Gameloft is quickly expanding on its popular "Modern Combat" game franchise with the latest revision: "Zero Hour." The game has just launched on the iOS platform, but Gameloft assures us that the developers are putting the final touches on an Android version and "expect it to launch very soon." Games this big can never come too soon, so we hope to see it go live in Google Play very shortly.

You can get a taste for the gameplay in the latest version in the trailer above. (Spoiler alert: you shoot guys in the face.)

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xorg says:

Yowza. Jeepers. Can't wait.

gcruzjr88 says:

this game is already out for android for about a week now!! just gotta know were to look =D...its a funn game! different setup and u get points while in campaign and get a to shop in mid game in the pause screen!email me and ill send u the link !

Rahil Parkar says:

hey bro plzz.. send me link to
will be so thankfull to you... cant wait for reply... plzz reply soon

dacp283 says:

Maybe it's just me but I see no enjoyment in these games on phones or tablets. Not nearly as much fun as on a console due to lacking controls and graphics. It amazes me they are highly anticipated.

xorg says:

Nova 3 gameplay and production depth was quite good, very long game. Some games better on 7" tablet than phone. I don't buy console games anymore. Mobile gameplay is just recently turning the corner to a real contender to console gaming. A fraction of cost/game too.

What I'd like to see next is cloud based gamesaves so that you can switch from phone/tablet and continue where left off.

Short of cloud based gamesaves, which definitely needs to happen, there's always DataSync which gets the job done quite well.

I think they are quite entertaining. I dont see why everything has to be a competition, it is not a replacement for consoles, it is in its own category. It is a replacement for typicaly handhelds rhat started with the gameboy maybe. I just go it for mu iPad it is a nice iteraration, it will be fun. And yes, I was anticipating it, as I thoroughly enjoyed Fallen Nation.

phelsumania says:

Why don't u try using your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller with it? Then u might get the hype who in their right mind uses touch screen controls, as u noticed they suck balls. A proper game pad makes it so much more enjoyable. I play my phone through the TV using a Xbox 360 controller at home and play with the PSA controller when out of the house.

dacp283 says:

Why not just pay an Xbox then?

DWR_31 says:

This is making me think really hard about purchasing a MOGA game controller for my GS3.

0utkast says:

Guys, i played it on a tegra 3 tablet and graphic are not like the trailer unfortunately and no support for gamepad (360 controler) so no way will buy this.

gcruzjr88 says:

pretty solid game! and for a phone this has some good ass graphics! its not an xbox or ps3 obvious! and yes u can play with an xbox controller! u just gotta be smarter than what ur working with! its been out! good game!

50437 says:

bunnyfoofoo27 • 5 days ago −
Sorry guys. DUO GAMER does not work with Modern Combat 4. It is official and an absolute outrage. I shelled out $114 to have it imported to NZ last month and now this news bites my ass of a price drop. I got in anticipation of modern combat 4. Thanks for screwing me gameloft