T-Mobile Optimus T off-contract

If you're on T-Mobile and are looking for an above-average mid-level phone off contract, check this out: The above screenshot we just received tells us the T-Mobile Optimus T (that's Magenta's version of the LG Optimus One) will soon be available from Radio Shack for $175 -- without having to sign a contract. That's about $65 off the current no-contract "retail" price and is a deal we can get behind.

It doesn't appear to say what kind of data plan you'll need. But, again, you won't be tied down to a monthly contract. So if you want out, you get out. That's the way it should be, folks. Thanks to anon, who submitted via the official Android Central App.


Reader comments

Radio Shack to sell T-Mobile Optimus T without monthly contract for just $175


Isn't this close (within $20) of the Virgin Mobile plan cost for the same phone? Except with VM, you get monthly charges that are less than half T-Mobile... and no contract. Doesn't sound like much of a deal to me, but to each his own.

The LG Optimistic line really represents a great value to the consumer. Its not the most high end device but its definitely a good mid-range device.