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Dennis Woodside: custom orders are "substantial"

From an interview with Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside, Reuters reports that 100,000 Moto X devices are being shipped out of the company's Texas facility. Woodside says that this is only the beginning, and things are going according to plan.

When you set up to ramp a factory you need a plan, and we have shipment targets we need to make with our carrier partners, and where we need to be right now is 100,000 units and that's where we are.

While this number is a good bit lower than what we would see from Samsung or Apple, it's quite a number for an American assembly plant where workers are paid between $12 and $14 per hour.

Woodside wouldn't say how many phones were destined for carriers and how many were customer-direct orders from Moto Maker, but he said the number of custom orders was "substantial."

It's sounding like Motorola under Google's guidance just may become profitable again.

Source: Reuters


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100,000 Moto X phones coming out of Dallas each week



P. S. I don't care, if someone is offended by me using that number.

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Some people, for no particular reason, get upset by MERCDROID's frequent use of "+9000" and "This" in posts. I have no idea why; it doesn't affect them.

Seriously it ,makes no sense he's just giving a complement to the commenter. Ridiculous

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I've indirectly busted his balls about it, but it doesn't bother me at all. He just usually beats me to it and I use the standard +1 so as not to steal his glory.

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Yes, it is, and it a quite annoying one. Mainly because many times it used by people who don't even know where it's from (not saying that's the case about this guy).

+1 this is great. Want this phone but sadly it's not my next. I really like what Motorola is doing though and would love to see them break the Maxx away from a Verizon exclusive.

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It's the best phone I've used so far. Glad to see non-nerds get their hands on it too.

+9.98, because in the past few months Motorola's stock has gone up almost ten points since Google's acquisition. If I had the money I would be buying up as much Moto Mobility stock as I could for the long haul investment especially at rock bottom prices of $40 est. a share. I wish I had bought it at $30 a share back in may and June because it is up 25%. I think in a few years Motorola could be back on top again especially if Google starts implementing its own innovations to profit on outside of android development or if Android is taken off free licensing in 2015

Especially since they've added some of the least gimmicky features to their phones recently. They seem to have a very productive R&D.

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Bingo. Motorola added simple, useful features that enhance the user experience and don't negatively affect the device. This is in contrast to other skins that add bloated, gimmicky features you may never use and which cause the phone to lag.

Same here, as I know try to buy American made products when possible or at least products from American owned companies.

This was not always the case but I think the American companies and manufacturing has turned over and realized people won't buy crap just because it says "Made in USA" and we have the capability to manufacture great products!

Several times this. The less we patronize foreign sweatshop labor, the better. I'm willing to pay a little bit more if it means that the people assembling a device are paid a reasonable wage.

+1 I agree totally. It is definitely the best phone I've used so far also.

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I'm waiting for the developer edition as I'm on At&t and want to be able to unlock the bootloader

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Same for Verizon. Waiting to see which is available first, One or Moto X as a Dev edition. At this point, I know I would be ecstatic with either device, so its just a matter of time :-)

Not sure if you're saying the One in general, or Dev Edition One, but the latter may be an infinite wait. Buy Moto X, then sell it when Dev Edition releases to pay for the new one. That way you save some dough. Its what I did. Love this phone.

Seeing this makes me feel like the moto maker exclusive was intentional. I doubt they have the resources and manpower for custom orders from customers on all 4 major carriers. They might need another plant for next year (assuming no one carrier gets an exclusive).

Custom orders take no longer than standard ones provided the logistics systems running the process are in good shape. Why would it take longer to put a green back on a phone than a black one as long as the required part is there at the right place at the right time? Duhh

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My point was that if moto maker was available at launch on all carriers and 100,000 people ordered custom designs on the first day, it'll take them a week just to get those out to people, which is 3 days off their estimated shipping time. And that's only for the first days shipments.

My guess is next year they'll open up moto maker like a week early to get a head start on production for all those that pre order the phone.

It can take longer from a quality control standpoint, ensuring the correct accent colors with the correct face and back colors. Plus, it takes time to ramp up suppliers to ensure enough of each back color, for example, to meet customer demand. Lastly, limiting customization to one carrier initially, gives Motorola a frame of reference for forecasting customer preferences.

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Its definitely intentionally done. Moto aren't going to open up for Motomaker before demand for AT&T versions are going down to make sure they can handle the demand.

Not sure what hype about this phone is. Jerry I know you are bullish on it but it felt cheap to me. The display was better than expected but seemed more like free phone as opposed to $199. There are much better phones our there for the same price. I don't know why it reminds me a bit of the Galaxy Nexus.

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I wouldn't touch the gnex, bad camera, battery life, and ugly. The moto x looks sharp, good battery life, and fast as can be.

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Hey buddy, there was/is nothing wrong with the Galaxy Nexus. Battery life wasn't setting records; but, with the extended battery, I could easily make it though a day, with power to spare.

I'll give you this: the camera was nothing to write home about, but it was more than adequate, as a smartphone camera.

And ugly? No, the old HTC phone (the one with the Facebook button) was ugly.

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Try actually using a Moto X for a bit. Then you might understand how flat out ridiculous you sound for saying it has the quality of a free phone.

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I am thinking of getting one just because its american made! And I'm on Verizon!

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I can't wait to see what the future holds for Motorola as a cell maker. I hope to see some of the greatest phones from them.

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The Moto X is such a cool phone and even more awesome that it's being made here! Can't wait to demo one; looks really nice to hold.

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Seriously, I feel so much better, about the phone being assembled here in the U.S. I was pretty impressed with the salary, that they are being given. I am not sure what the cost of living in fort worth is, but thats a pretty respectable rate for factory work. Plus they get to touch Moto x's all day, so jelous!

I really did want a moto xuntil I saw what could potentially be the next nexus.
I just want to buy a unlocked version of a phone and be able to use it on any carrier (except VZW apparently). But if the developer edition of the moto X does that I would get it. Although I cant lie, the price appeal for Nexus devices is hard to ignore, though I understand the moto X just cant be priced like that and me manufactured here in the US. Kudos to Googorola! Hope these make a turn around for moto

100,000/week = 5.2million/year

Galaxy Note shipped 5 million in 3 months; everyone said it was a niche product.

Galaxy Note 2 shipped 5 million in 2 months; everyone said "that's shipped, not sold".

Weekly payroll costs for manufacturing each of these phones in these quantities? Probably about the same.

The Note sales numbers you mention are global. The current 100k/week is JUST for US sales, there's a factory in China manufacturing them for global distribution.
Apples and Oranges.

Only the US versions are MADE in the US at 100,000 per week. [Though I'm not 100 %sure about Canada].

Are the Note figures you mentioned US shipping numbers or world wide shipping numbers?

As a previous rooter/rom'er on Galaxy devices. I must say this is the best handset I've laid hands on. Bravo Motorola, Bravo.

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Interesting to see the 'made in the US' as such a key selling point.

Here in the UK, a phone marketed as being 'made in England' would probably put people off!

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Sam Walton built the Walmart empire on "Made in the USA", then he died and his kids outsourced everything to China to make even more money, quietly dropping the "Made in the USA" campaign.
Here in the States, "Made in the USA" is a point of pride.

Anyone else convinced that the pricing of this phone was purely to keep demand from exceeding what a US manufacturer can put out? The phone could have been priced like a nexus, but if it were, especially with all the hype they gave it, it would take many more factories to keep up.

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I'd probably buy one if that leaked, rumored Nexus 5 didn't have Sprint frequencies.

On one hand I want to support it so they don't scrap the idea, but on another hand I want to skip it because it doesn't get me too excited right now. I'll just put those two hands together and pray they're headed in the direction Samsung was with the S2.

I'd buy one if I could get 32GB on Verizon.
The AT&T exclusivity is shooting early sales in the foot. I'm suspecting they are looking at now as a "soft launch" so any and all possible bugs can be ironed before they go big for the holidays.

Seriously. Not Dallas. Dallas couldn't swing this deal. Fort Worth could and did. This is like saying, "Los Angeles. San Diego. Whatever. They're all the same, right?"

Bad form.

I had an interview today for one of the assembly jobs there today!... Looks good!... There's another cell phone production going on out there that's Not Motorola and not sure what it is!

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Yeah, there is a difference. Dallas is roughly 40 to 50 miles from the Motorola plant!... It's actually just outside of Ft. Worth in Alliance near Alliance Airport which is about 10 miles from where I live!

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