Weekly poll results: Do you have Galaxy S6 active regret?

For our weekly poll we posed the question of whether you had Galaxy S6 active "regret." That is, since seeing the Galaxy S6 active — with its rugged exterior and large battery — released, do you wish you had waited and bought it instead of the standard Galaxy S6 or another phone?

We had a few different answers available, ranging from wishing that you had held out and bought the active, down to being okay with your Galaxy S6 purchase, and even just wishing that your GS6 had the active's larger battery. After a week of taking votes, this is how the numbers worked out:

Weekly poll results: Do you have Galaxy S6 active regret?

Somewhat surprisingly, the largest portion of voters, 29.85 percent, were okay with picking up a phone that wasn't a Galaxy S6 model at all — even with the new option of the GS6 active being available. Next up with 23.38 percent were those who like the Galaxy S6, but just wish that it had the larger 3500 mAh battery on tap from the active. Then it was a close race between those who wished they had waited for the active version of the phone with 17.46 percent, and those completely okay with their GS6 or GS6 edge purchase at 16.47 percent.

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The smallest group of voters, 12.38 percent, said that they had actually held out and bought the Galaxy S6 active. Part of that is likely due to the fact that it's exclusive to AT&T, and you can also add in the millions of people who already bought another leading phone — whether it's a One M9, or LG G4 — and aren't willing to budge for something else so soon.