You can save £100 on the Nokia 8.3 5G with this Black Friday deal

Nokia 8.3 5G Lifestyle
Nokia 8.3 5G Lifestyle (Image credit: HMD Global)

Stock Android phones are rare at this point in 2020. If you do want one that offers a lot of screen, a decent camera, and guaranteed updates — the field narrows substantially. The Nokia 8.3 is Nokia's 2020 flagship. Running on the Android One platform and using the tried and true Snapdragon 765 to bring 5G for cheap, it's a fairly appealing offering to people who've been fans of Nokia's earlier efforts.

While our review remains forthcoming, other reviews across the web are broadly mixed as far as quality goes. When it comes to pricing, however, most agree that the 8.3 5G is more expensive than it should be. This limited Amazon UK deal in the lead up to Black Friday helps soothe that somewhat, taking £100 off the asking price to bring it down to £399 for the base Nokia 8.3 5G (that's the 64GB variant that's paired with 6GB of RAM).

At £499, the phone competes with the excellent Pixel 4a 5G and a plethora of just plain better phones from Xiaomi and Samsung. At £399, all its shortcomings become more forgivable. You won't really be expecting a 90Hz display, but the company's 6.81-inch LCD display is the most phone you can get stock Android on, and its quad-camera set-up offers flexibility in good lighting. If you don't mind being carrier-locked temporarily, a £310 deal from Vodafone gives it a pricing advantage even over the excellent Pixel 4a.

Michael Allison