It's pretty amazing to think how far Android has come in just one year. Just 12 months ago we were getting all excited about the T-Mobile G1 and the promises that Android 1.0 held. Fast forward 365 days and we're looking at all that potential realized--the Motorola DROID is simply a fantastic device and Android 2.0 makes it all the more amazing. The DROID is our faith in Android, re-affirmed. 


But obviously, there's more to the DROID than just realizing Android's potential. How does it all come together? How good is the touchscreen? How sturdy is the build? How good is it as a phone? Read on to find out in our full review of the Motorola DROID!

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*we've decided to split our Motorola DROID Review in two--one review for the hardware and one review for Android 2.0. The hardware review is today and the review of Android 2.0 will come over the weekend!*


What makes the DROID a uniquely styled device in a world of soft curves and round shapes, is that the DROID is all hard lines and clean cuts. Motorola wasn't simply designing the phone to fall in line but rather demanding it to stand out. The build is completely industrial--from the materials used (metal and glass) to the overall weight of the phone (it's not light)--it all adds together to make for one of the most strikingly styled devices in recent memory.

And we're sure, with such bold styling, the DROID might not be for everyone. We admit that in pictures it looks blocky and bulky but when seen and held for the first time, the quality build shines through and you'll have a very luxurious phone in your hand. We think most people will lean toward loving the style but if you don't, you'll definitely appreciate the craftsmanship.

Starting with the front face of the phone, the DROID is all screen. In fact, you can easily mistaken this as a 'one-slab' device a la iPhone 3GS if you didn't know better. The touch sensitive buttons line the bottom of the screen (Back, Menu, Home, Search) and though they're styled nicely, we can't help but think a pressure-sensitive option would be a better option. There's been occasions where we accidentally hit a button that we didn't intend to. It's not the biggest issue, but it's definitely worth noting.

The biggest sticking point for users, design-wise, might be the fact that the screen top half of the phone doesn't line up with the keyboard bottom half. Think of it as an anti-chin, actually. It's an interesting design choice that doesn't really affect usage in portrait mode but slightly affects using the phone in landscape (more on that later). We're impartial to this choice because we think it gives the phone more depth and character.

The back of the DROID is certainly notable. The strip of gold that lines the speaker gives the DROID a kind of throwback, luxurious look in a world of aluminum, plastic, and chrome. The back of the DROID also houses a matte finish that offers much needed traction to a sharp phone.

The DROID is a bigger device than its Android predecessors and with sharp corners, it doesn't do anything to dispute that notion (no tricky curves or chins here). It also gives off a rather masculine look that we consider to be bold and daring. So yes, overall, we absolutely love the design of the DROID. We can definitely understand those who are hesitant to call a phone that looks like a glass brick (in a good way) beautifully designed, but we're glad Motorola took the road less traveled when designing the DROID. 



This is where the DROID will simply stun users. We can't even exaggerate how beautiful the screen is. It's a 3.7-inch screen with 480x854 resolution that combines vibrant colors and wonderful rendering of text. Everything looks crystal clear. Compared to the iPhone 3GS 3.5-inch 320x480 screen, it's really no contest--the iPhone looks downright old. Once you look at the DROID screen, you'll wonder why this isn't the new standard and why your phone doesn't have it--old screens become borderline blurry.


And it's not just the resolution, it's nice to have such a big screen because the Android software keyboard becomes instantly more usable. We'll be honest, the Android software keyboard isn't the best soft keyboard around (we prefer HTC's take) but on the screen of the DROID, our typing just flies. And plus since there's more overall screen real estate, pulling up the soft keyboard still leaves a ton of room for your viewing pleasure. You won't feel cramped at all.

The DROID's touchscreen is also the most responsive touchscreen we've had on an Android device. That could be due to a number of reasons: the touchscreen itself, the very capable processor (iPhone 3GS & Palm Pre have similar processors), or maybe even Android 2.0 being optimized for high octane purposes. Unfortunately, the DROID won't launch with multitouch (on Verizon at least) because, well, we don't really know exactly why. Multitouch makes touchscreen experiences so much more intuitive that it's almost inane to not include it. The iPhone has it. The Pre has it. The Hero has it (in the browser). The DROID should have it. What's the deal?


Keyboard & Buttons

We'll be honest. You won't find many people who'll love the hardware keyboard on first impression. Even though the buttons click fine with a great springiness to it that results in a satisfying click and the layout and look seem decent enough, it still takes time to get used to. The problem with the keyboard is that it's not easy to tell when one button starts and where the other one ends, so typing fast is somewhat muted because you end up 'typinh fasdt'.

But we'll also be honest. We're definitely improving on the hardware keyboard. It's strange to think of a hardware keyboard having a learning curve, but the Droid's keyboard definitely has one. Keep hammering away and we're sure you'll be up and ready someday.

Typing is made more awkward because of the extension the bottom half of the phone has. Remember typing on the G1, trying to position your hand over the chin? It's not as bad as that, but it's a similar feeling. You feel like you're overcompensating with your right hand and there's a slight awkwardness to the motion. So the odd design choice of the 'anti-chin' comes back to bite us where the 'chin' already has. Weird.

The 5-way d-pad is borderline useless. We think Motorola only put it in there to add more gold accents to the DROID because we never found a real need for it. Sure, it's nice to hit the down button every once in a while to get through text input screens but we feel the touchscreen trumps it nearly every time. We're not sure if eliminating the d-pad and spacing the keys would've helped the keyboard (it might've be too wide) but it's worth thinking about.

The four touchscreen buttons on the front face of the phone are fun to use but not practical in the day-in, day-out routine. When holding the phone in landscape mode whether to use the landscape soft keyboard (which is amazing) or take a picture, we've accidentally hit a button we weren't supposed to hit. If those buttons were pressure-sensitive instead of touch-sensitive it wouldn't be an issue. Also, the backlight on touchscreen buttons backlight sometimes disappear when you're using the phone, which makes it really tough to see if you hit menu or back.


Camera, Battery Life & Specs 

The Specs of the DROID are as follows:

  • 3.7-inch WVGA (854x480), 16:9 touchscreen

  • Arm Cortex A8 550 MHz Processor

  • 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash

  • DVD-quality video capture and playback (720x480)

  • 16GB microSD (32GB expandable)

  • 3.5mm headphone jack

  • QWERTY keyboard

  • 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS (with Google Maps Navigator)

  • 1400 mAh battery

  • Android 2.0


The Arm Cortex A8 processor really shines through and performance on the DROID is amazingly speedy. Let's be honest, the speed bump was much needed in Android and we're very happy that the DROID launched with this new processor (iPhone 3GS & Pre have it). We think that this is the new standard for smartphones and hope to see it pop up in more Android devices in the near future. It's definitely capable enough to put us through until Snapdragon becomes usable. As long as we can all agree not to go back to the dark ages of the G1 on 1.0, we'll be satisfied.

Other neat details about the DROID is that it uses microUSB to charge (which certainly helps in thinness) and has a convenient charging light next to the microUSB port. The DROID also comes with a unobtrusive notification light that seriously blends into the front face of the phone--we were amazed when it lit up and couldn't even point it out when it was off. There's also two Verizon Logos, two Motorola logos, and one 'with Google' logo on the DROID--thankfully they're all relatively subtle. The DROID also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, a lock/unlock power button, a volume rocker, and a dedicated camera button--they're all very well placed.

We're going to go into more detail with full comparison shots at a later date but in the mean time, the 5-megapixel camera with LED Flash on the DROID is well, pedestrian. Maybe the specs of the camera oversold it for us, but we expected a lot better performance. The best place to use the camera is outdoors, in perfect weather and perfect lighting. When you get indoors, colors begin to look washed and the whole picture looks hazy, it just seems like the camera doesn't handle light properly. We don't know who to point the blame to, Motorola for packing a weak camera or Google for messing up the software but either way, we expected a lot more. We'll show you guys in better detail soon, but just trust us for the time being. Keep your point & shoot around.

On the flip side, the battery life is pretty impressive. We've been pounding away on the DROID and it's been taking everything punch. Your mileage will obviously vary, but even under heavy usage (GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, video streaming), we could easily get a full's day worth without having to re-charge. You won't find an anemic battery in this DROID.


Phone & Network

It's the Network. We've always been AT&T and T-Mobile users here at Android Central (partly because they've had the best phones) which meant we were forced to live with the ups and downs of both networks. On Verizon, everything just works and it makes the DROID a better phone. There's no dropped calls, rarely does it ever go to speeds less than 3G, and simply no excuses whatsoever. Verizon has a robust network that allows them to brag that 'there's a map for that' and they should continue to brag, we really love being on Verzon's network. Having such a great phone on Verizon's network is an obvious gamechanger. Obviously the rate plans are sky high and that's something you have to take into consideration but at least with Big Red, you get quality service for what you pay.

Call quality is great, callers sound pronounced and clear. The DROID works really well as a phone. There's no digitalization and we're certain you'll enjoy making calls on the DROID. The speakerphone is also lovely, whether you're using it for phone conversations or playing music, it gives a clear sound with little to no static or cracks. The phone application in Android also gets a facelift and we think it's much improved.


Final Hardware Thoughts

What makes this release so much more special than all the others is that this is Android's first 'no compromise' device. It's not a perfect device, as no device is, but it dares to strive for perfection and cuts no corners in doing so. How many devices can you say do that? Think about the features people want in a phone. Hardware keyboard. Brilliant touchscreen. Powerful OS. Great network. Beautiful hardware. Sturdy build. Fast. Just make a list and the DROID checks them all.

We really have to give kudos to both Motorola and Verizon for creating and delivering such an amazing phone. Motorola, with their backs against the walls, had the audacity to build a phone that cut no corners and truly delivered in the hardware department. Verizon, having passed on the iPhone and stuck with a great network with no phone anyone wanted to use, took a chance on Android and received a beautiful device that is only strengthened by the best network in America. Motorola, Verizon, and Google all deserve credit for pushing out the device that has officially raised the bar for Android smartphones and smartphones in general.

We're sure that a lot of users will be introduced to Android with the Motorola DROID, and they're lucky, it's simply a stunning device to use. And though there are some oddities in the keyboard department and the camera, the build quality and overall hardware direction more than make up for it. The Motorola DROID is one heck of a device and we have no problem in saying it's the best Android phone on the market (even only a month since we said the same thing about the Sprint HTC Hero).

We think if you're in the market for a new smartphone, the DROID is the best option available. We think if you can swallow paying Big Red their monthly rate or already a Verizon customer, it's an even easier decision. Seriously, if you want the best phone on the best network--the DROID is it. It's that simple.

If you're a T-Mobile G1, myTouch 3G, Sprint HTC Hero, Motorola CLIQ, or Samsung Moment owner, don't worry, you still have Android 2.0 to look forward to and that deserves it own review. Stay tuned.


Reader comments

Hardware Review: Motorola Droid on Verizon


Here is the problem with this phone. It is not GSM. I won't work overseas. What kind of idiots would come up with a high end phone that does not work overseas.... Otherwise I would buy this phone ASAP.

I work at Best Buy Mobile and its a pleasure to sell the Droid by Motorola to my Verizon Wireless customers. I suggest buying the Invisible shild by Zagg and having us installed it for You. Its Lifetime guarantee not to tear or prevent you for using your touchscreen effectively.

Check it out and it comes out beautifully clear for the Droid after 24hrs its been put. You will get that extra protecting while having a fully functioning touch phone.

You guys rock!!!

It may come as a huge surprise to Anonymous, but not everyone works for a multinational company at executive level. I travel overseas a lot...but just for pleasure. I rent a GSM phone from Verizon for that purpose. Not a big deal, and not expensive.

There are compromises in the design of every cell phone...even a high end one. You pick and choose the phone that for YOU has the most pluses and the fewest minuses.

The Droid is by far the best phone I've ever owned (as a phone) plus has all kinds of other goodies that are frosting on the cake. I have had Gmail for several years now, and having Gmail on my cellphone is heaven.

Your results may vary.

Here is the problem with this phone. It is not GSM.

There is all fine. Droid is CDMA version of the device, but there's also GSM version which is called Millestone.

Do not get the screen protector. It will inhibit the touch screen and Motorola says it isn't necessary as the screen is of high quality.

the droid is awesome. i have one and its siIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIick. and the screen is definately not low quality.

I hope the sidekick comes back and gives there screen a touch screen and ditch windows mobile and go with android then we'll have a phone to talk about. But other than that the droid looks like a great phone and i hope it kills the iphone,because the iphone killed the sidekick.

I hope the sidekick comes back and gives there screen a touch screen and ditch windows mobile and go with android then we'll have a phone to talk about. But other than that the droid looks like a great phone and i hope it kills the iphone,because the iphone killed the sidekick.

I hope the sidekick comes back and gives there screen a touch screen and ditch windows mobile and go with android then we'll have a phone to talk about. But other than that the droid looks like a great phone and i hope it kills the iphone,because the iphone killed the sidekick.

the screen protector is retarded... it comes as SCRATCH FREE??? And a piece of card board to rub out the air bubbles...! as i did this, the protector became totally scratched to bits.. so don't bother.. the screen is pretty scratch resistant itself! Do get a protective cover though!! As far as the phone goes, i went from a Blackberry curve.... They should be called the dumb phone compared to the android!! I love it!!

Is that all? What sucks about it? I'm thinking you're an iPhone fanboy. Commenting anonymously, nothing specific, just your 'opinion'.

What have you got besides your 'comment'?

iPhoneboys are threatened because they know Droid will be a big hit and they want one phone to rule them all. But the Droid is really a *Blackberry* killer, a market Apple isn't even thinking about.

You are kinda right. As a blackberry user I can understand that this is a kinda a blackberry killer because if you like using a good network you were stuck with mixture of blackberry (which I still love) and whatever other crap verizon stamped their name. But the DROID is a more than anything an iphone killer. Its a very strategic device for verizon ,obviously big red is tired of people changing service just so they can get their hands on an iphone hence the increase in cancellation of contract fees and the giant ad campaign they have where they literally call out the iPhone on its shortcomings. Blackberry is still the business phone of choice, maybe not the most fun phone, but for now I think its market share is safe.

The only thing the iphone is superior in is in the number of apps available. Besides, who is going to install, want, or need 90,000+ apps? No one could physically install that many apps on their phone anyways and searching through them all would take months upon months.

The only thing the iphone is superior in is in the number of apps available. Besides, who is going to install, want, or need 90,000+ apps? No one could physically install that many apps on their phone anyways and searching through them all would take months upon months.

switched to Droid after several years on the IPhone.... Main problem w/droid is key entry... the hard KB is useless, and the soft KB not nearly as smooth as on the IPhone. Am a software developer, so am very aware of OS delays that occur causing four soft keys to go blank for seconds at a time, jerky motion while sliding the desktop, and more. Android has much work to do in smoothing out the GUI, where IPhone has done it all right.

went to VZW store during lunch. open slider and immediately found that my thumbs hit the screen portion when trying to get to the top row buttons, then tried the virtual keyboard, maybe the sensitivity was turned up to high, did not really have time to work through the settings, were many people standing behind me to play with it also, but, when I hit a letter with my thumb it would register that letter in duplicate or that letter and the letter next to it on the keyboard. while trying to type in a google search it hid what I was typing and I had to continually scroll up or down to find my typed test and see what a lousy job I had done texting. Strangely, liked the Eris/Hero better, even though I know it is an inferior product. The droid is amazingly fast though, not even sure what the purpose to a faster(snapdragon) processor would be, this thing is so fast. I will go back in a few days when I can play with it a little more leisurely, to see if I can get functional on either keyboard. Till then, the storm sucks, but I hold on to it a while longer.

Just ordered mine online (existing verizon customer). Luckily the day my new every 2 took effect is the same day this phone came out. So I got the discount there and I did it all online. I stopped by the verizon store to check it out in person and it was what I expected. I think the price is okay too. I didn't have a data plan before I am on an old 500 minute $50/month family plan with my mom and I was able to keep that base plan and just add the data to that, and turns out the data plan was 20% off for me online so I went from paying $50/month to $73/month base so I feel pretty good about that. Also, I get 15% off my bill from work, so really will only be less than $20/month more than what I was paying before and getting a lot more out of it.

Thanks for the hardware review, I'll put the phone through my own tests Monday when it comes in.

"We can't even exaggerate how beautiful the screen is. It's a 3.7-inch screen with 480x854 resolution that combines vibrant colors and wonderful rendering of text. Everything looks crystal clear. Compared to the iPhone 3GS 3.5-inch 320x480 screen, it's really no contest--the iPhone looks downright old. Once you look at the DROID screen, you'll wonder why this isn't the new standard and why your phone doesn't have it--old screens become borderline blurry."

Boy, that is spot on. The display quality is simply amazing.

Don't worry, stick with T-mob for now. I believe they will get the Sony ericson Xperia x10. Can you say 1ghz Android smartphone? It will kick the shit out of the Droid.

You're out of your friggin mind. Sony hasn't done anything right with a smart phone yet (while overcharging the crap out of people in the process for it mind you). The X series blows. It's seriously the only phone that I've seen with Snapdragon that makes it look like its running the old Qualcomm 528mhz. Sony worries way too much about its ghey transition animations.

Oh, and btw....this is coming from a Sony fan.

The Droid was crap. Played with it for 24hrs or so and then I returned it. The iphone 3gs is so much more intuitive and well designed. Also IMHO the screen on the 3gs is way brighter and better looking. Forget the specs. look at the 2 side by side as I did. I felt like i was going back 2 years on the Droid

Please tell me your either kidding or forgot to wear your prescription glasses when you looked at the 2 side by side...

You can sure tell tell the people trolling. While the Iphone may have many things going in its favor the SCREEN is not one compared to the DROID. If you want to troll, at least talk about some of the real issues. Bad physical keyboard layout, camera is so-so, no duel touch. less apps (but wow, many usefull ones are FREE!!!!).

Used both, iphone (nowdays) pretty much figured out and works well. DROID, many many kinks, but so much to come (possibly). Needs alot of fine tuneing, but right now i put them both even. "IF" the DROID gets the kinks worked out, and adds a few things down the road, its going to be considerbly better then the Iphone. As of right this minute its really a wash, pro's and con's for both. But i think time is going to be far kinder to the DROID then the iphone.

oh my man 24hrs???? It takes a bit longer to understand that the Droid is a BAD ASS PHONE!!!! i was shocked..! and sorry, but AT&T??? They cannot touch Verizon's costumer service, and that makes the phone that much better!! It is funny to see some of the haters on here!! The iphone comes to Verizon in the next four months or so.... i still think the droid will have strong sales! The iphone made a HUGE mistake with the contract with AT&T!! When it comes to Verizon, AT&T might as well file bankruptcy!! :)

T-Mobile service sucks. What's the point in a good phone with crap service? I bought my DROID 2 days ago and it kicks blackberrys butt. It is missing a few features like speed dial but the quickness of this phone makes up for the things missing. LOVE=VZWdroid

Sometimes being an early adopter is painful. My G1 is feeling pretty aged already, and I'm stuck in contract for another year. Oh well. There will be even better Androids by then, I'm sure.

I really do want a Droid now, though.

I have mine and it's simply amazing. Sure, it may not feature the full integration which the iPhone has, but at least on a hardware level, it's a VERY worthy competitor.

When you compare the iPhone and the Droid (and who isn't these days), the thing that rears it's ugly head only when you've used the iPhone for a while is the fact that Apple has full control of the device. That means that improvements on Android are easily available, down to almost the core OS itself. With Apple, you've got to jailbreak and hack away (and while it's true you can do some of those things, it's not without technically voiding the warranty, as well as causing potential instability).

I'll probably still keep an iPod Touch around for those few apps that aren't on Android yet, but the future is Android for me!

Apple will even control apps that are available so if they deem a political humor app to be offensive, they will ban it from the app store and there is no way you can download anything that's not in the app store.

False - you can hack your phone and download applications through Cydia instead of the app store. Get your facts right!

we've already gone over that. We are talking about getting apps without breaking the law, voiding your warranty, and possible damaging your phone (plus hours of work, especially for people that are not so tech savvy)

Just switched from a Blackberry today....very satisfied so far. Phone is solid and the freaking screen is unbelievable! Browser experience is 100 times better than BB but time will tell if the email experience can touch BB. Looking forward to learning more and more about Android. Sadly I know there will be the next "Greatest of All Time" device out in a month......

Got mine today. Havent cracked the book yet, trying to see how much is intuitive. I agree with all the accolades here, but surprised no one mentions the hair-trigger battery cover. What's up with that? Did they just assume everyone would get a fitted case? At least the battery doesnt fall out, but I've had static-cling stickers from Jiffy Lube that stick better than the Droid battery cover!

That's odd, I actually had a hard time getting my battery cover off (wanted to see where the microSD card was). I got a fitted case, which is awesome, so I guess if the cover does loosen over time it won't be a big deal for me. Absolutely LOVE the phone, and the Internet and email are blazingly fast. Came from a WinMobile5 device (2 years old).

I got my phone today after having a blackberry for all of 2 weeks. I had to trade in my black berry twice for it messing up like freezing and the track ball going bad. I go this phone at 7 this morning and i must say Motorola has hit a homerun with this phone. I do believe people will leave at&t when they get to see this and know they can get 3G in more places than AT&T! pretty much this kills the iphone, lets face it the iphone is more of a status symbol than a phone. viva verizon-android!!

Nicely written Casey! I'm using Blackberry Bold right now. I have to say that the Droid, and being on a more reliable network is tempting. Argh.

I have been a Blackberry user for along time. I really wanted to try this Droid out cause it looked amazing so been reading reviews and everything I could my hands on for the last few weeks.

Well I decided to go into the store and check it out shortly after everything I left the store with my NEW DROID. I love this phone I have already begun to tinker and play not only with apps but what I can change myself.

I love this phone and honestly can't wait to show it off to my Iphone Brother who will be jealous with the screen and other features.

Love the Droid and most people seem to be as well.

Oh and I have installed about 50-60 apps already no lag what so ever. But I will never install a 3d game that is 800mb so maybe my judgment is skewed. I don't even own a psp or ds so not sure why I would even want games on a phone.

I am a huge gamer in the console end of things. So I like games just don't want my phone doing htem.

Oh and bought the car dock and also the media dock can't wait to get those on Monday :)

I bought the Droid yesterday, and so far. I love it. I had the Iphone on AT&T and it dropped calls constantly, and I always had trouble with the 3G or lack there of. I moved from the Blackberry Tour to the HTC Imagio, to the Droid, and I love the Droid, and the OS. The camera still holds its own against the great 3.5. megapixel camera phones, and it isn't far behind the Imagio's camera.

Intuitive? Are you really using this as a reason not to get it. First off I find it very intuitive to use, I have not even opened the manual, yet I figured it all out, and since its something you will be using all the time, how much of a learning curve is there? Unless you wear a helmet every day(and are not a football player) or ride the short bus, its easy pizi japanizi. I have the ipod touch and this is not at all any harder to use, and since it can do multiple apps at the same time it can walk and chew gum at the same time, whereas the iphone can't.

Actually, multitasking is a bit of a sticking point.

For instance to make a phone call you have to close your web browser.

Maybe that can be fixed, but it certainly is something that I would expect on any multitasking device.

I believe the web/phone call issue is a matter of network limitation, not phone limitation (could be wrong, though). I understood it that the network can only be used for one type of connection at a time. I agree, though, would love to be able to look something up on the Net while on the phone.

There is this little button with a house on it at the bottom of the screen, push that, then go browsing while on a call, to get back to the call screen, pull down the notification bar at the top and select your call (it's the green phone icon). Easy as pie. I can even navigate via google maps while on a call. This is one sweet phone!

The comments denigrating someone for not finding an interface intuitive are ungenerous and unfounded. After years of designing Web interfaces, I have come to hate the term "intuitive." What is intuitive to one person is a Chinese puzzle to another. It depends on how your brain is wired to your hands and eyes, how you process information, and the interfaces you are used to.

I'd like to know more from both camps about what they found to be difficult or 'intuitive' to do. What specific features did you have trouble with? I appreciate comments on both sides of the fence--they are helping me to decide whether this phone is right for me and my type of intuition.

I am a current Verizon customer and was going to switch to ATT to get an Iphone in a few weeks but now they came out with Droid I thought YEA I am going to get it and stay with Verizon.
So, I went to store to look at it, fully expecting a lot of people around it and not being able to use it. NOT one person was looking at it the whole time I was there.
My impression was that it is NOT intuitive to use like an Iphone but I thought OK its got a keyboard that will make up for it. So, I slide out the keyboard and thought ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had another Verizon phone with a keyboard that is much better. The keys are way to close together and its a poor design. Then I find out there is NO APP for running Itunes and all music has to be converted to windows media. That was enough for me. I am NOT bothering with this wanna be Iphone... If it had come out 2-3 years ago I would have got it but not now.

Okay bud, you have no idea what you're talking about. Trivial problems like the ones you mentioned would only deter someone with a pre-existing bias against it. I would say that right now you have neither the iphone or droid, and are thoroughly pissed about that.
Because nobody else was looking at it, you won't get it? How did you even draw an impression from that? You, sir, are a tool.
Then you want to whine about it not being compatible with iTunes. Oh no! Does this mean we have to carry two different devices around with us at once? Lay out the money and buy yourself an Ipod Touch if it's that big of a deal to you.
Wannabe Iphone? Nope. This phone is meant to usurp the Iphone from its position of prominence, you realize this, and hate it.
The keyboard works perfectly fine. I have had much smaller keyvoards than this one, and I was plenty proficient with those. Besides, if you don't like the hardware keyboard, you have a virtual keyboard too! Wow, it's almost like Motorola anticipated people like you...
Bottom line, this phone will set the new standards for smartphones, and push the Iphone into the inexorable void of obscurity.

Couldn't agree more! This article was fine until the author claims the droid to be the best smartphone out there. All credibility went out the window at that point... As for an iPhone killer, I think not. Definitely a blackberry killer, but I'll stick with my iPhone on the sucky ATT network... One thing though, the iPhone would be amazing on Verizon.. Good job on the droid though -- but it definitely feels like the iphone of 2 yrs ago..

I totally agree, the touch sensitive keyboard was very difficult to use, and the slider keyboard was to small for my hands.. the keys are flat so when you touch one, you touch the others around it. This makes typing difficult and cumbersome because it causes a lot of mistakes. While the droid does a lot, its frustrating and not intuitive. Additionally the basic price of their plan was around 70 bucks after tax then another 30 for the data, and possibly more if you want text messaging.. and if you want tethering... another 30 bucks... want exchange? another 30 so... if you are a power user of these features.. you are looking about 200 a month on your bill. I say verizon can keep their plan, their network, and their crappy phone.

I did however like the samsung moment on the sprint network.. the keyboard had a few odd placements, but it was usable. my only gripe there.. was the camera was low quality. But sprints plan would only cost me about 80 bucks a month. Way better.

my hands are HUGE (10.5" from tip of thumb to tip of pinkie), bigger than anyone I know, and I have absolutely no problem typing on either the onscreen keyboard (in landscape or portrait) or the slide out. The droid is very intuitive, not sure where some people think it's not, just opinion I guess.

As far as your prices, I can only refute one (just simply because I don't use the others). Exchange costs you absolutely zero, nada, zilch on top of your data plan UNLESS your phone is provided by your place of business and is on a business plan. If it's a personal plan, you pay the 30 bucks and your set. I have 3 phones on my plan, only mine has data, 2 of them have text, and my bill is under $130 for everything, after taxes/fees/etc.

This pretty much sizes it up for me. I was a corporate user of Verizon for years (and former employee). I love and miss the network. last Christmas I bought my wife the Curve to fight off her iPhone demands, and after using it myself for a while I agreed and caved in - I bought her the iPhone, and days later I moved the entire family off the corporate plan over to AT&T for iPhones. The phone is great, but AT&T is horrible. I have been looking for an excuse to move back to Verizon and was hoping this phone would be it, but the iPhone is still too important to me because of all the functionality and ease of use. After reading this summary I'll wait for the next generation to take another look. Until then - I'm on my iPhone and waiting for Verizon to make a deal with Apple.

I am a current Verizon customer with a one year old Storm. I don't like the Storm even with the new 5.0 software installed. I went to my local Verizon store yesterday to see and feel the Droid as well as the Storm 2. I was mostly impressed with the Droid and not at all impressed with the Storm 2. On the Droid, the virtual keyboard was fast and touch sensitive. The browser was fast enough, and the built in GPS navigation is incredible. I will, however, wait for the Droid 2. I do not like the physical keyboard on the Droid and it is a waste of weight and of space. I also did not like that the view for Home and for the Apps stayed in portrait mode even when I viewed the screen in landscape. The display only changed to landscape when the keyboard was exposed, and it changed back to portrait after I closed the keyboard even though the screen was still oriented for landscape. Believe me, I would prefer not to wait to get rid of the Storm but having a useless feature like a slide out keyboard I would never use is not something I want to have to carry around.

you can change the settings on the droid to allow landscape viewing of the home screen and apps without having to slide out the keyboard.


Are you kidding? I mean about the slide out keyboard being something you "have to carry around?" I mean, it is "slide out" meaning it isn't in the way if you aren't using it. Or do you mean that the additional ounce or less that it adds to the weight of the Droid gives you heart failure when you climb stairs?

The slide out keyboard works beautifully. All the reviews basically say there is a learning curve. Just like with the rest of the phone. If you use something often, you get better and better on it. I have never liked virtual keyboards, and the slide out qwerty keyboard, while not perfect (what is?) is just fine for me.

It took me years to master a piano keyboard. About a day for the Droid's.

Quick question here: Does the droid have hard keys on the physical keyboard or soft keys? Because I have the alias 2 now and it is harder to text on, due to the softer keys. Thanks!

If you live in cold climates you might appreciate the option of having both a physical (button) keyboard in addition to a virtual touch one. When your outside in the cold and your screen and fingers are cold, any virtual keyboard is going to stutter or have a hard time working at all. Hard to call friends or help when that happens.

Motorola has an app that will synch your itunes playlists to the Droid, so that is a non-issue. I played with the Droid at Verizon for an hour today. Great phone. The virtual keyboard works much better than my iphone keyboard, mainly because the screen is so big on the Droid, that the keys are bigger and easier to hit. The physical keyboard was tricky at first, until I realized I had to use the corner of my thumb nails rather than the pad of the finger. I'm just not sure I would use the physical keyboard over the virtual one. The best part of the slider is it gave me more to hold, which is nice when you have big hands. I have to wait until January to get rid of AT&T and their horrible network. It will be interesting to see what else will be available at Verizon by then, but I think the Droid is a winner!

It's so funny to see how many people are threatened by this phone. I've owned the iPhone (1st Gen), BlackBerry Curve, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Tour and now the Motorola Droid, and the Droid is the best phone by far. Verizon has a silent killer and they no it.

Any idea what month they are getting Iphone because I am going to ATT to get it if its not in first part of the year.... Thanks

Heard from a tech guy at my business that a Verizon rep came trying to sway our business to switch and stated that the iPhone would be with Verizon in Jan or Feb of next year. I'd take it with a grain of salt, though.

Got my hands on a working Droid phone in Walmart today and I have to say, not the least bit impressed with this phone . Keyboard is HORRIBLE , flat keys, not easy to press and the layout is terrible , the slide action felt cheap by comparison to other phones and it just didnt feel good in the hand , screen was a nice size although it felt like a plastic screen ?? Not sure about this one but thats how it felt to me ?? Screen was vibrant however and it looked real good but not that much better than some other phones out there on other networks with far cheaper monthly plans. I saw nothing that would make me switch over to Verizon for that phone , although it is probably better than any other phone they have but this is not saying much . Besides the way new phones are coming out nowadays, this Droid will be old news real fast , IMHO the hype of this phone far exceeds the phone itself . So for me, thanks but no thanks Verizon , not the least bit interested

Just one more note , even though the screen on the Palm Pre is smaller , it is a far more vibrant screen than the Droid , my wife still has her Pre , and it was very noticable side by side, comparing screen appearance only

A couple times the reviewer mentioned sky high rates at Verizon in comparison to T-Mobile and AT&T. Big red and AT&T have pretty much identical prices.

Aside from that I have to say I disagree with the reviewer. Overall I think the Motorola is ugly, the physical keyboard blows, and it just doesn't have the cool factor.

However the HTC model is very nice. I'm posting from that phone right now. I had to get the droid :)

I am blown away by the Droid features. The only negative i've experienced is that the battery dies very quickly, the phone feels very warm & its hard to close out programs running.

By FAR, the best new phone over the past 5 years. The only problem is it is so absorbing, that I wasted over half my Sunday going through it and all the apps, updating my FB pages - it is unbeleivable! I even had it take a picture of a new football shirt aka soccer jersey I bought and my mate who received the image was blown away but the insane quality.

I've had the same issue. I got the Droid a week ago and I have barely seen my family. Totally absorbing. I find myself constantly uploading videos to QIK and scanning everything in the house with SHOPSAVVY. I haven't even watched TV...this is a cry for help...Droid has taken over my life...OK..I am a first time 3G user and this phone is fantastic. Very fast. Incredible screen. Very intuitive. What else is there to say. This phone is the Verizon alternative to iPhone...with a better screen and no big brother Apple.

It was one of the toughest decisions I ever made...I loved the IPhone...but the AT&T network in my little area of the world was virtually non-existent. I tried everything to make the relationship work. I got Skype and Google Voice to try and overcome the limitations. But WiFi is hard to find on the fly in a car. I even toyed with getting Verizon's MiFi - but a menage-a-trois just wouldn't work. Then...I heard about the Droid! I checked it out and although it isn't everything the IPhone is dependable. And in the long run you need dependability. It has been three days now - and I've been able to find most of the apps I used on the Iphone and have been able to find work-arounds for the others.
Today I will be calling AT&T and asking for a divorce. I'm sure there will be alimony (early termination penalty) but it will be worth it!
Over the coming weeks I'm sure I'll be making comparisons between Droid and IPhone...but in time the IPhone memories will fade and my Droid and I will grow closer.....(until a better alternative comes along...ohhh I'm so fickle...I feel so dirty!)

I assume the keys in lower left and lower right of the physical keyboard are soft keys. How to set them? ? ?

Love the phone, but going overseas Thursday which means I have to go back to the Verizon store to reactivate my blackberry world phone....what a PAIN. How do you build such a technologically advanced phone without it being a world phone....I DON'T WORK OVERSEAS. How very lame and limiting.

Working for AT&T, I hate this phone. I want it so bad, and now that verizon has a good phone, I really want to go back to verizon. Thier service is better, mainly because the iPhone has crippled the ATT network (it uses data so poorly).

Motorola, Please make a north american version GSM PLEASE! The bold is a great phone but the browser is straight out of 1995.

Where are is Android on AT&T? not every one on ATT wants the iphone or windows mobile(at least not 6.5, 7 cant come soon enough for me)! PLEASE BRING US SOME ANDROID GOODNESS!

My wife and I were very excited to get the Droid, but have experienced nothing but problems with both phones since getting them. My phone reboots randomly 5-10 times daily and has completely locked up a couple of times(have to remove the battery to restart). My wifes phone has pretty much given out the same headache. Her phone has locked up as well a couple of times while actualy being on phone calls. Not sure what the issue is but not happy. Motorola and Verizon and Motorola should test these products extensively before bringing them to market. I actualy feel bad for Verizon as this phone is only going to make the iphone look that much better!

I have a problem that I have not heard discussed anywhere...

The various modes are triggered on the Motorola Droid using the strategic placement of magnets in the two cradles. This creates a larger problem when selecting a case. I got my Droid Monday (and really like it by the way) and as with any new phone, the availability and selection of cases and other accessories is pretty limited. I went to Best Buy and picked out a very nice Eddie Bauer leather case. The phone fit in it perfectly. Problem solved, Right?? Not so fast... The case (like many others) has a magnetic closure which is very convenient but drives the phone crazy switching it in and out of the two modes. Since it is waking it up constantly, battery life suffers. Hopefully, someone will write an app to disable auto-mode switching!! or a Velcro closure case will be needed.

I have a problem that I have not heard discussed anywhere...

The various modes are triggered on the Motorola Droid using the strategic placement of magnets in the two cradles. This creates a larger problem when selecting a case. I got my Droid Monday (and really like it by the way) and as with any new phone, the availability and selection of cases and other accessories is pretty limited. I went to Best Buy and picked out a very nice Eddie Bauer leather case. The phone fit in it perfectly. Problem solved, Right?? Not so fast... The case (like many others) has a magnetic closure which is very convenient but drives the phone crazy switching it in and out of the two modes. Since it is waking it up constantly, battery life suffers. Hopefully, someone will write an app to disable auto-mode switching!! or a Velcro closure case will be needed.

Unless you happen to have very narrow fingers, you are apt to find the slider keyboard to be useless, and that was a deal-breaker for me. I mean, come on -- I've got an old enV with a much better keyboard than this; the Blackberry keyboards are much better, etc. Yes, it likely would have added a mm or two to the thickness of the device to get it right, but better not to bother (as Apple decided) than not get it right. Otherwise, yes, the screen is beautiful. I suggest waiting six months or so to see if Verizon is going to offer an updated version of this phone with a usable keyboard.

I went to a Verizon store to buy the Droid and asked about the ease in which I can sync my outlook calender, address book and email with this phone (and can it be done wirelessly). She mentioned that people were coming in with problems and that I should wait a few days for Verizon/Google to fix the problem. My company uses blackberry servers and everything transfers seamlessly. I don't want to screw that up, but want the new phone. Admittedly, I have Iphone envy but ATT sucks around here (my wife has one and it is brutally bad).

Received two Droids yesterday. Couldn't get one to work at all, the other wouldn't get to the web. phones are CRAP, sending them back.

Sorry boys, another iPhone wanna be. The only thing this p.o.s. has going for it is an awesome screen. Other than that, it doesn't even compare to an iPhone. Yes, I am an iPhone fanboy and am proud to own the best smart phone on the market (I have three of them). Yes- AT&T sucks, YES- Apple sucks, but the iPhone is suck a fantastic little piece of hardware you soon forget about all of that.

I was one of the pissed off ones who were demanding SMS. Now that I have it- guess what: I hardly even use it.

I was one of the pissed off people bitching about the lack of tethering. I hacked my phone to get it, tries it a few times and quickly realized it was no big deal. Same thing with Google Voice. Now my phone is restored and un-hacked. I really don't need all that kiddie garbage.

I've had mine since 10am on 6th and its my first time switching from a blackberry in about 7 years. I am having a love/hate relationship with my Droid. The screen is awesome and totally responsive; almost too much so. Google search/voice search is mind boggling and the "Notifications" is very useful. The portrait keyboard is just too small and I am finding the slider to be a nusiance - landscape touchscreen is the only option for me. I heavily rely on my phone/calendar/contacts and the functionality is very difficult. Phone numbers with extensions are not recognized from the calendar/appointments and when I try to double click to dial in to a teleconference, the google maps launches as if it is looking for a location. Additionally, I'm not pleased with the "day" view of the calendar. I much prefer my old blackberry layout. And I NEED my BBM back - SMS is so archaic on the droid. I am torn - do i keep my Droid and overlook the things that bother me, or do I go back to my Blackberry 8830/world (dinosaur) and have the droid try to pry it out of my dead hands?!?

I am both a Verizon customer through the Business I own and have 20 sales people with an assortment of Blackberry/smart phones. A few are huge tech freaks. My personal phone is an iPhone. Which I have loved, even more as they have made improvements. I got my Droid last week and at first loved it then got a little frustrated as I began to use it. This turned out to be just an adjustment period, as most new phones are. It is sort of like driving a new car, once you get used to where everything is at and how to maneuver around those differences they soon become second nature. Now after a week, I love it and it truly blows away any phone I have had. I am a Mac user at home but have no allegiance to any company. A few iPhone users from work have got a chance to "test drive it" and agree it reigns supreme

That was not much of a review for an Android site.

The Droid proc is clocked slower than the proc used in the iPhone.

Only 256MB for applications. That alone is show stopper.
Its slow. Like you can't scroll the home screen without obvious lag.
The browser is slow too and not 100% standards compliant like the iPhone.
The camera is horrible. So much for 5 megapixel.
Just say it. The physical keyboard is useless. The onscreen keyboard lags and is not very good either.
Not great UI.
Lots of things only sorta work and not always all the time. Like the soft buttons, orientation changes etc.
Known issues with speakers.
Terrible multimedia UI and sync.

This phone is a distant second to the iPhone. I If you can't see that then you just aren't paying attention. It's only positive attribute is the network. But AT&T has improved greatly over the last few years as they build out infrastructure. AT&T's 3G is generally twice as fast as Verizon's. I don't see your average consumer going for this device. Google has work to do

It's funny to read all this.... There's a bunch of little brand name groupies on here. We could just as easily be talking about Mac v. PC, Honda's v. Yamaha's or Fords v. Chevy's.. It's about that stupid! The fact is both phones are quite good at what they do and yes some do some things better than others. There is a learning curve associated with both. I had an i-phone and loved it. Only problem is... It wasn't a very good TELEPHONE!! That's pretty important to me! That is purely due to AT&T. The i-phone has been the best.... and worst thing to ever happen to their network. The phones are using so much bandwith that telephone service is compromised. Remember NEXTEL??? Walkie-Talkie phones WERE the hottest thing going. How bout now???? Sprint hopes people forget that name altogether! Initially my feelings were that I didn't like the droid because it was not what I was used to. After a week of use I see so much more potential. I found all the apps I had and most were free! That's what happens when a platform is open. You guys need to look at these things with an open mind and buy what's right for YOU! Just because it's new doesn't mean it's junk! That's why they make Mustang's AND Camaro's!

Great insight, Aardvark. I like to read these reviews prior to buying to find out what works and what doesn't for different people and what they base their assessments on. This will allow me to make comparisons based on my own telecommunication style.

I'm going to stay with Verizon; I have no reason to change, and I like the network. So an iPhone is not for me. So I need to compare with other Verizon offerings: Omnia, Blackberry Storm, et al. I don't find the brand wars very informative for actually making my final decision.

I have been waiting for a phone like this since the I-phone came out, but, I am not sold on it yet. Blackberry has an Outlook sync and the Droid does not. That is my big issue with the Droid. Google wants all of your business so you have to put all your information on that account and then sync it to your phone. Plaxo is a good online contact manager and it has an outlook sync too. If Droid has an outlook sync, I will be sold, until then I am considering the Blackberry Storm.

I've played around with a friend's iPhone and really wanted to get one but didn't want to switch to AT&T. Everyone I know says they love their iPhone for what it can do but ironically think that as an actual phone, it sucks. Mainly because of AT&T's substandard service.

So I was happy when Droid was coming for Verizon. Got it the first day and I love this thing. I've got nothing against the iPhone and would have bought one if it was on Verizon but the bottom line is the Droid can do everything an iPhone can and more and is on a better network so it actually functions nicely as... get this... an actual phone!

No complaints about any of the hardware and as for it not being intuitive, I think that is more a mark against the intelligence of the people making that claim than against the phone. I figured it out in about 2 minutes.

I'm sure the next iPhone will exceed Droid's capabilities but right now it's no longer king of the hill.

I am 45 and this was to be my first real cell phone; meaning not a pay as you go type. I bought the Droid with the Verizon plan it came today.

All it has done is reboot reboot reboot, I nearly cried I waited forever for a really good cell phone; one that I could justify paying the monthly fee on and it turns out its garbage and I have to return it. So far I am not a fan of Motorola, or Verizon. Mainly buyer beware you might get a good one or a very expensive box. They should of named it Roulette not Droid.

They certainly haven't sold me on what I am paying 70 bucks a month for. Nothing so far except that pretty box saying "Droid" over and over and over again.

Frustrated and Disappointed.

First... this really isn't a good "first" phone to have as it may leave some lesser tech savy folks frustrated. Second, I own the Droid, iTouch and a Storm. The Droid is just leaps and bounds better. Physically i find the rounded styling of the iphone/touch to be a little uncomfortable (for lack of a better word). The squared off design of the Droid makes it very stable and comfortable for me to handle... having the corners tucked in between my fingers gives me a worry free hold on the device. I am dropping the use of the BB in place of the Droid for business (Exchange) usage although i hope some of the current issues get corrected with the Dec and Jan update releases. I am very much looking forward to the next gen Androids...

Having had my time with Windows Mobile (way back when) than Blackberry (curve and Bold) and even tried the Iphone for a day (needed a phone # like right now at work couldn't find it, that was the end of Iphone).

Now the Droid, the Droid in my opinion is like have a Blackberry Bold (with all its multitasking and Keyboard)and an Iphone (with its Touch Screen and Apps) all wrapped up into one Neat, Sturdy, Faster and Better Device.

I am so impressed with this phone, that even if I had to I would have paid an early termination fee with ATT just to have this.

After having a few Days with this and putting it through just about every real world test possible, I can say that this review is on point with the Pros and Cons and it is worth sharing...

Love this new Droid! Switched from Sprint to Verizon and this phone is awesome...still have to get use to it, but i'm satisfy!

I cannot express to you how happy I am to free myself and my computer(s) from the endless Apple crap installed for my former iPhone 3G. It took me 30 minutes to uninstall all the garbage on my computer. I could not be happier to know I don't have to uncheck Safari and I don't have to uninstall Craptime everytime there's an iTunes update. The Droid is an incredible phone. It's display is worlds superior to ANY iPhone. What are you iPhone guys smoking? The Droid display is so much more clear and detailed. The Droid's display has "twice the pixels of the iPhone". Yes its true and very evident.

Second, the "desktop" of the Droid is completely customizable. I can create shortcuts to data linked to apps on Droid. Try that iPhone! Voice activation: I can speak a name, location or website and Droid knows what I am asking for. It opens a contact, map or web page based upon what I speak. Incredible!

I can take my DROID and connect it to any PC and drag drag music, pics, anything right onto the DROID and it's there ready to be played or viewed. I can do this on any computer, from computer to computer to computer because guess why? The DROID is recognized as a general storage device. TRY THAT iPhone! God I hate iTunes.

And now I have the Verizon network. There's a map for that! LOL. I love it. Verizon's ad campaign hit a jugular and AT&T couldn't come up with anything except trying to sue for an injunction that fell on dead ears.

Good job Motorola! Verizon has a serious contender on their hands for thinking, discriminating people that want to be freed from Crapple.

Anyone want a cheap iPhone 3G? LOL

I don't know why a satisfied iPhone user would be reading Android posts much less posting to the group. It simply doesn't add up.

I LOVE my Droid! I had been hoping and hoping that the Pre would come to Verizon, but got suckered into the VzW store by the Droid advance ads (hey - old Star Wars fan, who could resist?) and, coming from an ancient Treo 700w, I fell in love and feel like I have been transported into the distant future. That screen! Since my Palm Vx way back in ancient history, each successive device I've gotten has had a smaller screen - until now, and all I can say is WOW. You can actually view an entire web page without panning (frankly, you couldn't even read a web page at all in WinMo)! I can read whole emails without scrolling. Sharp, cyrstal clear - I can actually read all of my appointments in week mode. And full-screen, HQ vids on youtube have to be seen to be believed on this thing. All the complaints about the hardware keyboard - I was very fast on my Treo(fast enough to take notes in meetings - ubergeek), typed with my thumbnails and despite having to train my left thumb to reach over one more column and my right thumb one less due to the keyboard offset, in one week I am about as fast as I was on my Treo. It's still sweet to have the on-screen keyboards (in both portriat and landscape modes) for quick entry from time-to-time. Struggled with Exchange sync at first, but am now using Touchdown which is flawlessly syncing my work email, contacts and calendar, including Global Access List, with security good enough for my paranoid IT guys at work. Love having my work email and my Gmail in one place, and my work calendar and my personal calendar separate but in one place. And the Google Nav is incredible - integration of Google web search and Google Maps and turn-by-turn voice directions is a mind-blowing, game-changing app. Google Search integration is amazing - voice search, and my Droid will search my contacts, my installed apps, the internet. Voice search "Napa Auto Parts" for example, and up pops the browser with the 3-4 closest stores BASED ON MY CURRENT LOCATION! How cool is that? Each store has a hotlink - touch the phone number, and it dials; touch the "Get Directions" and written turn-by-turn directions pop up, along with a choice to "show on map" or "navigate" (yup - by voice) to the store! Been lots of press about the Kindle, the Nook, etc, and 2010 being "the year of the ereader". Bloody HA - why should I spend $200-$300 on an ebook device when I can load eReaderPro for free, and have downloadable, crystal-clear, searchable, boookmarkable ebooks on this beautiful screen? Lots of complaints about not being able to sync music and photos - I'm running the (free) Motorola Media Link and despite a somewhat clunky interface on my PC, it does the syncing thing just fine, thank you (why didn't Motorala/Verizon let people know about this in their phone documentation?) And - blazing fast WiFi automatic connection to my home router - streaming Pandora without ever having to worry about hitting VzW's 5gB "unlimited data" limit! Documents to Go completely replaced all my Office Mobile stuff from my Treo (10 bucks - big whoop). And the apps! Google Sky Map, SportsTap, Shazam, Visual Voicemail, OISafe - booyah, whoever needs iPhone's 100k apps? You have to see the camera video capability to believe it - I can run vids on my 21" monitor, and they look better than network news feeds! Ok, ok, yes, there are a few minor gripes: battery life bites (probably because I have bluetooth and the Nav running in my car all the time, I can't seem to stay off the phone all day, and then wifi all evening! I do wish I had bluetooth voice dialing (I bet Google fixes this one pretty quick). Setting appointment times is silly - come on, click up and down ONE MINUTE at a time? (finally figured out that you can swipe and type the time in, still awkward). And - I'm missing my Audible audiobooks on my phone, had to run out and get a $40 Sansa Clip until Audible gets with the program and ports their reader to Android. The native music player is a bit pedestrian (puzzling on a phone oriented toward "consumer" use), but still workable. However, in the big scheme these are less than minor irritants, and I am a fervent and committed volunteer in the DROID ARMY. And, finally, I have to say that I have been getting a huge kick out of VzW's in-your-face ads attacking ATT and the Iphone (all I can say is, it's about time), and watching the comic-book soap opera as ATT sues and tries to counterattack. Loving it!

ok, here's the my 2 cents...first having an iPhone means you must be in the small circle of ATT's coverage. I went overseas with mine and when it puked I was without anything until I got home. No help in the UK. The Droid is on a system with 100% better coverage. I have not dropped a call yet. The phone itself is bank. It looks good and works great. I still use my iPone for music, but the Droid is my choice for everything else.


I have a Treo 755p. I don't care about the camera, music, most apps the latest and greatest etc. May be inerested but have not had the time to leave the last century. BUT I use my phone primarily for contacts and all the info I need behind the contacts such as bank accts multiple loan balances,account numbers etc. I need the contacts to be able to be segregaated in GROUPS. I need the contact to hold mucho "notes" behind it. Will the Droid do this?

I got the Droid the first day it was available. I returned it 24 hours later. I never want my phone to ring -- I want vibrate only, 100% of the time. Thus, the device was unusable to me. The side toggle is enabled all the time and overrides the software settings. It is very easy to hit by mistake -- it is HUGE. This was disappointing to me, because I otherwise loved the phone's functionality. I have since seen a few apps to disable the volume rocker, but none that give me real confidence they will work. (For example, one app works by detecting the change, then restoring the phone's previous settings, resulting in a time delay.) A quick, informal poll of a few of my office mates revealed several who leave their phones permanently on vibrate only, and none whose phones had volume switches that would override this setting. This includes iPhone. Moto, you have to get the simple stuff right, I'm afraid. I could accept the useless keyboard giving the device a brick-like feel way beyond its actual weight, but I can't accept a phone going off in a meeting, etc.

I got my DROID 3 days after it came out and love it!!!!! Of course i previously had a Motorola Q which is the model A of PDA's. Anyway, I am a truck driver and am on the road alot and my DROID keeps me connected and entertained!

longtime Verizon customer. never tried Iphone because of at&t. droid is my first smartphone so i have no comments on which is better/worse or why.
My issue is this. after one week with droid and 1 new software update from Verizon/moto. the phone has locked up for the past 3 days! called Moto this am,was talked through a hard reset. No luck,
phone powers on but touch screen does not respond!! was told by Moto
to call Verizon. Informed them of these issues and what Moto tech had to say. Verizons response replace the phone!! removing battery to shut off phone and then replacing battery does not help. Anyone else have this problem????

Am I the only one that doesn't want my phone to transform? I hate flip/sliders. Just make it one peace. There is a lot of things I hate about my iphone, but at least it doesn't transform. Just make the same phone with out the stupid keyboard and I'll gladly buy it.

I love my new Droid. I was with ATT and Couldn't stand how they make you go swap your equip and sim card everytime you have an issue with the network. The iphone honestly was really great equipment. I gave mine up, hands down Verizons network and cust service kicks tail and the MOTO Droid was the clincher for me. At first i was thrown by how complex it can seem after a very simple activation. I just needed to be patient and learn what it is to be an Android user. I really really love it. Sure theres drawbacks and things that could be better but i prefer to look at all the reasons for loving it. And I absolutely am happy with it. Frustrated at times but i have found a solution each time. Really a good decision. But yes there is a cost when switching to Verizon. After all the headaches. I realized the hardware and network justify the cost.

ok i don"t have either phone yet i have an env touch n love it i don"t like at&t as i feel they are shady in some of there practices, having been a former at&t landline user but i have to agree with Aardvark some of the ppl on here are name brand groupies with a narrow mind.
Back when iphone came out everyone forgets some of the issues it had n the number of reports of bills in the thousands which it has improved on some of them but not all honestly if it werent for the apps iphone wouldnt be much either ...i have had sprint and att wirelss with dropped calls and such problems this is the first version obviously with many more to come I've heard iphone is coming to verizon so apple does see the shortcomings of at&t's network but in the end its all what u use or dont use or need or dont need if ur fingers are to big for a keyboard doesnt mean the phone sucks just dont get it yourself geez droid will improve as will the iphone im sure im leaning more towards droid tho the potential for me is there with the droid no phone is going to have 100% of what everyone wants doesnt mean it sucks i think this was a good article it wasnt meant to be biased even tho he may have been towards the end ..but hasnt everyone else been biased he gave props to both n then his opinion of his own decision. and btw everyone has had problems with every phone when it comes out even the almighty(cough) iphone or blackberry's...its electronics

and everything has some form of learning curve till you get used to it sheesh the env had a different keyboard then its latest versions do now when apple does do a keyboard for the iphone im sure ppl will say its to hard cuz some dont want to try they just want it done for em

I have had the phone for about 2 months now. my first smartphone. had a lot of issues with it
1- phone reset itself lot of time
2- another time, all my email accounts were gone and I had to reset them again
3- the phone froze once and I had to remove the battery to turn it off/on
4- people constantly complain that my calls are breaking off
5- worse is, the phone send emails autonomously from one contact in my inbox to other email addresses in my inbox.

went to verizon store and they reset the phone, not sure if they should not replace the phone after so many problems ith it, it is frustrating, especially the phone sending emails to different people in my inbox, taking emails from yahoo sending to contact in gmail or hotmail etc...

quote "It may come as a huge surprise to Anonymous, but not everyone works for a multinational company at executive level. I travel overseas a lot...but just for pleasure. I rent a GSM phone from Verizon for that purpose. Not a big deal, and not expensive."

He didn't say he was an exec. He noted that the phone is useless overseas. Why would you buy a supposed high end phone that you can't travel with, and have to rent another just to keep in touch?

If you live in cold climates you might appreciate the option of having both a physical (button) keyboard in addition to a virtual touch one. When your outside in the cold and your screen and fingers are cold, any virtual keyboard is going to stutter or have a hard time working at all. Hard to call friends or help when that happens.

If you put a good case on it like the one Verizon sells or one of the better after market ones it will give the droid an edge that will protect the screen that by the way is made of gorilla glass that you would have to be ridiculously hard on to damage it or even scratch it. A tip that I picked up on since I can't stand all the smudges and fingerprints is to use the Rainx wipes to put a unnoticable coating that really does away with body oils.

This is one of the best phones released for verizon network. The touchscreen is amazingly accurate especially coming from the voyager which touchscreen sucks in accuracy. So they really improved it when making this phone. Multi-tasking music player is also a plus when your on those bored days with nothing to do besides texting. Some things that need to be worked on are some of the glitches that the phone produces such as the phone restarting when doing something such as scrolling through text messages on the phone but you can fix this by resetting the phone which I found out on LG-Darecom. But I believe the restarting problems can be fixed in a firmware update. But the phone has alot of tricks and features which you might not figure out until a couple of days after you get the phone. I know LG made a site thats basically a picture manual for the LG Dare and it really helped learn the phone also.

I've got this phone almost a year after release, well-knowing that it wasn't the newest or best phone out there (i.e. Evo/Incredible/Droid X), and I am still very content. Droid is a pretty cool phone, and has proven itself future-proof. Mine was pre-installed with 2.1, but can't wait for 2.2 FroYo; that will really be the iceing on the cake. kudos Moto

Motorola is known as one of the best reputed brand in mobile world. I am sure this motorola droid will rock in market and capture good market share all over the world and improve the brand image of motorola.

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