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Garmin was the first brand to make a smartwatch designed for women in particular. The company's elite craftsmanship gave way to one of the best wearables for women that we have ever seen. Despite all the competition in the industry, the Garmin Lily continues to be the number one choice for most females, and for good reason.

The Garmin Lily sports a unique patterned lens and a monochrome touchscreen within its 34mm case. You can grab the classic version made of durable stainless steel in Dark Bronze, Light Gold, and Cream Gold. Meanwhile, the Lily Sport is constructed out of aluminum, and it's available in Orchid, Cream Gold, and Rose Gold. Garmin only offers leather bands with the regular Garmin Lily, so be mindful of that when making your purchase during the ongoing Cyber Monday deals. No matter which version you choose, the savings are incredible.

This women's smartwatch from Garmin is the least intrusive wearable you will find. It doesn't have too much going on and the features are fairly basic. However, the essentials are all there. You get 5 ATM waterproofing, heart rate monitoring, a blood oxygen measurement sensor, sleep tracking, menstrual and pregnancy monitoring and logging, and loads of other fitness-based features.

Garmin Lily Sport:$199.99$149.99 at Amazon

Garmin Lily Sport: $199.99 $149.99 at Amazon

Garmin's sleek Lily Sport smartwatch for women is on sale for $50 less than usual. This sleek and compact wearable tracks all the basic health and fitness metrics in style. The Lily Sport watch comes with a matching silicone band.

Garmin Lily Classic with Leather Band: $249.99$199.99 at Amazon

Garmin Lily Classic with Leather Band: $249.99 $199.99 at Amazon

The Garmin Lily Classic is also $50 off for Cyber Monday and you get a fantastic leather band along with the wearable. Get in shape with its detailed fitness tracking features. This is a great entry-level smartwatch for anyone with small wrists.

The battery life is astonishingly good, as discovered by Android Central's Courtney Lynch in her review of the Garmin Lily. You won't need to charge your Garmin Lily watch for five long days!

Garmin has a brilliant companion app for your phone, so you can view all your health and fitness stats quickly and easily. The Garmin Lily also tracks your respiration and hydration, two small but very meaningful little features.

Unfortunately, the Lily smartwatch for women uses a 14mm band with a propriety t-shaped lug. This doesn't mean that you can't find any bands for your Garmin Lily, but it does limit the diversity of your buying options.

What color Garmin Lily should you buy?

All the colorways of the Garmin Lily

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Style and physical appearance are both big focal points for the Garmin Lily. While both the Lily Classic and the Lily Sport come in six assorted colors, only the former is available with leather straps.

Before choosing the colorway, be sure to get your priorities sorted. The main difference between the two smartwatches is the metal used for the case, but it doesn't affect the weight of either wearable. The Lily Sport and its aluminum frame weigh the same as the Lily Classic made out of stainless steel. At 24 grams, both models are super lightweight so you don't feel any fatigue.

What's the point of having two models, you ask? Well, the stainless steel variant of the Garmin Lily is much more resilient and tougher than its cheaper brethren. It is also the only version that comes with an Italian leather band in tow, therefore the price hike.

Those of you who prioritize leather bands and durability should opt for the Lily Classic, which is the better option for most people. The Garmin Lily comes in Dark Bronze with a dark brown leather band, Light Gold with a white leather band, or Cream Gold with a black leather band.

If you really love purple, you'll have to choose the Lily Sport in Orchid with its matching Orchid silicone band instead. The Sports version of Garmin's wearable is also available in Cream Gold with a white silicone band and Rose Gold with a sand-colored silicone band.

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