S5 Active

A YouTube video gives us a look at what is claimed to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T's network. The smartphone appears to be a mashup of last year's Galaxy S4 Active with this year's Galaxy S5 and the leaker says that this device is still in the prototype stage, so a lot could change when this phone launches.

At this point, not much is known about the Galaxy S5 Active and neither Samsung nor AT&T has commented or announced the phone. From the video, we can see that the Galaxy S5 Active looks very similar to the Galaxy S5, except that the integrated fingerprint reader on the home button has been replaced with a trio of hardware buttons, similar to the Galaxy S4 Active last year. Interestingly, there are some etchings that are placed next to the multitasking and back buttons, and the leaker says he doesn't know what purpose those buttons serve.

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Additionally, the device comes with a rubber bumper integrated into the edges, so this device should be able to handle drops and appears to be more rugged than the standard Galaxy S5. Still, Samsung is equipping the Galaxy S5 Active with a plastic removable back battery cover so you will have access to the micro SD card slot as well as the SIM card.

And speaking of SIM cards, though the phone doesn't bear any AT&T branding, the carrier's SIM card was seen in the device so it should work with AT&T's 4G LTE network if this video is accurate.

And as we can see from the video, the device boots up with the Galaxy S5 Active branding as well as AT&T's globe logo along with pre-loaded AT&T-branded apps. Given that the Galaxy S4 Active was an AT&T exclusive, the Galaxy S5 Active may also find a home on the Rethink Possible carrier as well.

What's changed from the Galaxy S4 Active is that the Galaxy S5 Active uses an AMOLED-based display, giving it the typical vibrancy of Samsung's displays on flagship phones. The Galaxy S4 Active took a departure and differentiated itself from the regular Galaxy S4 on AT&T by using an LCD-based panel instead, but it seems that Samsung is making a return to AMOLED. The leaker says that the display on the Galaxy S5 Active has a "much more crisp display" than the regular S5, though we don't know if it's a 1080p display or a higher resolution screen.

The phone appears to run a similar version of Samsung's TouchWiz UX on top of Android 4.4.2 as this year's Galaxy S5.

Via: Droid-life