Amazon cuts its fitness tracker prices for Prime Day to help you cut calories

Amazon Halo View activity score
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The Amazon Halo View is one of the best fitness trackers available today, thanks to Amazon's Halo membership that analyzes your body and gives you tools to get healthier (or at least know your current health). And thanks to Prime Day, you can grab one for $45 and get six free months of the Halo membership as well. 

You can also get its predecessor, the Amazon Halo, for just $40 ($30 off). This unique tracker collects all of your data, from your body composition to literal voice tone analysis, without needing an actual display, making it very light and perfect for sleep tracking. 

Get healthier with these discounted Amazon Halo View trackers

Amazon Halo View | $80 $45 at Amazon

Amazon Halo View | $80 $45 at Amazon

Adding an AMOLED display and removing the creepy Tone-tracking feature of its predecessor, the Halo View is a simple device that keeps close watch on your health data at all times across its 7-day battery life. Paired with your Halo membership, you'll earn points for workouts and receive nutritional advice.

Amazon Halo Band | $70 $40 at Amazon

Amazon Halo Band | $70 $40 at Amazon

This band can create a 3D map of your body and measure your body composition and fat, something Samsung watches can do but at a much higher price. Also measuring sleep and fitness quality, the Halo Band will share this data with your Alexa account, so you can ask your smart speaker for the latest results at any time.

The Amazon Halo View is our recommended choice of the two, since we prefer having an actual display to check live heart rate data, control music playback, or see who's calling us on our phone. That's absolutely worth the extra $5 over the minimalist Amazon Halo Band.

As for whether you should invest in the Amazon Halo ecosystem at all, you may like the fact that the Halo Membership itself is a bit of a deal, costing just $4/month when Fitbit Premium or Apple Fitness+ cost $10/month. With Halo, you get detailed data on your sleep quality, body composition and mobility, guided workouts, and other perks. 

If you're not sure about paying for a membership at all, we've spotted a ton of Garmin Prime Day deals on smartwatches that we love. And otherwise, you can check our Amazon deals live blog for the best deals on Amazfit, TicWatch, and Samsung watches. 

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