Gold HTC One

Verizon and Sprint HTC Ones available from $49.99 today, $29.99 on Friday and Saturday

HTC has kicked off its Black Friday deals early, giving buyers the chance to pick up the Verizon or Sprint HTC One at a significant discount. From Nov. 24-28 and Dec. 1-7 it's available for $49.99 on-contract for new subscribers and upgrades; this Friday and Saturday that price drops to just $29.99.

HTC is also launching new gold-themed promotion in the run up to the holidays. Enter the manufacturer's #HTCinNYC photo contest, which gives mobile photographers the chance to have their images splashed on HTC's Times Square billboard, and you could win a 24-karat gold One valued at $2,500. (Not to be confused with the less precious champagne-gold model to be sold in Europe.) Two winners will receive the golden handset, and one will also be chosen each week to win a regular, aluminum HTC One.

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HTC Black Friday promos: Verizon + Sprint HTC One on the cheap, chance to win real gold phone


Never until it is a year or more old

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Um, I feel kind of stupid, but where do we find this deal? Does HTC have their own online store now? I'm thinking about getting one as a gift for my iPhone humping other half, but I need to have some sort of return policy just in case my evil plan doesn't work out. Verizon is still charging $149.

Never mind, I found it. I had no idea you could buy directly from HTC!

Got a good laugh out of iPhone humping

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Hehe, yeah, you'd think I was not a fan. Oh wait, I'm NOT! I've been trying for 4 years to get iPhones out of the!