If you're shopping around for a new Android phone right now, you have a lot of different handsets to choose from. At the time of writing this post, two of the hottest devices are the OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10+.

The OnePlus 7 Pro was just released a week ago and delivers a true flagship experience for hundreds of dollars less compared to a lot of the competition. The display is phenomenal, performance is buttery smooth, and the software experience is a joy.

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On the flip side, the Galaxy S10+ costs a bit more while delivering better cameras, longer battery life, expandable storage, and a headphone jack.

Which of these two phones would you pick if given the choice? Here's what the AC forum community had to say.


How much of a difference is it really. /rant This obsession with Cameras as if really noticable. I really don't get it. As for OP if you can get a straight up trade why not. Up here it seems like the value of the S10+ 128GB used is down to $900 CAN. I have to pay $400+ to get the Almond 7 Pro.

Shahzad Ghani One

Just got galaxy s10 plus white prism . Sold my iPhone xsmax ..plus saved 350 dollars I was in apple eco system from 2012 to 2016 then slowly moved away from apple eco system .. but that's another story . I was looking at one plus 7 pro reviews before buying s10 plus .. I like 90 Hertz display and speed other than that I didn't like the mic and camera quality of one plus 7 pro ..plus Samsung is...


I know Samsung camera is better but I think OP 7 isn't that far behind but the whole screen and almost stock Android with customize is calling me.

Mr Segundus

Why? That's a huge downgrade. The OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't have IPXX certification, it doesn't have wireless charging, and it doesn't have as good of cameras. The FPS is only optical, which isn't nearly as secure as the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the S10+. There's no way I'd ever downgrade a device.


What about you? Would you rather have the OnePlus 7 Pro or Galaxy S10+?

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