Moto G 2015

Across the Internet, you've probably noticed the glowing praise for the new Moto G 2015. Both people who review phones for a living and people who only care about having a good smartphone that does everything they want it to do seem to be in love with the new G. I'm right there, on both sides. I see why the Moto G is worth recommending to just about everyone, and I'm loving it as my own phone.

There are other great unlocked Android phones in the $200 - $300 price range. We're not saying they aren't as good or better in many ways. You should definitely take a look at all your options if you're looking for the best value in a new Android. Here are five reasons why you should buy the Moto G to think about while you're looking.

A $200 one-time payment

Moto G 2015 pricing

When you give Motorola $200 (that's splitting the difference between the $180 8GB version and the $220 16GB version) they send you an unlocked phone that will work on any GSM network with no muss and no fuss. You're not tied to any financing plan, and you're not giving any carrier $20 a month for the next year or so.

You end up with a phone that's changing the way everyone thinks about the price of a new smartphone. Like several other new unlocked phones on the market, the Moto G outperforms the price tag.

High-end performance at a low-end price

Moto G 2015 battery life

The Moto G will handle most anything you throw at it with no problems. The new Snapdragon 410 runs things smoothly on the lower resolution 720p screen, and the whole package treats your battery with some tender lovin' care.

Some of the extremely power-hungry 3D games are a bit sluggish — we can't deny that. But for the day-to-day things you need a smartphone to do well — communications, web browsing, social networking and the like — the Moto G is an excellent phone. It even does a lot of these things better than phones that cost $500 more.

It can get wet

Water resistant backs

Stuff happens. The Moto G 2015 is IPX7-rated water resistant, and that means you won't be buying a new phone should you get it wet.

It's not something you can take SCUBA diving, or even into the pool with the kids, but the phone should be just fine if it gets caught in the rain, or dropped in a puddle, or gets an ice-cold beverage spilled on it.

Plenty of us have ruined a good phone by getting it wet, or know someone who has. Water-resistant phones like the Moto G 2015 can make those stories a thing of the past.

A great camera for a budget phone

The Moto G 2015 does not have the best smartphone camera out there. If you're only criteria for buying a new phone is the camera, you'll be happier with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or the LG G4. But for a $200 phone, the camera is pretty darn spectacular.

Motorola has talked up their camera on past models, and left many disappointed. Not this time. The fast f/2.0 lens, color-balancing dual flash and features like HDR and night mode make the Moto G's camera one you'll appreciate, which means you'll use it more often.

Lollipop plus

Moto G 2015 software

The Moto G has nailed the software. That's a pretty bold statement, but one that people new to Android (or smartphones in general) as well as the "seasoned veterans" seem to agree on.

There are no features you need to turn off to get the smooth performance everyone wants (though you can disable everything if you like), and the additions Motorola has added — such as the Moto app, which has settings and controls for the Assist, Actions and Display features — stay out of your way when you're not using them.

If this sounds familiar, it should. Motorola tamed their software down in 2013, and they continue to find ways to make for a better experience for folks who don't want or need a bunch of bloatware that duplicates core Android software (or replaces it).

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