaker.
  • Visual Voice Mail will successfully subscribe or unsubscribe while connected with Wifi.
  • Successfully press back key after playback in Visual Voice Mail without error.
  • V CAST App now comes preloaded.
  • MotoCast installation steps have been improved for easier use.
  • Improved stability of data connectivity after Airplane Mode is disabled.
  • Improved data throughput performance in low-signal 4G environments.
  • Improved Battery life when using Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) Bluetooth headsets.
  • Successfully save multimedia ringtones.
  • Favorite Contacts widget has been updated.
  • Improved device stability when moving between home screen panels.
  • Email icon has been updated for improved visibility.
  • When performing an Over the Air (OTA) update, the display will correctly show the remaining download time.
  • CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert Service) feature has been added.

That's a hell of a list, and seeing improvements with 4G data connectivity is certainly something everyone likes to see.  Things should go smoothly after this one, but if you hit any snags or just want to discuss it all, be sure to hit the forums!

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Motorola Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX update pushing out


Been running this for a few days, it leaked a week or two ago, and it definitely improves data connectivity. Then there was a small zip that updates it to .174, fixes an FC in the app drawer and makes another change to the CDMA radio. I'm wondering why they didn't push the .174 update instead?

ill be picking up a razr maxx in a few weeks. after comparing phones it fits my needs and i cannot pass up the battery life.

It says my phone is update to date. I have poor connectivity with this phone (compared with the HTC Rezound). Bluetooth sometimes drops off, too. Why won't it let me have the update?!

Sure wish they had a fix for this CRAPPY battery. My God this thing is horrible. I have to carry an adapter everywhere I go because the battery is sure to die.

Update was pushed to my phone this evening. I now have apps named "Emergancy Alerts" "MOG Music" and "Sling Box". I had none of these before, looks like you can only hide, not delete. Thanks Verizon for more useless bloat!!

No idea what Im doing with this phone other than the basic stuff I learned with my Droid. Glad I stumbled on this site, hopefully will pick up some pointers. I tried uploading the updates too but says no updates available. Hmmmm have to check back later I

I got it 3 days ago on the first day I got my Razr Maxx after dumping the Galaxy Nexus . The Razr is FAR superior and Android 4.0 was not that great , it needs a lot of work . The Razr feels better in hand , has a far better camera, its faster , the wed works better and is easier to use just to mention a few things , also has an sd card slot something the Gnex doesnt . I will never but another Samsung anything

In a few weeks you'll probably going to be complaining about not being able to get CM9. Enjoy your locked bootloader.

I doubt that, I could care less about CM9 , I need a phone that works, doesnt reboot all the time ( 3 replacments) and that the micophone doesnt cut out where my caller can no longer hear me ( all 3 Gnex phones I owned ) Also simple root of the Maxx , Free wifi tether , better call quality , better 4g signal, , faster than the Gnex , better build quality and I really didnt like ICS , needs a lot of work to be any good , Enjoy your flawed Gnex with crappy camera

You probably will however rooting the Maxx could not be easier , I got my phone and had it rooted within 10 minutes after I got home with it , download SQ lite editor after root and get free wifi tether for up to 5 devices , AWESOME !!!!!

You wont regret it , I bought the original Droid razr , then gave it to my wife so I could buy the Galaxy nexus , HATED the Galaxy Nexus and after 3 replacments and my complaining to Verizon , the offered me the Razr Maxx and gave me a free case and a desktop charger for free on top of it !!! The Maxx is the perfect phone !! Great looking , fast , lots of storage , slim and with its HUGE 3300 mah battery it is far and away the best device on the market , I get through a full day with heavy use with ease and room to spare , first 4g anything that can make that claim !! I never turn off 4g ( something I had to do with the galaxy nexus to save battery ) right now its 2 pm , phone unplugged since 7 am this morning and battery is at 80% with heavy use . The Razr is also easily rooted , and once you do that and then download SQ Lite , free wifi tether !!!! There is no better phone on the market !!!

I am surprised that it has took so long for a company to have made a phone with such a powerful battery. All others need to follow suit without compromising size. I think that Motorola will do big things this year.