Just like with every entry in Samsung's Note series, this year's Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best large phones that money can buy. It's got a beautiful display, more than enough software features, some of the fastest silicon around, and a pair of rock-solid rear cameras.

The Note 8 is still a relatively young handset, but even so, some of our forum users have already got to talking about what they'd like to see in next year's Galaxy Note 9. It'll likely be a few more months before the rumor mill for the phone really kicks into full gear, but in any case, here's what some of you had to say.


Dimensions - same width but not as tall. Less heavy in weight. Fingerprint scanner on front. Let's forget about the curved screen.


same screen but less bezels to make it a little less tall, front fingerprint under display and removable battery (in my dreams lol, that last one not gonna happen)


I like the curved screen. The Note8 is the best ever, but lets blow everyone away with the 9. Keep the phone the same height but a little wider to get back to a 16:9 aspect. Get rid of the thin bottom bezel, shrink the top even further. Embedded front finger print scanner. Stereo speakers. Increase the camera zoom. 256 gb standard. 4000 mah battery.


I want the best camera sensor out there. Something like 1/2" or bigger sensor, f1.4, 4x telephoto. Since it's a wish list, I want indestructible glass on the screen. Is that too much to ask for $1,000? If you add stereo speakers, I would assume the battery size would need to suffer as a consequence. So, if that's the case, I'll stick with the mono speaker.


In no particular order: 1) 4000mah or greater battery 2) Stereo Speakers 3) At LEAST 128GB onboard storage 4) Remove bottom bezel, thinner top bezel, & side bezel too (my Note 7 had thinner side bezels) 5) Fingerprint scanner on-screen 6) 32-bit Quad DAC 7) Different colors (Red would be nice) 8) Differentiation in physical appearance from S9


We know it's pretty early to start talking about this, but we still want to know – What would you like to see in the Galaxy Note 9?

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