Best answer: HP has two Chromebooks that you should be looking at, and the one you want to buy depends on how you're going to be using it. The new HP Chromebook 14 comes with an all-new optimized AMD APU with Radeon graphics and looks like a great choice if you're after the traditional laptop form factor. The HP Chromebook X2 is a two-in-one detachable that has a great display, Intel Core M processor, and is our recommendation for best overall Chromebook.

The form factor

HP has been making Chromebooks for a long time and its current lineup looks to be its best ever. The company's all-new "budget" model is the Chromebook 14, but with a twist — it's one of the first Chromebooks with the new optimized AMD APU for Chromebooks. That means you'll have a dual-core 2.2GHz CPU and AMD Radeon R4 graphics to power everything. The 14-inch display should look lovely with the new processor and the rest of the specs — 4GB of memory and 32GB of storage — match what our other choice has to offer.

The best part about the new HP Chromebook 14 has got to be the price. At $270 you're getting a lot for your money. So much, in fact, that if you're not interested in using your Chromebook as a tablet, the HP Chromebook 14 is the one you should buy.

The other great Chromebook HP has to offer is the Chromebook X2. It was our pick for the best Chromebook of 2018 because it has a powerful Intel Core M processor, an incredible 12.3-inch display complete with touch and Chromebook Pen input, and it's detachable — the screen separates from the keyboard and trackpad to become a great tablet.

Add in all the Android apps from the Google Play Store and you have one great device that does it all except make phone calls. At $539 it's a steal.

The choice about which to buy isn't a difficult one. If you'd rather have a laptop to use at home or work, or even the coffee shop the new HP Chromebook 14 looks awesome and will save you a good bit of money. If you think you would be interested in using a pen or a 12-inch tablet complete with Android apps, then the Chromebook X2 is exactly what you're looking for.

Best Laptop

HP Chromebook 14

AMD Power

The new Chrome optimized AMD processor with Radeon R4 graphics makes the HP Chromebook 14 a total steal if you're looking for that traditional laptop experience.

Best 2-in-1

HP Chromebook X2

A great tablet, too

The HP Chromebook X2 has been a favorite since it first arrived because if it's powerful specs and detachable display. Nothing's changed and it's still one of our favorite Chromebooks ever.

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