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Element Case makes some mighty fine cases for smartphones, and they have just recently released two new designs for the Galaxy S4 that are sure to delight you. The ATOM and the ECLIPSE are super impact-resistant and feature a unique sound boosting technology, or SBS (Sound Boost System) that channels resonant amplified audio from the phone’s back speaker toward the front, perfect for music, movies and speakerphone. They are constructed from impact-resistant TPU that’s both lightweight and soft to the touch as well as an aerospace-grade carbon fiber back plate.

To celebrate the release of the ATOM and the ECLIPSE for the Galaxy S4, Element Case is giving Android Central readers a chance to win a free case! Head over to the links below and check out the cases, then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which one you prefer and why. Four lucky readers will win one of these awesome cases for their Galaxy S4. Good luck!

Element Case Introduces ATOM & ECLIPSE for Galaxy S4 with New Resonant Audio Amplification Technology

First-to-Market Audio-Amplifying Cases for Galaxy S4 with Sound Boost System™ (SBS) Technology Make a Difference You Can Hear

San Carlos, CA – June 20, 2013 – Element Case (, the premier manufacturer of unrivaled accessories for the mobile arena, brings to market two innovative cases exclusively for the popular new Galaxy S4 smart phone.
To address the location of the Galaxy S4’s high quality, rear-facing speaker, the ATOM S4 and ECLIPSE S4 feature a proprietary Sound Boost System (SBS) technology which channels audio waves from the device’s rear-facing speaker and redirects them to the front.  This prevents muffled audio during handheld conversations and improves the quality of music audio, TV / movies and game play experience.
Both cases are constructed from impact-resistant TPU uniquely designed to offer rugged protection that’s both lightweight and soft to the touch. An aerospace-grade carbon fiber back plate is added to both models for additional lightweight protection and style. Complementing its bold design, the ECLIPSE S4 offers a CNC-machined aluminum bezel, and houses a convenient kickstand for optimal viewing angle on any surface.
The ATOM S4 and ECLIPSE S4 cases will be available for immediate shipping on July 20, 2013 at $49.95 and $79.95, respectively. Both models will be available in multiple color options.
“The exploding Galaxy market has reached a level of excitement that rivals only the iPhone,” said Jeff Sasaki, CEO and Founder of Element Case. “The ATOM S4 and ECLIPSE S4 bring unique Element Case style along with our new Sound Boost System (SBS) technology to further enhance the impressive  capabilities of the Galaxy S4.”
For more information, pricing details and accessory options please visit the Eclipse S4 product page or Atom S4 product page.

About Element Case
Founded in 2007 by veteran Industrial Designer Jeff Sasaki, Element Case Inc. is a market leader in premium smartphone accessories. Sasaki’s California team continues to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning smart phone and tablet users by consistently offering breakthrough designs which incorporate precision machining, top quality craftsmanship and the highest grade materials. Element Case products are available online at the company’s website and through select retailers and distributors. Made in the USA, Element Case products are very exclusive yet can be shipped globally to more than 20 countries.


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Element Case announces two new cases for the Galaxy S4 - Enter to win one now!



I like the Eclipse. Seems more rugged to protect my S4, and that kickstand would make life easier when watching video!

I have never bought a case for my phone, I have always considered them not all that necessary. This case right here though, the Eclipse, now that has me thinking. I was already considering getting a case after having my S4 slide out of my pocket a few times. Thankfully dropping it has only resulted in tiny "damage", but throw in the kickstand and the SBS, this case becomes VERY necessary.

I think I would go with the Atom because it appears to be slimmer... Both look awesome though.

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They both look great; but, I prefer the Eclipse. The kickstand would be a welcome feature to help calm my kids down at restaurants, etc. When they get a little crazy, I have to lean the phone against whatever might be on the table so they can watch a cartoon or something. Inevitably, it almost always falls backward because whatever its leaning on slides (usually a salt shaker or something).

Thanks for the opportunity to win one - fingers crossed!

Despite the size of the eclipse, it is a win between the two. The kickstand and the SBS (even on the ATOM) that amplify the sound is a sure winner. On top of that, the lanyard is sure to keep the phone from slipping out of your hand when holding it.

That would be a few reasons I want the case.

I prefer the atom.

The atom looks really slick. I don't really use the kickstand, so I wouldn't need the eclipse.

Love the industrial design of the Eclipse. Definitely the nicest case I have ever seen for the GS4. I hope the buttons are nice and clicky feeling, most standard GS4 cases have very little tactile feedback.

The Eclipse is my choice. The kickstand will come in handy when I need to distract my four year old with a video.

I would love the Eclipse for the kickstand, the sound boost system and the over all shape of the case!!!!!!! Thanks in advance!

I would love the element case for many reasons. Mostly so when I have one too many drinks and I drop it 12 times my s4 will have some good protection.

I prefer the atom case, looks sleeker and the metal on the back is a fine finish. Sides look easier to grip as well and the price is cheaper.

The Atom case looks excellent, for a few reasons :

1) Sound Boost System feature - being on the back of the phone, the speaker can sound muted at times. This is an excellent idea from a case manufacturer.

2) "Thicker" corners. Helps prevent screen cracks and corner damage. Every time I've ever dropped a phone its been on the dang corner. Nice that its polycarbonate too.

3) Combination of "slick" and "matte" TPU material. Looks good and helps with grip.

4) Covered buttons - I've always preferred cases that have covered buttons. Just seems easier to use that way, especially if it retains the "clicky" feel.

5) It has sort of an industrial look. I really like that style of case. Just looks like it belongs to someone who knows their sh*t about phones.

6) CARBON. FIBER. Enough said.

Good work Element - these are very nicely done cases for a great phone.

Wow the Eclipse is one sexy case i love all the curves it has and the sound coming to the front amazing feature and kickstand is a nice touch too ty androidcentral and Element for the giveaway

I'm loving the Atom. Love the shape it gives the phone, and that pattern is killer! I have yet to get a case for my brand new GS4 and this would be perfect.

The Atom case grabs my eye and I lean more towards that version due to its slimmer nature. They both look nice though

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Two of these cases look very nice... Beautiful! I would also love to try out that sound boosting system! If i had to choose i would go with the Atom just by a little bit. It seems a little less bulkier and sleeker than the eclipse. Maybe thats just me.

Love that atom case! Prefer the look and it doesn't seem to add as much bulk as the other. Would love to win one!

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I love them both. They both seem slick. But I'd have to lean more towards the Eclipse. I like the hourglass shape to fit in the hand better and the kick stand. Great job!

I prefer the Eclipse because I like the aluminum together with the carbon fiber. Eclipse also has a lanyard hanger that would be great because I always use my phone attached to a lanyard that's attached to my wheelchair to prevent my phone from falling off my lap while I'm in my wheelchair. They're both really good looking cases tho.

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I would take either one just for the lanyard, but if I just absolutely have to pick one, I'll take the Atom... IMO, it seems to have a slightly more elegant design :)

I personally prefer the Eclipse. I like the aluminum, and the lack of flashy bright colors means it looks nice at work, too. And though I may not use it often, the kickstand is a nice touch.

That eclipse looks sick. The kickstand is something I really miss from my evo. And it looks like it'll really protect my phone.

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Eclipse for me. All around, I think it's the best looking most functional case out there. With the SBS, well, that just sealed it for me!

Seeing I just bought an incipio case and its just too soft to the touch I would much rather take the atom especially due to the fact the S4 could use a sound boost while doing group play. Plus all my s4 owner friends would be jealous

I like the Eclipse case, sleek curves almost like a woman's hips and you can't beat the kickstand. Would love to wrap my S4 in it!

The Eclipse would be my preferred case. The SBS technology is awesome. Plus, this case will stand out among other non technological cases.

i really like the ATOM case.... i'm not really big on kickstands, because i hardly use them. also like the lime accents on the ATOM as well, something that's gonna really stand out when you see it.

oh nice..I would definitely love to have the Eclipse case because its very tough and stylish..that would make my s4 look stunning and cool..i wish i win this

The Eclipse would definitely be my choice. Seems to provide more protection and has a kickstand to boot!!

Eclipse for the same reason everyone else wants it: Kickstand. :D Besides, it looks more elegant and let's face it, I won't be taking my phone hiking, so the Atom seems like bit too much for my lifestyle

I love both cases! I would be happy with either one of them. I normally dont like having a case on my phone, but with these I would be very happy to sport them around.

I'd have to go with the Eclipse, because an integrated stand is just incredibly convenient. Looks great too.

I prefer to have the ATOM because of its unique design and it fits the body of s4. I really want to have one.

I would choose the Atomic as I would not need the kick stand and it reminds me of my beloved Element that I have on my iphone4s. Beautiful!

Personally I like the atom as it is sleeker and this phone is big enough the way it is, plus the colors look way better on it

Cool...I choose eclipse. Its easy. Like compare wagyu with tenderloin.. its beef.. but wagyu is more precious because how to farm the eclipse.from material etc, have saw if more quality..

While both have the sound boost system I would have to go with the Eclipse. First, because of the built in kickstand. My current case has one and I just can't go without. Plus the machined aluminum front just looks awesome. I always thought the S4 looked too plastic compared to the HTC One but this case would fix that.

Eclipse! I love the overall design strong aluminum bezel to protect that expensive display. Tpu to absorb the drops. And awsome carbon fiber integration for look. The kickstand is just a bonus! Hopefully I win it.........or I guess I'll have to buy one!

I'm a painter. I have own many Otter box cases for many different phone over the year. This is due to my profession. I beat them up pretty badly, but I don't intended to do that to them. I take great care to ptotect my phones (GS4 and GS3) at all cost. I have longed for a case that is truly tough. Based on what I read about your cases. I think we have a winner. I like both cases. If I had to pick ( and I do :-) I would pick the Eclipse. I'm a true Above average smart phone user. Picking me would lead to feed back on the case(s) performance. Do you guys have these cases available for the GS3, Plus you make tablet cases?

I'd prefer the Eclipse because it's in aluminum and I gotta have that kick stand! Not to mention the better protection. I've gotta keep my precious in excellent condition.

I would prefer the Atom because it has a sleeker design and I also like the larger Carbon fiber back panel, but let's be honest here, I would love either because I really like the work and detail that Element put in their products.

As much as i appreciate the build quality and design of the Eclipse;
I would have to choose the Atom over it purely because i cannot stand cases with built-in kick-stands.


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My sister will be getting the S4 for her upgrade in a few weeks, and the ATOM case would be a great addition for her, given its slim and rugged design.

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It's definitely a toss up. The eclipse is intriguing in its design, and the kick stand is really awesome and looks very durable, unlike some of the other cases out there, but the shell-like upper half of the case is a bit off putting. The atom is very nice in the sense of sleekness, which I am a big fan of. I love how the entire back is completely covered in carbon fiber, save for the artistically placed logo. It's a case that offers a lot in terms of durability yet keeps your device looking slim and damn sexy. Based on cosmetic appeal, I would have to say that the atom takes the cake for me. It would be sick if I won one, but if not, you bet I'll be saving up for one. Awesome jobs on the cases guys, they look way sick.

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I like both but the atom looks like my choice. Lanyard straps have saved my phones many disasters and the fact both of these cases have attachment points goes a long way for me. Both seem rugged, well designed, and constructed. Ill have to find a retailer since I would consider purchasing one of these.

I'd love to have either one. I like the idea of having a kickstand tho, and I love the SBS concept because I work in a noisy warehouse and it would be much easier to hear my phone ring. Thank you for this opportunity! Made in the USA! Love it!

I never though I would miss my old thunderbolt but at times I find myself wanting the convenience of a kickstand. Since the time of my thunderbolt I've owned a galaxy nexus and now a glaxy s4 and I must say the thunderbolt althought big and heavy felt better in terms of build quality. This case seams to be the best of both worlds and suit everything I'm looking for. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

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I never thought I'd say it but I sometimes miss my thunderbolt and the kickstand. I would love the eclipse please and thank you!

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I'd definitely want the Eclipse. Got to love that lanyard! It would definitely keep me from dropping my phone so often.

The ECLIPSE for me. It makes all the difference in the world. Black/silver. Thanks. It puts everything else in small perspective... Doesn't it?

Wow, both really nice cases. Eclipse for me, prefer cases with kickstand. Had kickstand case with my old HTC Rezound. Loving the Galaxy S4, but not loving the case that I currently am using.

The Atom case for my daughter as a surprise gift for the S4 that I'm going to buy her as a gift for her getting straight A's all through her high school year. She is clumsy too with her cell phones so this case would fit her life style.

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I would really like to win an Atom please. I'd happily accept either of these awesome cases, though. I appreciate the chance to enter. Thank you again :)

I would love that Eclipse asceticly pleasing and practical with such protection, kickstand, and Sound Boost System tech...I love the carbon fiber touch and looks ways better then a plain otterbox this will be my next case for sure

wow impressive cases all around. I'll have to vote for the eclipse myself... I think it will do a much better job at redirecting sound than having to constantly use my hand ;)
that said the atom does look pretty sleek too... at the end of the day I don't think you can go wrong with either models!!

Love the Atom case. Kick stand is a must have for any S4, especially if you watch movies or listen to music. Great job. Got to get one of these to protect my baby! Lol

I love my S4, but I don't like having the speaker on the back. When I'm listening to music, I have to have the bottom of my phone off the edge of the table to get the best sound. The SBS feature is genius! I would want the Eclipse for the kickstand :)

Eclipse - aluminum is nice!

I wouldn't mind either! I need a sturdy case because I have broken TWO phone screens!

I think the ECLIPSE for Galaxy S4 is the best option for me because I got use to the kickstand on the HTC Evo and on the Motorola Photon 4G. Also, I work in construction and the Eclipse looks thougher then the Atom! Those would be the main reasons why I like the Eclipse!
The SBS - Sound Boost System it's a great bonus!!!

I'm really digging the ElementCase Atom S4. It's sleek yet durable, and just damn sexy. The carbon fiber back and the overall design make the phone not only sexy, but professional at the same time. Something I'm willing to use at work, and out at the bar with friends.

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I prefer the Eclipse over the atom because the Eclipse has a kickstand. Any case without a kickstand is a no go for me.

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Amazing cases! Getting the S4 next week and have been looking for cases like crazy. Not in love with anything, but this is the first that I've seen these. The Eclipse is perfect! Love the build and design, and the kickstand Upton and sound add is a great idea! By commenting, does that enterus to win?

I'm digging the Eclipse in black and silver! All the textures and finishes just kick these cases over the top. I loved my Otterbox Commuter series for my Droid 3 but it lacked that wow factor that these have. Did anyone see the wood and titanium case they offer for the iPhone? I'm excited to see what they come out with down the road for Android phones, especially the Galaxy S4. Maybe since there are well over 10 Million of them out in the market, they may develop more?
Good luck to all for the drawing!

I prefer the Eclipse only because I have to have a kickstand. Though if both had a kickstand I would lean toward the Atom.

I like both cases, but have to pick the eclipse because I get tired of holding my device and the kickstand would rock, love that it comes with a lanyard,it's going to boost my sound (smiling) , like the 4 color options and aluminum is always attractive!

Eclipse and Atom seem to be flawlessly designed S4 cases and I would love to use either.

The Eclipse though would work and look PHENOMENAL in my military environment.

I think I'd have to go with the Eclipse. For someone who never really appreciated a kickstand until I didn't have one anymore, this seems like a feature that I'd really use, especially with the upgraded capability of my new S4. That being said, they both look like really nice cases. My question is how difficult are they to open in the event a user needs to swap batteries? My husband currently has an Otterbox Defender, and finds it virtually impossible to free his phone without some special tool (never available when he'd need to swap batteries, of course). I have the Otterbox Commuter, and while I can free my phone from it's confines fairly easily, I just don't feel that it is as protected as it could be.

Eclipse case ftw!

4 things that caught my eye;
Sbs sound
Carbon fiber back
Aluminum front bezel
And my favorite, a kickstand.

These things make my ideal case.. Durable, protective and when im traveling I no longer have to hold my phone to watch movies!

Eclipse, the elegance of the design and from what I can see the shape and form is sleek and beautifully designed. Would love to own get it

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This would be perfect for my wife, who sadly drops her phone as often as she picks it up.

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i want the Eclipse case for my S4. I work at a road race track on race cars frequently and the aluminum and carbon fiber together would make for a nice conversation piece at the track, and should hold up very well also.

Just out of curiosity--and a little selfishness--when is Android Central going to pick a winner? I just ordered my 32G S4 for Verizon and I'm going to need a case when it comes!

ECLIPSE is absolutely the best case I have seen for the GS4... Ultimate protection in the best looking case on the market!

If I was buying it I would probably get the Atom. It seems to be less bulky than the Eclipse especially without the kickstand and offer same protection. I also don't have a lot of need for a kickstand.I do want to make sure the case works with my wireless charging base unit and I/m afraid too bulky a case might be a problem. It also offers the SBS solution which is fantastic & its hawt looking! Also if I was buying one of the two the price of the Eclipse would definitely give me pause.

I want the eclipse. I listen to music without headphones a lot. .. and with this it says it has a sound boost. ....

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black+silver eclipse - aluminum bezel adds the rigid feel my s4 needs. kickstand is a plus. plainly, it just looks sexy to be honest.

I would like the ATOM case, love the look and like the idea of a soft touch feel, allows for a better gripping surface.

Finally! A case that addresses the total Eclipse of the heart with the S4! I love the S4 but you can't always hear the speaker well (especially when watching a video), it's hard to hold, and it doesn't have a kickstand. This case addresses all 3 issues perfectly and it protects it? Brilliant!
Lastly, they say that you should never look directly into an Eclipse but when you combine the high end S4 with this high end case, well... turn around bright eyes!

And I need you now tonight
And I need you more than ever
And if you'll only hold my S4 tight
You'll be holding on forever!

Bought the Eclipse, super nice case love the SBS! Use to use an external headphone jack battery operated speaker to listen to my music at work my phone sounds better now without it!

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Both cases are AMAZING, but my favorite is the Eclipse. The S4 is a phenomenal smartphone, lacking in case appeal. Finally a case befitting the dynamic infrastructure. A bit pricey, Element, but thanks for giving us something to save our pennies for.

They are both quite nice elegant cases but I have to choose the Eclipse. I'd pick the CNC machined aluminum/black. The sound boost is unique and the only one in the market. Please Element send it to me! I will post many positive reviews on this case!

I waited for months with everyone else on Big Red for the HTC One to come out, but needed a new phone. I am happy with the S4, but pine for the front facing seems that Element has solved that problem. Element makes cases that look beautiful and based on the specs, protect your phone as well. Doing that and not looking bulky or being bulky is a welcome product. The redirection of the sound is what drew me to look at this phone as well and I cannot wait to experience it.

The eclipse for the galaxy s4 would be my case of choice. With more and more phones incorporating speakers onto the front side, element case puts their foot in the door with their new sound wave redirecting concept. You dont need a to spend an outrageous amount of money to listen to great sound, and the innovative and practical sbs cases from you guys at element cases helps to provide a great experience at a cost efficient price. I would love to experience the wonders of the case for myself! Nominate me :)