Captain Clumsy

Anyone with time to kill or a public transit daily commute can always find use for a quality one-handed casual game, and Captain Clumsy fits the bill. The premise of this game is basic -- and purposefully so -- as a "falling" style game with simple controls. You're a clumsy pirate (you would be too with 2 hook hands) trying to steal his booty back from the angry gulls that are holding it captive. Your character barrels down through pirate-themed levels, collecting coins and avoiding the bad gulls along the way. The controls are simple -- tap on the left of the screen to go left, right to go right -- and that's it! It's easy to pick up and play casually, but if you want to do well you have to put some time and effort into it. The game keeps you entertained regardless, with a fun soundtrack and gameplay sound effects.

The game follows the "free to play" with in-app purchases model (or "freemium," if you prefer,) which many games are going nowadays. You can play through the whole game without spending any money, but if you get stuck on a certain level or want to progress quickly, you can pay for power-ups in the store. Purchases of "coins" range from $0.99 to $14.99 for general purchases, and there are some specific perks you can buy too. There are still ads in the game -- both banner ads at the bottom of the screen and post-level full page ads for other games -- but once you make a single purchase in the store they go away. It still would be nice to have an up-front paid version of the game to not have ads from the start, but we understand this goes against the free-to-play nature of it.

If you need a fun time-waster that appeals to a whole range of ages and skill levels, Captain Clumsy is definitely worth your time to check out. And as a free to play title, you can't go wrong with trying it out. Stick around after the break to see the developer's trailer for the game, and head to the link at the top of this post to grab it from the Play Store.


Reader comments

Captain Clumsy is a fun and free time-waster game


Hi Andrew,

first of all, thanks for this great review of our game!
I am Ben, one of the developers of the game.

The ads disappear with a single purchase,
to give an extra reward for supporters of our team,
so we can continue to make games like this
(and even better ones!) in the future.
This should be regardless of the number
of coins you buy, so user experience and gameplay fun
is maximized.
Please let me know if there are any issues with it.

Also we take your criticism serious, and work on
reducing the frequency of the shown ads.

Your constructive criticism is very much appreciated!

I absolutely love seeing the developers comment on articles in the wild. I will definitely be downloading and making some IAPs!

We tried to address your points of criticism by greatly reducing the frequency of ingame ads as well as by pointing out to the player that he can remove all ads permanently with a single purchase. Thank you very much.

About the Galaxy Note 2: I do not own the device myself, nor do I have access to one currently. Judging from the specifications, it should be compatible - are there any problems with it?