Samsung Galaxy S5

Prices range from €699-729 in eurozone, £550 in the UK

A few days after the announcement of Samsung's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, SIM-free European pricing for the device is starting to emerge. A number of ourlets across the continent are starting to list the GS5 for pre-order: Clove has the 16-gigabyte GS5 up for pre-order at £550 including VAT, with the black and white versions shown as arriving April 11. Meanwhile rival retailer Unlockd-Mobiles has the phone listed for £549.98 in black, white and blue and due in stock the same day.

Amazon Germany and Spain have the 16GB Galaxy S5 available for pre-order for €699 and €729 respectively. The prices put Samsung's latest around the same price point as the Sony Xperia Z2, which sports similar internal specs and is due to go on sale in late March. Pre-order prices are subject to change as release dates approach, but nevertheless these numbers should give buyers a rough idea of how much the European GS5 is going to cost.

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Source:;; Clove, Unlocked-Mobiles; via: SamMobile


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European Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-order pricing starting to emerge


For Americans, just sell it at $199-$250 on contract and u will have another hit on ur hands. T-Mobile tweeted that interest in the S5 is thru the roof; ppl are really excited about this next great device in fantastic colors.

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I am definitely waitng until we see if F Series rumors are true.
And I want MORE than 16 gb!!

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Well considering the s4 was £600+ when released this is OK and should go below £500 pretty quick too.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Hey, just a quick heads up, I'm in The Netherlands and here the best price as now is € 652 (, well bellow what it stated here in the sub title, and last time I checked it out, we are an eurozone country! :) :)

I shall be waiting to upgrade my note 3 to a note 4. I sold my s4 because it looked and felt horrible. Squarer corners a fake leather back and the inside this has can only get better. I'm happy with note line!

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No thanks.
Nothing about this Galaxy tempts me not least the price. Even if this was priced to match the Nexus 5.