Out of the box, the Galaxy S10 is running Samsung's One UI launcher. It's fast, has Bixby Home built-in, and works seamlessly with the entire One UI aesthetic throughout a lot of the S10's software.

It's a perfectly fine launcher and one most people will likely be happy with, but is it enough to stop our AC forum users from installing a third-party one?

Here's what they had to say.


I like it but I really don't like the app draw that I have to swipe left - right and they frame all the icon so I changed to pixel Launcher with Google feed on the left and I really like it better. The phone is excellent anyway.


First thing I did was putting on Nova, Gboard and Google calendar lol


Always stuck with the Samsung launcher. Didn't like Nova or Google. I even liked touch wiz before it became the one UI which is great.


Sticking with OneUI here. Ever since Samsung Experience launcher I haven't needed to use Nova Prime.


What about you? What launcher are you using on the Galaxy S10?

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