Machinarium for Android

Spend even just a couple minutes with Machinarium, and two things are abundantly clear:

  • This quite possibly is the most visually stunning game I've ever played.
  • You're going to need some patience to get through this one.''

It's puzzles meet steampunk in this hand-drawn world. You guide Josef through the "legendary city of Machinarium. Each level has a series of puzzles or challenges that have to be completed, not unlike the Myst of yore. You get one hit per level, but there's a comic-like walkthrough book that will help you on your way, if you're willing to play the little in-app game to get to it.

The game's designed for tablets, but it'll run on higher-resolution smartphones as well. The developer warns that you'll not have the same experience, as the touch regions are affected, but you should get the idea.

Machinarium costs $3.99. But once you play it, you'll see it's well worth the price. Check out the demo video after the break.

Update: Oh, right. It's a 220MB download, so heads up.

Download: Machinarium
Need help? Check out the first two levels in our Machinarium walkthrough


Reader comments

Machinarium for Android - The most beautiful (and beautifully frustrating) game you may ever play


Hey Phil,
I hope you are playing this game on the EVO 4G LTE to help you review the handset. Just sayin man....(waiting patiently)

I know this sounds cheap but for $3.99 I'd like a try before you buy even if its only 2 or 3 levels just so you can get the feel and look of it. Maybe its because a lot of other games do this or are under $2 I guess its what the environment has taught me over the years :(

Thanks for the link! Cool game, I played the first levels and would like to get it for my kid. It requires some imagination, so not everyone's cup of tea. I loved the graphics.

Ya needs a free couple levels. I have been burned spending that much on some crappy games. I wont take the risk without being able to try it first.

I got this game as part of the Humble Bundle pack for Windows. Found it to be boring. The visuals are nice and very eye-catching, but the game itself is very slow paced and often frustrating.

Machinarium came out for Windows about two years ago or so. The same developers also made another game recently which I personally think is better than Machinarium in every aspect - Botanicula. Similar gameplay, point-and-click, great art style, incredible soundtrack...I wrote a review of Botanicula for Windows on my blog, if anybody wants to check it out:

I got the whole bundle from here:
Looks like they'we closed the sale now...

Much more importantly, they are also available for Linux and MacOS. But you are correct, that humble bundle is now over.

Even though I bought the PC version of this game, I immediately bought this last week, because it was a great game but more importantly because I consider it a premium game and I want to support developers who bring games like this to Android. Too many times I see Android users bitch once an app costs more than 99c, but we have to make the case that we want great apps on our platform. On itunes the game is $4.99 and has a ton more downloads than on Android.

Bought the game quite some time ago for my iPad 2. Just bought it again now for use on my Asus TF300. Glad to support the developers that are showing love for Android!

The desktop game (when not buying it bundled or at a discount) suffers from the same problem Limbo did: too expensive for too short of an experience, even if they are awesome games in their own ways. Just my opinion.